If someone had told me five years ago that I would be moving back to Forks, I would have deemed them insane. But here I am, 23 years old, and moving back to my childhood home to work at my old high school. Charlie, Jacob, and the Cullen's were thrilled, but I was a bit apprehensive. Of course I want to be back with my family, and it's not Forks per se that bothers me, it's just that when I am there everything reminds me of him. But it's not just about me anymore, I can't be selfish. Who am I kidding I haven't been able to think of just myself in five years.

Maybe I should explain. Forks High School is desperate for an English teacher, and who better to teach than a Forks Alumni. So fresh out of college, I have my first teaching job, of course it's not my ideal job, but it will help support us. I grew up in Forks, with my father Charlie and my mother Renee. When I was 12 my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, that same week, the Cullen's moved in next door. They instantly became my second family, they moved across town a few months later, but I had my own room, Esme was a home decorator. One year later, my mom died, Charlie was a mess, and the Cullen's became my rock. But more specifically Edward was the one who was always there for me. Sure Alice was my best friend, shit she still is, but Edward and I had a certain connection. Tenth grade came, and hormones got the better of us, and he and I became an 'us'. Valentine's Day of our junior year we had sex for the first time, it was uncomfortable, but I remember him being the perfect gentleman. We weren't sex fiends, but it happened, and a lot. I mean, I loved him!

We lasted until the end of senior year, when he just disappeared. It was a week after prom. Of course his family had known where he went, but I was too angry to care. All I knew was that whatever he did had him traveling a lot, and he rarely talked to his family anymore. To this day I have no idea where Edward Cullen went off too, and it was that afternoon that I decided I didn't care, and that I never wanted anything to do with him. Again, my luck failed me. About three weeks later, I found out I was pregnant. Of course I tried to contact him, Alice even tried for me, but it just made things harder. He never called back, I knew it put a strain on their relationship and I told Alice to make up with him, but she's just as stubborn as me. At the end of the summer I went off to Berkley like I planned, Alice came with me and helped me with everything; she shared an apartment with me and everything. Nine months later, on March 7th, 2003, Kasey Elizabeth Swan was born. And it was the happiest day of my life!

"Mommy look were landing!!" My daughter yelled at me, while jumping up and down clapping her hands. Something she picked up from Alice of course.

"I see that baby, now you have to sit down or you'll fall off the plane."

"Silly mommy, you can't fall off a plane, unless the windows open."

I found myself staring at her, she was just too cute not to. Of course I may be a bit biased. She had my brown, curly hair, and my nose. Everything else is Cullen. She had his eyes and charm along with perfect bone structure, and you would think she was the reincarnation of Alice, they are so much alike. My thoughts were interrupted with two of the most annoying girls' voices. They would put Jessica and Lauren to shame.

"OMG did you hear who is in first class? Ah he is so sexy. Did you know he wrote that Justin Timberlake song?"

"Yeah I know I heard, and it's a huge hit! He's sexy alright, that hair! Do you think we could sneak back there?

I ignored the rest. Poor guy, whoever he was.

Thirty minutes later, Kasey and I were walking towards two men. One huge, dark skinned with long hair, who was standing next to a short, chubby man with a mustache. "DAD! JACOB!"

"Bells!" They yelled at the same time.

"Wow you look great. Where is my perfect granddaughter?"

"I am right her grandpa!"

Charlie faked shock. "No way! My granddaughter is still a baby."

She was starting to get annoyed, she wasn't patient. "Grandpa! It is me. Kasey Elizabeth Swan. At your service."

"Well look at that, it is you. Come give grandpa a hug." It was moments like this I missed my mom the most.

While we were waiting for our luggage, Kasey went to pet the dog that was waiting with its owner.

"Be careful please!" That's another thing, she got my clumsiness.

"Don't worry Bells, I can see her." Jacob Black has been my best friend since I can remember. He was amazing through my pregnancy; he even drove out to California when she was born. He was like a brother to me, and Kasey absolutely adored him.

Our luggage was finally out, and I spotted Kasey trip over a man, who looked oddly familiar.

I went to call her but Jacob offered to go get her. I was talking to Charlie when Jake came back fuming.

"What the hell is your problem?"

"Oooh mommy said a bad word. You have to put a dollar in the jar now."

"I will sweetie. Don't worry!"

Jake just glared at the door. "Nothing let's just go."

I let it go, for now, because I was finally going home. And all of a sudden with that thought I felt happy.


The plane landed, and Emmett and I tried to get out as quickly as possible. I was going home after five long years. Of course, I had a lot to work out, with my family, and more importantly Bella. I know I have no right to still love her, but I do. Leaving that day was the biggest mistake of my life, and my biggest regret. But I was too young to realize that; that I had just left the best thing that ever happened to me. Senior year all of my dreams came true, so I thought. I was accepted to Julliard, something that I thought would never happen. No one even knew I had applied. I told my parents that that was my dream, they of course were supportive, but I hadn't told Bella. I couldn't see the disappointment on her face when I told her I had changed our plan. I just left, with no note, no letter, nothing. I thought I was doing the only thing I could, I knew that I would hold Bella back from what she loved. She would have followed me anywhere, and I couldn't subject her to that. Two years into college I was signed with a recording company as a writer, and surprisingly I was good at it. For the past three years, I have been writing songs for major artists. Sure not a lot of people actually look at the writers name, but it made my heart sore every time I heard one of my songs on the radio. Because they were inspired by her, she was always my muse, and every time I heard one, I hoped that she was listening and would somehow know that this was my love letter to her. Yeah right Edward, she doesn't even know what you do for a living.

I sighed. "Edward? I am going to get the luggage, wait here, and try not to get mobbed."

I had to laugh. Teenage girls were the worst, they see a few pictures of you and the Jonas Brothers or Britney Spears and they go crazy. Emmett always made me feel better. He was the only one in the family that actually talked to me. My parents stopped calling after a while, traveling always put me behind their schedule, and I could only talk when I called them. When I did they were polite, but it never got too personal. Alice was still pissed off, not that I blame her. I haven't talked to her in about six months. Every time she calls, she yells. The first time was the worst; it was about a month after I left. I heard someone crying in the background.

"Edward Anthony Cullen I freaking hate you so much right now! How could you do that, just pick up and leave? You didn't even say goodbye! You are the biggest douche bag I have ever met, how could you just leave them like that?!...Wait. He doesn't know?!" She was no longer talking to me.

"Have you tried calling him? Oh well this just sucks. Edward you messed up everything. Remember when you come home, if you come home, that you deserve everything you get." With that she hung up leaving me heartbroken and confused.

"Eddie, watch out!" I had heard Emmett yell, but it didn't register until the most adorable little girl tripped over my feet. I chuckled, that was something Bella would do. Where did Emmett go?

"Sorry Mister." Her face fell into a frown. She could Alice a run for her money.

"It's okay honey. Where are your mommy and daddy?"

"OH mommy is over there somewhere with grandpa and Jakey. I don't have a daddy." She paused and studied my face.

"Whoa! We had the same eyes! Mine are green just like yours. Mommy says that it isn't a very common color, that it was just Daddy and I that she has ever seen with eyes this color. Well now I can tell her you do too!" She was smart too. I was about to respond but someone yelled "Kasey". I knew that voice!

"Jacob Black, how have you been?" Suddenly his eyes narrowed and he didn't look like the friendly kid who used to chase after Bella. The little girl was distracted by the dog that was now licking her, and Emmett finally stepped up.

"Kasey, let's go now."

"She's adorable. Is she yours?"

"She might as well be, her good for nothing father is useless."

I heard Emmett groan beside me, and Kasey looked up, and her eyes got wide.

"Uncle Emmett!" and threw herself into his arms. What?

"Hey kiddo. How ya? You know Rosie misses you, you tell mommy that she has to stop by sometime this week."

"Okay Uncle Emmie." Jacob gave a half nod to Emmett.

"Kase, come on, we need to get home." With that, they walked away.

"Uncle? Whose kid is that?"

Emmett didn't look me in the eyes and told me it was a friend of Roses'. Something was totally messed up about that whole confrontation, WTF was going on?!

I took one last glance towards the way they had walked off in, and suddenly saw a glimpse of brown, but then it was gone. What a great welcome home!