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Both finished reading the letters and both were really surprised by how powerful letters could be. The silence of the room was broken by Allison's sobs, which got House's attention and moved his eyes from the letter to Allison who was folding the letter carefully while trying to calm herself. House kept looking at her until she took notice of his glance and also looked at him.

"Did you really mean everything you wrote in this letter?" House whispered and Allison nodded. "Come here" Allison stood up and approached him with caution. "Closer" And House made Allison sat on his good leg. "See, I've made you cry again" House said as he dried her tears with his thumbs while caressing her cheeks softly. "How can you…" But Allison put a finger on his lips to make him quiet.

"I forgive you" Allison said as she started to stroke his stubble and House smiled. "Promise me something"

"What?" House said

"Promise me you'd never think again you'll hurt me because I know you won't"

"I'll try my best" House said with a little smile. "Promise me something too" Allison nodded. "Never leave me again"

"I promise" With that, House took her chin and approached it until their lips touched. At first, their kiss was soft, slow, tender but then became passionate revealing all the love they had kept locked inside their hearts for such a long time. After their first real love kiss, their foreheads kept touching and both enjoyed their closeness.

"I love you" House whispered slowly which made Allison grin

"I love you too" And both kissed again

"Cured?" House asked

"I think I'll need lots of doses to get cured, Dr. House" Allison said smirking

"Thank God, you're in good hands" House said putting a strand of her hair behind her ear. "But I think I don't wanna cure your addiction"

"You don't?"

"Nope, I don't think I could it cure. This addiction, you know, is that powerful that it's gotten into me too and I want to experience it every morning, afternoon and night for as long as it takes and I'm afraid I don't want anybody to cure us either. I'm that selfish" House said and Allison laughed

"You're such a romantic, you know?"

"Well, you better have that beautiful mouth shut. I have a reputation to keep" House said smirking

"Don't worry, I'm lucky to be the only one who knows this Greg House" And both remained hugging each other for a while

In the meantime, Elle was outside her office sitting on the floor surrounded by folders.

"Hey, I like your new office" Wilson said as she approached her

"Hey James!" Elle saluted him

"What's going on with your office?" Wilson said

"Well, two of my patients needed to solve some issues in private"

"Oh, and how long have they been there?"

"Around 20 minutes"

"I don't hear a thing, maybe something wrong has happened"

"Relax, it's all fine. I'll be worried if I heard each other yelling"

"Oh! You mind if I keep you company?"

"Not at all" Elle said as she cleared some folders out of his way and Wilson went to sit down next to her. "I thought you were already at home"

"Was doing the same thing you were doing"

"Oh, boring!" Elle said as she closed all the files and focused on Wilson. "So, how are you?"

"I'm fine"

"James, remember who you're talking to"

"I'm worried about House"

"Don't be, he's fine, everything will be alright in NYC, you'll see" Wilson looked at her. "Look, he's giving another try. He knows there are risks but for once, he hopes for a good outcome"

"No, no, I'm not worried about that. I mean, I am and I hope everything goes alright but I feel there's something else"

"Something else?" Elle said trying her best not to hint that there was actually something cooking up in her office

"He's not telling me something, he's hiding me something… again"

"That's it?"

"What do you mean?"

"I've asked how you are and you start talking about Greg. I wanna know about you" Elle said and Wilson turned serious.

"I'm scared"

"Of what?"

"I'm scared of leaving. I have the feeling that if I leave that house, she'll be gone for good. I'm surrounded by her things. Even she's not here, her clothes, her shoes, her papers, it's all Amber, she's still with me. If I leave, I'm gonna be alone again"

"You have to let go, James" Elle said softly. "The fact you're leaving that house, it doesn't mean, you're leaving Amber, it doesn't mean you have to forget her. Staying in that house doesn't do you any good, you know" Elle paused. "Amber wouldn't like to see you this way"

"I miss her"

"I know you do" Elle said taking his hand and stroked it

"She was…" Wilson said with broken voice. "…the best" And he let go a sob.

"I bet she was" Elle said as she put her arm around him and soothed him. "You'll always have to remember her that way" Wilson nodded. "You're not alone, James. Don't ever say that again, ok? You have Greg, Allison, Lisa, my husband and me. You're far from alone. We care for you and we're here to help you" Elle took his chin. "Look at me, James. You're young, you're strong, you can do this. It doesn't have to be an immediate thing but start looking for a new place, I'm sure Greg will help with that, he will, you know he's worried about you. Go through Amber's things, select what you wanna keep, I can help you with that if you want. Baby steps, James"

"Thank you, Elle" And Wilson hugged her tight.

"You're welcome" Elle said hugging him back. "Now, time to see your beautiful smile. Got 3 surprises for you. Two for sure, I don't know about the third"

"First! Licorice, help yourself" Elle said offering him the candy

"Oh!!" Wilson said smiling. "I see you still have a sweet tooth. Thank you"

"That's today's craving, maybe strawberry ice-cream tomorrow, how knows? These crazy hormones!" Elle said giggling

"Are you implying what I think you're implying?"

"Well, if you think that I'm implying that I'm going to have a little me or a little Will in half a year, I think you're pretty right" Elle said with a smile

"Oh, Elle, that's great!! Congratulations!! How far are you?"

"Just 3 months"

"Any morning sickness?"

"Nope, knock on wood so it keeps that way. Just cravings"

"Nice, really nice. I like your surprises"

"I'm a pro" Elle said doing the sign of victory with her fingers.

"What about the 3rd surprise?"

"Whoa, whoa!! Aren't you impatient? Good things come to those who wait"

In the meantime, inside Elle's office…

"So, what now?" Cameron said

"I don't know" House smirked

"I'd say we leave or Elle will start worrying"

"You think so?" House said

"Come on, don't be a bad boy. She's helped us"

"She's not worried, she knows we're together" House said and Cameron smirked.

"You're right. The ones we didn't know that we're us"

"Well, not anymore" House said as he entwined his hand with hers. "What if we go to my place and I'll fix you some dinner?"

"You? You said you didn't know how to cook" Cameron said puzzled

"Ok, let me rephrase it. What if we go to my place, you cook and I'm your kitchen assistant?"

"Sounds good to me" Cameron said as she stood up "But first, we'll have to stop at the grocery's. I don't think you have anything in your fridge"

"Now, I'm hurt" House said dramatically. "I have everything at home, it's just I'm too lazy to cook something"

"Well, that's gonna change, my dear" And both headed to the door with their hands laced.