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UnForgiven: Bella believes she has committed a crime, but did she really do it? Her past has haunted her and her family for a year, its caused pain and grief, so can she be forgiven? Can she accept someone's love again? She's suffered a lot and she believes she deserves it, but nothing else can possibly happen, can it?

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POVs: Bella, Edward

Trees… Forks… Trees…

Seconds was all it took.

After a few seconds I was to be Unforgiven and remain that way. . .


1 Year Later

Trees… Trees… Trees… where the fuck are they taking me? Trees… and more fucking trees. Ugh, I already hate this place. I cringed as I looked once more at the same thing I've been staring at for the last hour. I rested my head back on the car seat and closed my eyes; I was feeling sick looking at the blur of green and brown. A nice light breeze from the window swept across my face, I always get car sickness, but a little air relaxes me and makes me feel a lot better. I took a deep breath in and out, breathing in the misty air.

I opened my eyes to see my cousin Alice staring at me from the front seat. One of the things I hated was when people fucking stared at me. "What the fuck are you looking at?" Her eyes grew wide and she turned her head back around so fast I swear she could have gotten whiplash. I rolled my eyes at the thought.

Esme chanced a look back at me through her rear-view mirror, concern was written all over her face. While guilt was written all over mine. Guilt… a feeling I was used too… a feeling that pierced through me like a knife at that very second. After everything I have been through, the last thing I needed right now was to upset Esme, even further. Alice had pointed that fact out plenty of times when they visited me back in the orphanage "Your lucky were even considering letting you stay at our house after what you have put this family through!" Those very words had repeated in my head a thousand times and have rung in my ears ever since.

I looked up at her and shared a look that spoke the words that I would never speak aloud. Sorry. I knew Esme didn't like swearing and I would have to try and tone down my disgusting mouth, when around her at least. She smiled back at me having accepted my unspoken apology. Her smile seemed a little forced, it didn't reach her eyes, but I expected no less and smiled back. Guilt still clear in my eyes.

I looked down at my fingers as they entwined on my lap. Tears burned my eyes, but I had to quit that shit out because I was not worthy or self-pity. I was not worthy of anything. I closed my eyes once more and prayed this journey would soon be over. I turned my head towards the breeze once more and breathed in the air of sunny Forks. I snorted at the thought.

I must have fallen asleep because the car was no longer moving. I opened my eyes and took in my surroundings; I squinted as the light threatened to blind me. As I rubbed my eyes to clear my blurred vision, I noticed first that Alice had gotten out of the car and was already out of the door like a whippet. I swear that girl has far too much energy. I shook my head and turned to see that Esme was still sat in her seat and I knew what was about to come. So I braced myself.

"Isabella." She spoke softly.

"Bella." I corrected her, a bit too harsh but I hated it when people called me Isabella.

"Sorry, Bella. There is… something I need to talk to you about." As she spoke, she turned in her seat and was staring at me full on. Oh, no. This can't be good. One, I wasn't in the mood for some fucking talk about how I have to behave while I live under her roof or I will be sent back to that vile place. I detested the orphanage. Two, I just hated it when someone fucking looked at me full of concern and worry. I could see her motherly nature behind those eyes. I cringed inwardly, making sure my face didn't let on what I was feeling. Hate.

I didn't hate Esme, she's a nice women. Warm hearted, a beautiful heart shaped face. She reminded me so much of my mother. No, I didn't hate Esme at all. The person I hated was me. I for one did not deserve to have someone look at me with motherly love. I didn't deserve the concerned face or for someone to worry about me. Even though I doubted very much that even a women as accepting as Esme could love me. Not after what happened.

I stopped that line of thinking before new emotions took over me, emotions which I would not be able to hide.

"OK." I said calmly while looking at my hands on my lap.

"Bella… the thing is..." She stuttered again and then let out a sigh and shook her head. She placed her hand across her forehead while she looked down at my hands. "I don't even know where to begin." She spoke to herself in a whisper which was barley audible. She rested the hand that was moments ago on her forehead and used it to steady herself into a more comfortable position. She looked up at me then.

"Bella." She said again for the third time.

"Look Esme, please, just say what you have to say. Please, I won't be offended by anything you have to say. Please, just say it." I smiled at her and I was fucking shocked at myself. That was the first time I've ever said please three times in one sentence. Maybe I can be good around Esme after all. I smiled again at her, making sure my eyes told her it was ok to just say what she had to say.

"Okay, sorry dear. It's just. I know Forks isn't the best place to live." She grimaced at the view outside which was now starting to rain lightly. "But it is a lovely neighbourhood, and everyone is polite and kind with each other." I could tell she was feeling uncomfortable saying this as she shifted in her seat and was now looking anywhere but at my eyes. "You see… your language." I tensed. I knew this was what she was going to say. "While you're here. You need to stop talking like that, it's just not acceptable. You can't go around swearing when there are children around." She said in a pleading tone. "So please, could you at least try to… stop… well, swearing?" She finally looked into my eyes.

I smiled at her and placed my hand onto hers. I could feel her tense at my touch and I retreated my hand only for her to take it back and hold it in front of me. "Esme. I'm a guest at your home." I started off in my best soft voice but she interrupted me.

"Bella, you are not a guest, you are part of the family and this is your new home." She smiled at me and again a smile that didn't reach her eyes.

"Thank you Esme." Here goes the sucking up bullshit I was used to seeing the other orphans do in the orphanage when family's came to look around, hoping to adopt a beautiful, pleasant girl. I tried my very best to not roll me eyes, instead I took in a deep breath. "Thank you, for everything you have done for me. I will try my best to… not swear. I will do anything to make our time together easier and for us to get along. You didn't have to take me in and I understand that, I understand the decision you had to make and I'm very grateful Esme, never doubt that." I finished in a more confident voice and smiled enthusiastically at her.

This shit seemed to make her happy as hell because she wiped my cheek with her hand and smiled warmly at me, one that actually reached her eyes. That's when the feeling went through me again. Guilt. I didn't deserve that smile. I tried not to let the smile slip off my face and to hide my feelings but I think she saw right through me. She took her hand away, still smiling and climbed out of the car, closing her door lightly.

I put my head back on the car seat again and closed my eyes once more and took in five deep breaths, in and out. Once I was composed and ready to put on my 'happy face' I stepped out of the car.


Ugh, mud! Great! I rolled my eyes and slammed the car door shut.

I turned around to see a white house. I had never visited Aunt Esme's house before, my mum used to make me call her Aunt Esme, but I grew outta that shit. It was quite beautiful to look at. It wasn't that big, but the size didn't matter, the beauty made this house a great site.

To the left of Esme's house was another beautiful white house. These were the only two houses in this area. Both houses were surrounded by yet more trees. Ugh… I'm going to really hate it here. I was also starting to despise the colour green.

I started to walk up the path towards Esme's, when a big bounding guy came crashing out of the house. My god this guy was huge. He ran up to me and gave me the biggest, bone crushing hug ever. That's when I screamed and that's when he dropped me to the floor.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing? You crazy bastard!" I yelled at him. Anger started to run through my veins and I could feel the adrenaline pump around my body.

"Wow, haven't we got a potty mouth. You better tone that shit down when around mum, got it?" He pointed at me! Yes pointed. I felt like a two year old being told off for smashing an expensive ornament.

I rolled my eyes at him. "I'm guessing your Emmett then?" I asked curiously, hoping to god that Esme didn't have a boyfriend she hadn't told me about, although he looks a bit too young to be her boyfriend.

"Yeah, I'm Emmett." He said proudly. He offered me his hand and I took it. "Bella." I said back, my tone came out a little bored, but I smiled to make up for my rude tone. I think I was going to get along with Emmett, unlike his pixie bitch sister. We just had to avoid more bone crushing hugs. I didn't fancy a trip down to the emergency room due to broken ribs.

He dropped my hand and asked if I needed some help with my possessions which were in the back of the car. I nodded and said thanks and together we made our way to the house and upstairs to my new bedroom. It only took one trip to carry up my things. I didn't have a lot of possessions as I couldn't keep a lot at the orphanage.

My room was small. But I liked small, so this didn't bother me one bit. As soon as you walk through the door you can see my bed. It wasn't a big bed, but again, I was used to small beds living in the orphanage. There were two windows in my room, the larger one was at the side of my bed and then there was a small window at the bottom of my bed; which looked onto the neighbour's property. I went over to see which room I was looking into. A huge tree was blocking most of my view but I could see a bedroom; it clearly looked like a boy's bedroom. I shrugged my shoulders knowing I'd have to buy some thick curtains to stop the fucker looking in on me when I'm changing, and sleeping. I was already thinking about asking Esme to get someone to chop that tree down; I already had to look at the fucking forest around the house. I didn't need yet another bloody tree to look at. I carried on the inspection of my new room. I had two draws at each side of my bed. And next to the smaller window was a desk. Not like I'd be fucking using it, I'm only going back to school for my final year to make Esme happy.

I smiled at my new home, my new room, my new life. But the smile was soon wiped off my face when I heard Alice.

"Mum! You can't be serious! Why is she in that room?" She cried out to her mum, and I mean she cried out, I could hear the tears in her voice.

"What are you talking about Alice? Of course she is going to be in that room dear, what were you expecting? I mean, I did decorate that room for Bella…." But she was interrupted by a ranting and emotional Alice.

"But mum! It's bad enough that I have to share a bathroom with her! I don't want to wake up every morning and see her first thing!" She was full on crying now.

"Alice! Calm down dear, it's not that bad. You're over reacting! What were you expecting, really? That I was going to move Emmett from his bedroom into that room. Be reasonable, Alice!" Esme spoke harshly but she was right. Was she really expecting Emmett to move from the biggest bedroom on this floor into my room? I scanned my room again and by the looks of it, it's the smallest. I can't imagine Emmett being comfortable with that. I couldn't imagine Emmett fitting into this room! I rolled my eyes at the immature pixie.

Her next words crashed down onto me and I couldn't bloke them out, even if I tried.

"You may have gotten over it mum! But… I… haven't…!" She couldn't talk anymore; her voice was now uncontrollable because of the tears.

"Alice, calm down dear." I could hear the panic in her voice; Esme was not used to seeing her daughter so distraught. "Alice, listen to me." Her voice now sounded stronger, like she was gaining control of the situation and she was in business mode. "You have to get along with Bella, well at least try too. She is part of this family, you need to accept that." She finished off by shushing her.

I tried to disguise the hurt on my face. I wasn't going to let that fucking short ass pixie see the hurt of her words and achieve some satisfaction. So I composed myself and turned around to walk out of my room. I was contemplating getting a sign for my door, saying: No pixie bitches allowed! But I knew that wouldn't go down well with Esme, still, the idea stuck in my head and helped with what I was about to do.

Alice's door was wide open and she was crying over her mums shoulder. I took this as my cue seen as Esme couldn't see me. So, still thinking of the sign, I gave her the biggest, cheesiest grin I could produce. That shit made her worse and my job was done. I shot out of the doorway so Esme couldn't see what sent her daughter into worse hysterics.

My bedroom was on the second floor at the very end of the hallway, just before the small set of stairs that led upstairs to Esme's room. As you looked down the hall, I was on the left side and Alice on the right; our doors were facing each other. I wasn't going to lie, the idea of seeing pixie bitch first thing in the morning wasn't exactly something that was making me jump for joy. Instead it was giving me ideas on how to avoid that shit. Emmett's room was next to mine and the bathroom was next to Alice's room. Esme had her own en-suite bathroom so she didn't have to worry about being around when the arguments (which I'm positive) were going to occur.

I walked down the first set of stairs to the living room. It was quiet in here and I really needed some fresh air and a smoke. Alice's words that still stung and even though I thought I deserved every comment that she threw at me, it still fucking stressed me out and made me want to smoke. I walked outside and my eyes met more trees! I rolled my eyes, I have to get used to them.

I reached into my jacket and pulled out a cigarette, which I lit and took a slow drag of. I closed me eyes while the familiar sensation of nicotine rush flowed through me. I didn't smoke often, only when I was stressed out and fucking pixie bitches pushed me too far, so the feeling of nicotine rush and the dizzy/light feeling never fails to please me. Most people didn't like this feeling, but I did, for some reason it relaxed me. As I finished half of my cigarette, I realised that Esme was yet to find out that I smoked, so I quickly finished it off while walking down to the edge of the forest. I figured I could dispose of my remains down there and she would never know. I decided then to keep this shit to myself, it gives me an excuse to get away and be by myself.

When I reached the edge of the forest, I stubbed my cigarette out on the nearest tree and threw it into the trees. I made sure to watch were it landed, to make sure it was thoroughly put out and I wouldn't have a fire on my conscience. I inspected my surroundings and I saw a pathway just a few feet into the trees. My curiosity got the better of me and I made my way over to the edge of the path. I was suddenly interrupted.

"I wouldn't go any further if I was you." Spoke a soft velvet voice behind me.

"Well, that's not up to you, now, is it?" My tone was aggravated at being told what to do. Besides from being stared at, which I fucking hated a lot! I hated being told what to do by complete fucking strangers even more.

I turned around to be momentarily stunned. He was the most beautiful guy I had ever seen before. He looked like he belonged in a magazine. He started to walk towards me into the trees and that's when his features became more prominent, he was even more beautiful up close. I stared back into his green eyes lost for words and all my hate for the colour green had drained from my body and it was slowly becoming my favourite. I opened my mouth but no words came out. A blush crept its way up onto my skin as I realised I had been staring at him for about two minutes in complete silence.

"I'm just saying. It's too dangerous in there. That forest is full of creatures." He spoke back softly. My god, his voice was hypnotic.

"Well again, it's nothing to do with you, what I do." I spoke, while staring at my feet, I felt like a two year old again.

"Fine. But I'm not letting you wonder further into there alone." He seemed quite annoyed at my stubbornness.

"Excuse me! I don't know who you think you are but I do not need taking care of!" Anger was filling my veins again and the same feeling of adrenaline was pumping around my body.

He seemed stunned and a little hurt at my sudden change of tone. "I'm sorry. I… didn't mean it like that." A blush had now crept up on his face and it didn't suit him. I wanted to wipe it away. I felt my fingers twitch but kept them at my side and looked away from his face. "I just mean. It's very dangerous in there, I've lived around here all my life and the amount of people that go missing in this very forest is ridiculous." He shook his head as he revealed this to me. "Plus, you've just moved here and Esme has been waiting for your arrival and the last thing she would want right now is to send out a search party looking for you." When he finished his little speech, the corner of his mouth twitched… he was holding back a fucking smile!

"I am quite capable of finding my way back, thank you very much!" Anger returned to me again and was now coursing through me. I turned around and instantly missed his face. He grabbed my arm and spun me back around.

"I do apologize again. I really don't mean to offend you. I'm sorry, can we start over?" There was no mistaking the sincerity in his voice. I looked at him properly now and his eyes told me I should trust him, and I did.

I held out my hand and spoke calmly for the first time since I met this stranger. "Bella Swan." I said, still a little wary of him.

"Edward Cullen, your new neighbour." He took my hand and smiled the most breathtaking crooked smile. He let go far too soon and my hand twitched longing to grab it back. I blushed again… Snap that shit out Bella! He's just a guy. I couldn't believe I was reacting this way. I rolled my eyes as I looked away from him.

The silence was uncomfortable. "Well, I'm going back inside now." I felt uncomfortable just standing there awkwardly in front of him.

"Yeah, okay. And I do apologize again for coming off so rude and demanding, it's just." He shook his head again and the same expression of concern was on his face when he was telling me about this forest. "The amount of people that do go missing is quite shocking." He smiled a sad smile, which made me wonder if he had lost someone close in these very woods. "Anyway, I'll see you soon." I raised an eyebrow up at him in confusion. He seemed to understand my unspoken question. "Me and my father Carlisle are coming around to your house for dinner one evening next week. Esme was kind enough to invite us over, so I'll see you the night she decides." The crooked smile was back on his face and he turned around to walk back to his house.

I was stunned, shocked, confused and a little annoyed that no one had told me this before I was told by my new neighbour. I didn't move for about five minutes just watching his retreating form walking back to his house.

I knew my neighbour Carlisle. I had met him a few times when he gave Esme a lift to come and visit me at the orphanage. He introduced himself to me and told me a bit about life in Forks. He mentioned that he was the local doctor and he told me once that he had a son. He never told me his name though, which thinking about it now was a little strange. Was he ashamed of him or something? I couldn't see why he should be. Edward seemed to look like he took good care of himself and he spoke like a gentlemen. I shrugged my shoulders and made my way back to the house.


As I walked away, I couldn't stop thinking about the electricity that had run through my hand the moment I had touched hers. I pulled away quickly because I was stunned by the sensation but instantly regretted it, as I craved her touch again.

I shook my head. Your being ridiculous Edward!

I walked back to the house and my feet automatically took me to my destination, I was in my bedroom before I even realised it. I walked over to my CD player and played my favourite song, Debussy – Claire De Lune. It always calmed me down and let me think. It was then as I walked over to my bed and laid back that I stared out of my small window. I realised the bedroom that I looked into, would now be Bella's. Unless someone else had moved into that room and gave her theirs. Which I highly doubted as I saw Esme buying the paints and furniture to fill that room, I even helped carry her bed in with Emmett. And I really can't imagine Emmett sleeping in such a small room. That thought made me chuckle.

My thoughts wondered back to Bella. Bella was such a lovely name and it was a name that suited her well. I sighed a little disappointed at my thought. I was finding it weird that I was having this reaction to Bella. Alice had spoken nothing but bad things about her. Albeit, not many words passed her lips about Bella, but when he name cropped up in a conversation she was soon to bad mouth her. She never went into detail, like what Bella actually did that caused her family such hurt and grief, but she didn't have too, I could tell how hurt Esme was during that time. All I know is that it involved Bella's parents. Esme was very distant during that time, to everyone in town and to me and dad, which shocked us the most seen as our families were extremely close, almost family.

I say almost family and I mean almost family. Esme and father have been in a serious relationship for a few years now and just before Esme received the bad news that sent her into an almost none functional state (where she was so emotionless and lifeless) my father was thinking about proposing to Esme.

It was so hard for dad to visit her and for him to see her like that and there was nothing he could do about it. They always say that grief triggers people in different ways, and Esme took grieving in a bad way. That's why Alice hated Bella so much. What ever Bella did, it had an effect on their entire family. It broke Alice's heart seeing her mother like that.

I was finding it difficult to understand why Bella had come to Forks. If Bella did cause their family so much misery and grief, why was she living with them now? Surly if she had done something so unforgivable, they wouldn't accept her into their home with open arms. I heard what had happened with Bella, happened a year ago. So it has taken a year to finally get her here in Forks. But it still brings me back to my previous thought, why bring her here if she has done something so terrible?

I thought about this for what seemed like hours and what seemed like hours actually was hours. When I looked at my alarm clock it was 11:30pm. I got up from my bed and walked to the window that faced Bella's bedroom. Her curtains were drawn. I let out a breath I hadn't know I was holding. I don't know why I felt so disappointed at this, I mean, what was I expecting? I rolled my eyes at myself.

I closed my curtains and made my way back over to my bed and slipped my clothes off so I was just in my boxer shorts. I got under the covers and thought about my meeting with Bella. I was in the living room when I caught site of Bella walking down towards the forest. I panicked as I remembered all the story's that have spread around town about missing people. Being in such a small town, you never go without catching the latest news, and going missing in that forest was common around here. I knew who this girl was and I knew Esme was waiting for her to arrive here so I took matters into my own hands and decided to go warn her.

When I walked up to her and she spoke back to me in such an aggravated tone, I'll admit, I was a little shocked and taken back. I was only trying to warn her. But when she turned around, I was stunned by my view, she was incredibly beautiful. I just had to walk closer to get a better sense of her features. She had the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, they were brown, chocolate brown. I always hated the colour brown because of Forks, waking up every morning to green and brown wasn't something that made my day, it only made me realise how boring the view can be. But thinking of her eyes has brought me a new found respect for the colour, a new found liking. I pictured the face of Bella. A smile spread across my face and I was soon drifting off into a peaceful sleep.

I don't know what Bella has done, however I do know the hurt and pain she caused those who me and dad are closest too. But I have decided I won't judge her just yet; I will make my own mind up about her. I want to find out more about the mysterious… Bella Swan.


When I finally moved from my spot in the forest, I walked back to the house and found Emmett in the kitchen. He had managed to make himself a huge sandwich, which was so fucking huge it could feed a whole family of four. This guy really is huge! I smiled at the sight of him and I got a warm vibe from him. I really did like Emmett.

"What's up squirt?" He said casually. His new nickname for me almost made me laugh but I knew if I did laugh he would start calling me it often and I knew that name would annoy me, so instead I went with answering his question.

"Nothing much." I sighed.

There was a table and four chairs in the kitchen. For a small house, this kitchen was huge! I sat on the chair facing him and chuckled at the huge mouth full he had just consumed. It looked like he had just crammed everything he saw in sight into that sandwich. I chuckled again and shook my head.

"Hey, Em?" I asked. "Do you know Edward?" I asked, but I diverted my eyes away from him and spoke as if I wasn't really bothered about the answer, but deep down, this mysterious Edward has been on my mind since our encounter.

"Yeah, I know him. He's a nice guy, one of the best actually. He's been my best mate since we were kids." He looked up at me then. "Actually, he helped me build up your bed and carry the mattress up." He spoke with his mouth full. This made me giggle again. I took in his words and yet another traitor blush burned my cheeks.

"You really did that for me?" I was touched by his generosity. He nodded his head and dove back into eating his sandwich.

"Why do you ask anyway?" Emmett asked curiously, examining my face as if expecting me to confess something major.

"It's nothing." He raised his eyebrow at me. "Really!" I smiled and sighed again. "I was just down in the forest having a…" Shit! I quickly composed my face. "I mean, I was down there checking out the surroundings, you know?" He hadn't seemed too noticed my almost slip up of admitting I smoked. "I walked into the trees and noticed a path and then all of a sudden he appeared behind me and told me not to go any further, something about people going missing and creatures." I shrugged my shoulders acting as if this answer was nothing interesting, but Emmett found this very interesting and started to tease me about him.

"Oh, yeah." His face was full of amusement. "Got a little crush have we on the local boy?" He smirked at me. I blushed and looked away. I was really pissed off at my blushing. I got this off my mum. She would always blush at the stupidest thing and I seemed to have inherited her annoying reaction.

"No!" I practically shouted at him. "I was just curious that's all." I rolled my eyes at him as I could tell he wanted to tease me further on the situation. "Honestly Em, it's nothing, really! Just forget I said anything." I furrowed my eyebrows at him and practically dared him to carry on.

"Ok squirt. I'll drop it…" If he said anything else it was muffled by the huge mouthful of his food. I chuckled again and rolled my eyes. I got up from the table and walked off giving him a smile.

I was at the bottom of the stairs when I heard his booming voice call out. "Squirt. One more thing!" I ignored the nickname, already getting annoyed by it. I walked back to the kitchen and he was smiling at me. "Don't lie to me again, kay?" I raised my eyebrow at him in confusion. "I know you…" He whispered the next part. "Smoke. Let me know the next time you go for one, I'd like to join you." He finished with a wink. I laughed at him and nodded and went to my bedroom.

It was midnight and I couldn't sleep.

When I was in the orphanage all the girls knew about my past. I had told my only friend in there everything about what had happened. I really opened up to her. Well, she was my friend until my past became gossip and the next thing I knew questions were thrown at me all the time. The worst thing about it, was that I couldn't escape them.

The most common question was. "How can you sleep at night? If I had done what you did, I wouldn't be able to sleep because of the nightmares."

I would simply reply. "The reason I can sleep is because I don't have nightmares."

"But why? How is that possible?" They would always ask, shocked at my answer and disgust evident in their voice.

Again I would simply reply. "I don't remember the night it happened very well, it's all sort of a blur."

"You mean, you can't remember actually killing them?" They would always ask even more shocked and eager to hear more.

"No I don't remember it!" I would snap back.

"You must have dreams about their bodies though. I mean, you did see their bodies didn't you?" They would persist with the questions.

I would be really annoyed by this point and reply bitterly to end this particular conversation. "Yes, I saw my mum and dad dead!"

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