7 pm: Princeton Plainsborough Teaching Hospital – Dr. Cuddy's Office

"You paged me, Dr. Cuddy?" said Elle Scott, in her late 20's, tall, brunette, psychiatrist and one of the latest breakthroughs of the hospital.

"Yeah, thanks for coming. I see you're done with Dr. Wilson's psychological evaluation" Cuddy said taking a look at the reports and Dr. Scott nodded. "What about Dr. Cameron's?

"I might need some a couple of more sessions with her"

"I've asked you to evaluate all the head's department as quick as you could and you're asking me more time?" Cuddy said staring her.

"I'm not done, Dr. Cuddy." Dr. Scott said. "I can't evaluate a person with just two sessions" Cuddy sighed. "You want good doctors with rations minds heading your departments, right?" Cuddy nodded. "Then, give me more time and let me do my job"

"Fine, you have time until the end of the month"

"Thank you, see you tomorrow" Dr. Scott and turned to leave.

"Dr. Scott!" She stopped as she was about to open the door. "Have you talked to Dr. House yet?"

"He's coming tomorrow morning" Dr. Scott said facing Cuddy again.

"I wouldn't be sure" Cuddy said smirking.

"Thank God I've always been an optimistic" Dr. Scott said and left the room

"Well, good luck to you!" Cuddy said after she was gone.

Dr. Elle Scott went to her office in order to pick her staff and go home but someone was expecting her in the darkness.

"Wasn't expecting you this early, Dr. House" Elle said as she headed to her desk and turned on a lamp leaving the room dimly lit. "You were scheduled at 8 tomorrow morning" She said as she on her desk facing House who was sitting in front of her.

"I'm not a morning person" House said dryly and Elle smiled.

"And still you've come to see me when everybody was telling me you wouldn't come. May I ask you've decided to come early?"

"Are you already psychoanalyzing me, Dr. Scott?"

"This is gonna be difficult" Elle sighed. "Let's play then!" Ella stood up and took off her leather jacket.

"Wanna play, Dr. Scott?" House said with a raised eyebrow.

"Let's make interesting for you!" She said as she hung her jacket. "What do you do to relax?"

"You don't wanna know" House said smirking.

"Ok, wrong choice of words" Elle said chuckling. "What do you do when you get home after a hard day at work?"

"You really wanna make this work, don't you?" House said.

"Just answer the bloody question!" Elle said.

"Fine!!" House answered frustrated. "I get home; I take off my jacket…"

"Take off your jacket!" Elle interrupted him and approached him.

"Whoa, slow down!" House said a bit overwhelmed.

"Come on!" Elle ordered him, he obeyed and then Elle took the jacket and hung it next to hers. "What else?"

"I put some music on" House said and Elle quickly went behind her desk and put some music on. House always observing everything. Miles Davis. "You have good taste"

"Anything else?"

"You really take the trouble to do all this to make your patients talk to you?"

"House!!" Elle warned him

"I serve myself a glass of scotch, I sit on the couch and I watch TV" Elle turned. "Oh, come on; don't tell me you also have scotch"

"I don't drink alcohol when I'm working, just coffee" Elle served as she served two steaming cups of black coffee and then she headed to the couch. "Come on, join me" House stood up cursing and went to sit on the coach.

"So, all this is for me to feel like I'm at home?" House said as he took a seat next to her.

"That's the plan, Greg"

"Greg?" House said.

"That's your name, isn't it? You're not Dr. House, you're Greg at home" House said rolling his eyes. "You're the last head of department I have to evaluate, I wanna have this done so you can go back to your job without having Cuddy pissing you to come and see me and I can go back to my normal patients too without having Cuddy pissing me to complete this damn evaluations in time."

"I'm complicated; you don't really wanna waste your time"

"Nobody is waiting for me at home tonight, so I have all the time in the world but thanks for trying." House smirked at that

"You're persistent!"

"I'm not gonna torture you, it's gonna be nice and easy. I'm not gonna take notes or anything. It's our first session so talk to me about whatever you want, your patients, sports, gossip, I don't care, just talk"

"This will require more than one cup of coffee" House said as he took a sip and stood still.

"What is it? Too strong?" Elle said.

"No, no, it's just that this coffee reminds me… never mind, good coffee" House said and Elle raised an eyebrow.

"It reminds you of another person who also made good coffee? Is that what you mean?" House started to shift in the sofa. "Ok, this is not in one of the topics. Sports, then?"

"Better" House said taking another sip.

"Good but we'll get there"

"Aren't you optimistic?"

"It's worth to try. You like baseball?"