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Bella and I had been dating for two years and even though we shared the same bed, we never went "that" far.

We met at a club that my good friend Jasper owned. Bella and I had instant chemistry.

But as the years rolled on I realized that I was in love with not only Bella, but Jasper as well.

"Bella love?" she was snuggled up against me in our big white bed.

"Mhhm, yeah baby?" God her voice was so sexy.

"I need to talk to you about something." Immediately she shot up in the bed.

"Edward what's wrong?"

"Well…………Bella I'm gay," the look on her face surprised me. She didn't look happy or mad.

"I don't understand, you don't love me anymore, you love a guy?"

"No, no I love you AND a guy." This was going to be totally complicated.

"That's not possible Edward, unless your bi."

"I am"

"So who is this guy?"


"Your best friend?" I thought she was going to walk out on me any second.


"Does he know your bi?"

"Yeah I told him, and I told him I still want to be with you though too. In other words we want to share you Bells."


"What honey?"

"So you're saying your bi with Jasper, he knows this, and that the two of you want to share me. Like I'll have two boyfriends?"

I had to laugh out loud at that. "Exactly, are you okay with that? I know it will be a little weird at first, but I can't stand to lose you or Jasper."

"I'm okay with that. I love you and I will grow to love Jasper too I guess."

Wait did she really just say that? Any other woman would have packed her bags by now. But Bella wasn't any other woman. She understood me more that I did.

"Wait are you sure?"

"Yeah, I mean if that's what you want."

"Oh god Bella I love you!" I hugged her and kissed her eagerly sliding my tongue over her decadent lips.

"I love you too Edward."

We continued to kiss until Bella said she wanted to go take a shower. I really wanted to take one with her but she said she needed time to think.

So I decided to make her favorite for breakfast, French toast and bacon.

I walked down that hall of our 3 bedroom house Bella and I bought together 6 months ago, as the phone rang.


"Hey Edward its Jazz did you tell her yet?"

"Yeah I did and she took it fine and is okay with the fact that we wanted to share her." Thank god.

"Oh man that's great I was about to kill myself is she dumped you."

"So was I man, so was I."

"Alright I have to go, see you later, I love you Edward,"

"I love you to Jasper."

Just as I got of the phone with Jasper walked in, in her favorite DKNY jeans and a black and white stripped tang top.

"Who was on the phone baby?" She came up and wrapped her arms around me as I was putting the French toast on a plate.

"That was Jasper love, he's coming over at 7 and he's going to start bringing his things to move in with us."


"Yeah is that alright."

"Where is he going to stay?"

"In our room, with us."