Konan yawned and stretched as she stepped out of her bedroom. From outside the window she could see a rosy sun rising over the horizon; it was a really nice day.

Everything was quiet- it was too early for most in the Akatsuki- the sound of Kisame's snores resonated from down the hall.

Konan took a step into the hallway, ruffling her blue hair as she sniffed the air. She could smell freshly brewed coffee- a sign that Itachi was awake. The Uchiha always made coffee in the morning, and if you woke up early enough you would be able to receive a mug… before Hidan woke up and drank the rest himself. No wonder he was so wired.

She would have liked to go to the kitchen and get a mug of the crisp caffeine, but instead she directed her feet to the bathroom. Being the only woman in the Akatsuki among nine men could have its disadvantages; she was always expected to look pretty. She gave an impatient sigh as she thought of the things she had to do- apply makeup, style hair, pluck eyebrows… not to mention repainting her nails. She groaned.

However, when Konan got to the bathroom door, she found it closed. She raised an eyebrow-usually only she and Itachi were awake at this time. Nobody else should be up yet. Throwing caution to the winds, she placed her hand on the doorknob and opened the door.

Konan's eyes widened with shock as she walked into the bathroom… and saw Deidara standing at the counter tying up his hair, dressed in nothing but a towel.

"My eyes! IT BURNS!" Konan shouted, stumbling backwards.

Deidara shrieked in alarm and tried to duck behind the shower curtain, but the towel was wrapped so tightly around his legs that he tripped and fell into the bathtub.

"Can't a guy have some privacy? Un!" The blond cried as he struggled to keep himself covered and stand up at the same time. Konan clapped her hands over her eyes and backed up out of the bathroom. She slammed the door behind her.

"Okay, beauty can wait!" Konan muttered as she shakily retreated down the hallway. She headed for the kitchen, looking forward to some fresh coffee. Just before she came to the end of the hallway however, someone came out of their room and Konan bumped into them.

"Hey, watch where the hell you're going!" Hidan shouted, stepping back from her. Konan blinked, and when she caught a full glimpse of Hidan, she clapped a hand over her mouth.

He was wearing briefs.

Not boxers.


Technically, it was more like a banana-hammock.

Konan nearly passed out right there. She lost her breath as if she had been punched in the stomach. She spun on her heel and made a mad-dash down the hallway towards her room. She slammed the door behind her as she heard Hidan shout-

"You know you like it, baby!"

Konan leapt onto her bed and threw the covers over her. She sat there for who knows how long, trying to block the horrible images she had see that morning.

Seriously, She thought. I'm tired of all the MANLINESS!

poor Konan. From all the manga and fan-made comics I've seen, I feel sorry for her. One woman among nine men must get frustrating... and apparently a little disturbing too.
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