Hi everyone! This story is somewhat of a companion of my oneshot Thwarted Plans. While you don't need to read it to understand the story, it could help those who like a little insider information about what stories are about, and it might give you an idea why I'm writing this.

Also, this story will start out canon and then veer off into the land of Alternate Universe. There will be two parts, which can basically be described as Lily's final year at Hogwarts (Part I) and then her after-Hogwarts years (Part II). Part II will be the part where it turns into non-canon activities. This story follows Lily's plans for her life as they twist and turn, and then what would happen it they had turned out how she wanted them to turn out.

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One Door Closes

"What would have happened if things had gone differently? But, she reminded herself as the stairs creaked under Voldemort's feet, it didn't matter. She would never know." – Thwarted Plans

Part I: Plans

Lily Evans opened her emerald eyes and looked around her bedroom. The curtains were pulled, letting in the bright morning light of Northern England as well as the unfortunate view of the rundown, industrial area in which her home stood. Her parents had offered her everything they could give, both her and her sister, but it was also because of this that Lily had made her plans.

Sure, she was a little young to be making plans for the rest of her life, but it gave Lily a sense of order and helped her realize what she needed to do. The first time she had thought about these plans was when she was seven years old, now at seventeen the plans had changed slightly but not much.

For one, she was accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Of course her parents were thrilled, amazed that witches and wizards truly existed, but Lily had known prior to the arrival of her owl. Her friend, Severus, had told her years before the fateful letter was given to her by Albus Dumbledore himself. And, though filled with happiness, the day was also the day she lost her sister forever.

Lily's plans had since discarded muggle school and Petunia all together. Her sister had told her numerous times that she wanted nothing to do with the freak Lily had become, and almost didn't invite her to wedding. When she did invite her, however, her and her abominable fiancé, Vernon Dursley, picked a day that they knew Lily wouldn't be able to attend – the day of examinations for Transfiguration and Charms in her sixth year. While Lily, who had grown distant to his sister, didn't mind not attending the union of two people who hated her more than anyone in the world, she didn't speak this to her mother and father. The two were still holding on to the hope that their daughters would one day rekindle the relationship they lost.

Yes, Lily's plans were set in stone and she hated changing them around. She had already decided on a career path, a life after Hogwarts, and much more, all the way to the day she died. Her friends thought of this as morbid, but Lily thought nothing of the sort. She wanted what she wanted of her life, and nothing was going to change that. Everything was all set out in her head: Hogwarts, become an auror, and settle down when she was in her thirties – which was a bit old for the wizarding communities.

She stretched, yawning while focusing her eyes on the clock on her wall. It read seven fourteen in the morning, giving her just enough time to get dressed before heading out the door on the trip to the Hogwarts Express. She stood, grabbing her uniform off the chair – as she hated changing on the train – and slipped it on after taking off her nightgown. Her trunk was already packed with the necessary books and materials as it sat patiently by the door of her room.

As she walked, she stopped by her desk, taking a small glance to the letter on the wood. She had received it a few weeks prior, but she could still remember every word. It was from one of her friends, Ivy Burns. Taking the letter in her hands, she let her eyes scan the neatly scribbled print without really reading it. She knew what it said; in fact, she could probably recite it from memory.

"Dear, Lily," she muttered quietly, dropping the letter on her empty desk and grabbing the handle to her trunk. "You will never believe what happened. My very own prince charming moved in across the street from my parents three months before I returned. He's absolutely perfect, even if he can't do magic like the rest of my family…"

She wrote five pages about his cerulean eyes, his calm demeanor, and his acceptance of her magical abilities. To Lily, it seemed like a foolish love story that was caught unexpectedly between reality and fantasy. Unlike her friends, Lily didn't believe in soul mates nor did she believe in true love as it was displayed in books and fairytales. Her father, whose marriage to her mother was his second, was her perfect proof that there was not one person that could steal your heart and never return it.

Using her wand to levitate her trunk, she walked down the staircase to see her parents standing by the doorway. Her father smiled gently in her direction. "We didn't think you were ever going to come down," he said with a hint of sarcasm.

"Yes, Lily! You don't even have time for breakfast!" her mother fussed, opening the door of their home.

Mr. Evans grabbed her trunk in his arms and chuckled as they followed his wife. "She's always a wreck when you leave."

Lily merely nodded to her father, aware that if she said anything her mother would know they had been talking about her. She sat down in the seat of the car, watching the English countryside out her window as they headed to London. The lush green acres helped Lily escape from her thoughts.

One thing that Lily liked about the Wizarding world was the transportation. She hated long car rides and usually curled up with a book in the backseat to kill time. Now that she was seventeen she could take apparating lessons and would never take a long car ride anywhere. As the green pastures became boring, Lily pulled out her copy of Hogwarts: A History and began reading it for the twelfth time. It wasn't that it was a terrible book, as some students would say – it was slightly bland – but for her it gave her a wonderful insight into the world she hadn't grown up in, but would grow old in.

The car came to a screeching halt about one hundred pages into Lily's reading and she looked up to see King's Cross Station. A smile played across her features as he father walked around the car, banging lightly on the glass of her window with his knuckles.

Stepping out of the car and pulling her trunk through King's Cross, Lily realized that it would be the last time she would return to Hogwarts. It was her last year and unless she went home for Christmas holidays, this would be the final time for Lily to push through the crowds. When she and her parents arrived at Platform Nine and Three Quarters, she stared at the golden glow of the bricks before rushing through and experiencing the familiar falling feeling before landing on the platform.

"Well, Lils, it's time for you to get on the train," her father spoke, taking her into his arms. "Be safe," he whispered in her ear, his arms engulfing her.

Pulling away she looked up at him. "I'll be safe," she promised before turning to her mother. She was grabbed for the second time, but this time by a set of daintier arms similar to her own.

"Yes, Lily, be careful!" her mother reprimanded in a quiet tone. "And write every day!"

Lily nodded and walked away, pulling her trunk and glancing back toward her parents until they blended into the crowd and disappeared completely. She placed her trunk in her regular compartment, surprised that none of her friends had arrived. She opened the lid and lifted up her Hogwarts robe and a small envelope. Easing the envelope open, she slid out the contents. In her hand she held the most important badge any female Hogwarts student could hold.

It was gold with the Hogwarts crest and read the familiar words: Head Girl. She fastened the badge to her cloak, on the opposite side the Gryffindor crest that signified her house. She liked how the badge could signal that she had the most authority of any student – with the only exception being the Head Boy – and walked out of the compartment toward the Prefect Compartment. She had to start the meeting as soon as all the prefects had arrived.

As the prefects generally came to the compartment after they had seen their friends, Lily thought she would be the first person in the room. She held her book under her arm and slid open the door, shocked when she saw someone else inside. Hiding behind a massive book of advanced transfiguration, appeared to be one of the prefects or the Head Boy. She looked closer, but all she could see was the Gryffindor house crest on one side of the chest and the Head Boy badge on the other. With a content sigh, Lily smiled to herself, knowing who the boy was and pleased with Dumbledore's choice of her partner.

"Hello, Remus!" she greeted, shutting the door behind her. "I thought you might have been chosen. I'm so glad!"

The book began to fall and Lily expected to see the tawny haired boy she called a friend. Since fifth year he had been her fellow prefect and the two had formed a bond of friendship. He was a studious and intelligent boy who, like her, would have fit into the Ravenclaw house quite nicely. Remus Lupin was the only seventh year Gryffindor boy that Lily could actually stand being around. In her opinion, the others were immature, childish, selfish and arrogant.

But, as the book fell into the lap of the Head Boy, Lily's eyes widened. Remus was not sitting in the seat. Instead, spectacled hazel eyes looked up at her with forced indifference and a shy smirk spread across the boy's features. A hand ran nervously through his unruly black hair and he nearly frowned.

"Oh, Evans, what a pleasure to see you," he said quietly, pushing the book off his lap. "I was wondering if you were Head Girl."

Lily couldn't find words to express what she was feeling. Was it betrayal, shock, amazement, hurt? Whatever the emotion that pierced her heart like a dagger was uncomfortable. Her mouth gaped open and closed like that of a guppy.

And finally her emotions settled on anger. Her emerald eyes became snake eyes, staring at the boy through tiny slits. "What are you doing here?" she hissed.

A faint smile appeared on his lips as he pointed to his badge. "I guess Dumbledore's off his rocker?" he said, sounding as if he was guessing the answer to her question.

Lily opened her mouth to rant, but the prefects had already begun to enter. What was Dumbledore thinking, she asked herself. He wasn't even prefect! Head Boys had to be prefects first! It was the rules!

When the final prefect arrived – which happened to be Remus looking just as shocked as she had when she saw who the Head Boy was – the boy stood and cleared his throat. "Um…hello," he said quietly. "As you can see, this is Lily Evans and I'm James Potter and we're going to be your Head Girl and Boy this year."

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