Summary: Rogue's thoughts about the most important person in Logan's life.

Dear diary!

I must confess something for you, as it needs to be said!

I can't stand it anymore! I can't stand her! And I have no clue how to deal with my feelings.

I remember first time I saw them together. The thread between them was so strong, I could almost see it. And my heart sunk when I realized - I'll never be like her in Logan's eyes.

I'm just a stray child he picked up on a snowy road. She is the one he is willing to spend the whole life with.

I'm shy and fragile. She is passionate, dangerous and wild.

I'm always getting into trouble. I hate being the damsel in distress waiting to be rescued by X-Men. She is a warrior, the one who can take care of herself perfectly, with no help ot the others.

I hate the fact that X-gene alienates me from the other people. She doesn't give a damn if somebody is afraid of her.

See? We are complete opposites.

Why I can't be more like her?

She understands Logan much better than anyone else in the Mansion. She sees both sides of him - the Man and the Beast - even better than Professor Xavier. Both sides – Logan and Wolverine, the man and the beast. And she doesn't need mind-reading abilities to see what's on his mind. It's just… natural for her.

No matter how much of Logan's memories I'd absorb by touch, this level of comprehension is beyond my reach.

He acts different around her. More relaxed, if Wolverine can ever be relaxed. And it works both ways. She is much more opened up when Logan is around. Not hiding behind a mask of calmness. And when she smiles… I had no idea how beautiful her smile is until I saw them together.

And I hate that smile.

She is the most important person in his life; she is his family. I was left with his dog tags, a pathetic consolation prize.

I can't say this out loud, but I must confess to you, Dear Diary - I hate, hate, hate, HATE Laura X-23!

A/N: for the ones who doesn't knows about Laura Kinney a.k.a. X-23 – she is a female clone of Wolverine from comic books. She possessed the same abilities as her "father", including retractable adamantium claws, and was trained as a fighter and killer almost since birth.