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Chapter 1

Dante walked into his office, practically dead on his feet. He had dealt with demons left and right but would have been snuffed out if Nero hadn't jumped in. This is the third time this week! Dante's mind growled as he placed Ebony and Ivory on the desk to clean them. What the hell is going on with me? He sat down with a huff and disassembled his guns, took out a cleaning kit and got to work, his mind rounding up a thousand questions an hour. Why am I feeling like shit? Why did I zone out? And why the hell am I so moody? The phone rang, startling the older demon slayer out of his thought whirlpool and causing him to knock the picture of his mother off of his desk and shatter to the floor. Oh fuck that was a new frame!!!! Dante lamented as he grabbed the phone.

"This better be good," He growled. The voice on the other line hitched a bit then laughed.

"Damn old man," Nero's good natured voice laughed. "You almost killed my ear. Listen, can I crash? I'm tired of Fortuna and Kyrie's got a new man, some local guy, please don't ask me."

"Sure kid," Dante said as he crouched down to clean up the mess. "You know you're welcome. Move in if you want."

"Ok, you got it old man! I'll be there in a bit and thanks!" Dante heard the phone click and the connection going. Despite his moodiness, Dante smiled. Without realizing it, Nero had taken a place in Dante's heart and made him feel complete again. Yea the kid was young but he was well balanced, serious yet even headed. He'd give Verge a run for his money. He had to grin at that. Vergil was sophisticated and refined while Nero, although he could be the same, was nowhere near as uptight and was not power hungry. The boy knew that he had powers for a reason and he was willing to use them for the greater good. Vergil always used his to get what he wanted. It broke Dante's heart that his own twin was blinded to power and greed. Mom and dad are probably rolling in their graves. Dante thought. I…hey…what's this? He reached for the picture and saw a thin envelope on the back of his mother's picture. What's this? He carefully removed it from the picture, sat down in his chair and opened it. The contents inside were a letter, and a picture of a girl aged no more than four years old in a little red Christmas dress, a red poinsettia in her long silver white hair. Who's this little girl? We have a sister? Dante opened the letter and read:


Well, before I continue, I should address you by your true name; Delia. Before you go off the deep end and curse me to the deepest darkest Hell (If I'm not there already), I hid you away for a reason, to protect you. You were born a girl but I didn't have the heart to change you to your current gender until after the picture was taken. But I go ahead of myself, forgive me.

When I left the ranks of Hell and fought for humanity, Mundus and all the other devils had envisioned my begetting a daughter and had threatened that if I would not give myself up, that they would take you. I couldn't allow that to happen. Your mother was heartbroken when the time came to whisk you away, change you, rename you and act as if we never had a daughter. This is my greatest sin and although I know no words can take my actions back, I could 'prepare' you for what's to come. If you're reading this, you're probably feeling moody all the time and what's the term? Oh yes, on the rag. Anyway, it means that the seal I had placed on you is wearing away and you're going to feel quite shitty during its degeneration. If Vergil is alive, stay clear of him. You're not meant for him. I've seen into his heart a long time ago and it pains me to say this: but he's going down. I've also seen into yours, my little hellion. You are my grace and I'm proud of you. No matter what may befall me, I'm always around. Delia, I'm sorry for the injustice I've caused and I hope one day, you'll forgive me.

Love You Always,


Dante put the letter down and picked up the picture, looking it over. It was a female version of his father, with their mother's hair! The coloring and all else (except the gender at this point) was his father's. Dante put the picture down carefully and picked up his guns. I'd better kill something. He thought. And fast. He was ready to leave when Nero came in, travel worn yet happy.

"Hey old man…."

"Don't you dare call me that!" Dante hissed. "Out of my way!" Nero blinked but moved nonetheless. Dante stormed out, slamming the door in his wake and leaving a very stunned Nero.

What the hell happened?!

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