Authors Note: OK, we have some bad news guys! Were really sorry to tell you this but Revenge has been put on a hold because we have come across serious writers block… we got so far with the planning and we just couldn't think of a good enough ending. But please know this; Revenge WILL be written one day, we have gotten so far, we just really need to think hard for an awesome end that will blow you all away.

I think were both worried how Revenge will go down and how it will live up to UnForgiven, Sequels are not easy and we thought this would be easy to plan… we were wrong. So for now, were taking a break from this story and were actually going to start a new one… one that won't have a sequel. Were just glad there were no questions that needed answering at the end of this story and we tied up pretty much everything in UnForgiven… REVENGE WILL BE WRITTEN! WE PROMISE!

As for the new story, it's a completely different story from this; it's not a Bella and Edward story but an Alice story. We hope you all like it, its completely different just like UnForgiven was and it's an extremely touchy subject, one we really want to plan out thoroughly so we don't offend anyone.

This is the basic summary of our new story which will be titled: Missing Alice.


Title: Missing Alice

Rating: M for language and disturbing scenes.

Summary: AH/OOC.

BREAKING NEWS: Ten year old Alice Cullen has gone missing. It's a mysterious case and one the police cannot solve. If you know information on her whereabouts, we urge you to come forwards. We pray that she is found… We pray that she is safe… We pray that she is alive…

Disclaimer: Copyright of original story & characters Stephenie Meyer.


We don't know when this story will be published, we haven't really started to plan each chapter out yet, but we have a basic idea which we think is really strong. So fingers crossed we start to publish our new story in the next month or so.