A/N: Having been on many a road trip with my family - including my three brothers - I know what it means to invent games to keep yourselves occupied in the car. This is a little something that came to me that I could totally see the Winchester boys doing during their many logged hours of driving. Hope it brings a smile to your face and that I didn't overly offend anyone. All in good fun, and whatnot.

Disclaimer: electricity and water should never be mixed. And also, Supernatural not being mine is a sad fact that I have gradually and begrudgingly learned to live with.

"Weak-ass nimrod."

"That insult's what's weak, Dean. Or should I say, Xena Warrior Princess."

"Yellow-bellied nerd."

"Zombie-humping dingbat."

"Heh. Good one, Sammy."

"Thank you."

"Uhh… Asswipe."

"Brain-infected tool."

"Cockroach-kissing buttmunch."


"Emo-haired bitch."

"Ouch, man. That stings."

"Can't help the truth little brother."

"Fine. Fugly twat."

"Googly-eyed whore."

"Hippo-sized hillbilly."

"Hey! I am not fat!"

"Your denial says differently, Dean."

"Whatever, dude. Where were we?"


"Idiotic waste-of-flesh."

"Jiggly-assed jerk."

"Knuckleheaded dingleberry."

"Eyes on the road, you lilly-livered slut."

"I'm a damn good driver, monkey-faced fool."

"Numb nuts."

"l, m, n, o… Obese sissy."

"You forget the alphabet, you pansy-ass pussy?"

"Shut up, queer."

"I find that offensive."

"Of course you do. I just insulted your people."

"Rat-faced moron."

"Who you callin' moron, short-bus."

"Twitterpated dipshit."

"Twitterpated, Sam?"

"You heard me."

"Uber-skanky white boy."

"Hold on, my phone is ringing … Hey, Bobby, what's up? ... No, we just finished with a salt and burn in Oklahoma. We're on the road, but not toward anywhere in particular. … Ok, sure. … Yeah, sounds good. … Canton, Ohio, got it. … Alright, talk to you later. Oh! Bobby, wait! What's an insult that starts with the letter V? … That's perfect. Thanks, Bobby. Bye."

"So, Canton, Ohio?"

"Yeah, village idjit."