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Mary: Clay. It was clay.

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Lecture Mode

Fowl manor, Ireland

"Oh, so you mean- Wait, what do you mean?" Asked Holly. After listening to an 'explanation' about what was going on with Opal A, and Opal B, and how it was physically possible. Holly was just more confused now, and judging from the lack of sound coming from the O.P. Booth (Foaly had her on speaker phone so he didn't have to brief the rest of the LEP later.) everyone else was just as confused as she was. Or they were playing a mudman video game. But they where probably confused.

OP Booth, Haven

"Yeah! Go Trouble! The crowd is going wild!"

"Maybe we should get off Guitar Hero, and listen to Fowl."


It was quite.

Fowl Manor, Ireland

"Ok Holly, one more time-" And then Artemis went rambling on again, at full throttle lecture mode.

"Opps, I turned him on." Holly muttered, under her breath. But unfortunately for her, the mikes were whisper sensitive. Their was a stifled giggle, and then came the deafeningly loud wave of laughter, as the other fairies caught on.


Artemis started blushing, with colour and speed that would rival Roots. At that, the unthinkable happened. The laughing got louder. (A/N: Got you their, didn't I?)

OP Booth, Haven

"Artemis and Holly, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love, then comes marriage-"

"I'll bet you three months paycheck that she wouldn't kiss him right now!"

"You're on!"

"-then comes Fowl with a baby carriage!"

Fowl Manor, Ireland

Holly was in shock. Chix had just bet that she wouldn't kiss Artemis, and Trouble, her commanding officer Trouble Kelp, had just taken the bet.

Then an idea and a thought popped into her mind that quickly brought her back out of shock. The thought was that Trouble must think she would kiss Artemis. That thought scared her a bit. The idea she had was to cost Chix three months paycheck.

"Pretend you're coming to kiss me." She mouthed to Artemis. She could tell that, if a camera had not been pointed right at them, he would have looked at her quizzically. "Just do it." She mouthed, and stuck out her tongue, to show that in no way, shape, or form did this mean she loved him. (A/N: Remember, Artemis can only hear Holly's side of the conversation, so this would be a bit weird for him. Once you're done reading the story, go back and look at only what Holly says aloud (not muttering under her breath either.) Yeah, be pretty weird, wouldn't it?)

The only reason Holly even considered this was because she wasn't very fond of Chix, (something about being hit on, when you don't want to be hit on.) So at the chance to coast him three months worth of his paycheck, she practically jumped for joy.

While she had been thinking of her motives, Artemis had come closer, now they where about a foot apart, and he was looking deep into her eyes, making it as dramatic as possible. He was a good actor; she could almost see real love in his eyes. Now that they were barely an inch apart, she closed her eyes, blocking off the view from her iris cam, rendering all watchers blind.

"Holly, we can see you're not kissing him," Said Foaly in a slightly bored voice, "you forgot you helmet cam. Plus, the pleasure readout on your suit isn't anywhere near high enough!"

But then, she felt something warm and soft on her lips. Her eyes flew open, discovering Artemis kissing her. She could feel her thoughts slowing down to a crawl. Her last thought before rationality left her altogether was, eat your heart out Chix, beaten out by a mudman. Then her heart rate slowed, and she kissed back.

And that is how Chix lost three months paycheck to his boss, and how the two most unlikely people (or fairies) in the world (or under it) to get together, did.

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