(LOL this is my first story in forever! Also...No comments about what you about to see that you don't like at all....just one hint though....SASUKE IS sasUKE AND HAS AN UKES ASS! ← Sasuke= Uke Ass LOL)

Something is up, something very STRANGE is up. Sasuke thought as he walked down the road. All day he was getting strange looks from a lot of guys. Also....he swore that Kiba gave him the wolf whistle.

"What's with the looks?!" He said angry to himself.

"SASUKE!" A voice yelled causing Sasuke to cringe.

Turning around, he saw Naruto run up to him smiling his big goofy smile. Rolling his eyes, Sasuke was about to walk again when Naruto grabbed his hand and brought him close fast. Shocked, Sasuke was at a lost of words as Naruto held him close so that his cheek would rest against Naruto's chest.

"D-Dobe!" Sasuke started embarrassed.

"Shh just pretend you enjoy it," Naruto said. "Pretend that I'm your boyfriend for a minute."


Sasuke was about to say something else and punch Naruto when he brought him closer. He then turned a deep shade of red and closed his eyes slowly. He's so warm....Sasuke thought as he clenched Naruto's shirt a bit. Just as he started to enjoy it he then felt something on his ass. Quickly he punched Naruto away and looked away completely red.

"Did you just do what I think you did?!" Sasuke asked angry.

"Yes now I want a thank you," He said smiling.

"WHAT?! You want me to thank you for groping my ass?!"

"No, I want a thank you for helping out your fanboy problem!"

Freezing in place, Sasuke looked around a bit to see a couple of guys looking rather sad about something. Then he looked at Naruto who was smiling cheerfully as usual.

"DOBE WHAT'S GOING ON?!" He yelled.

"Oi Sasuke stop calling me Dobe," Naruto said. "If you really want to know what happened it's going to take a while..."

Seeing the glare that Sasuke was giving him, Naruto started to sweat a little and started smiling nervously.

"Lets talk about it over ramen," He said.

Sighing, Sasuke nodded then walked towards the nearest ramen shop with Naruto. There was a likely chance that he was going to have to pay for the ramen but it was worth it to know what was going on.

At the ramen shop, Naruto was slurping his ramen quickly while Sasuke was just staring at him wanting him to finish eating and start talking. However it seem like it was taking forever! Getting a bit pissed off, Sasuke hit Naruto on the head angry.

"That hurt!" Naruto said angry.

"TELL ME WHAT HAPPEN!" Sasuke said giving him a death glare now.

"Okay, okay! It started yesterday actually..."

(Story in Naruto's perspective)

Yesterday during our mission I was walking with you and Sakura-chan. Kakashi was of course reading his perverted book as usual and not paying attention to us at all. That's when I had um....'accidentally' tripped you and you fell in the mud. Sakura punched me hard while you just got up. I started laughing at you since you were covered in mud and then....Sakura punched me again.

"Naruto go to the dry cleaners with Sasuke so he can quickly wash his clothes," Kakashi said staring at me. "It is your fault after all."

I groaned and then I started dragging you towards the dry cleaners since you said something about not wanting to go with me of all people. Then we arrived at the dry cleaners and I told you to get out of your clothes. You just slowly took off your clothes and I just turned around assuming you just didn't want someone to see you only in your underwear. Then I had a great idea! So I took off my jacket and handed it to you. So while you put on my jacket, I put your clothes in a washing machine to get them washed. Then when I turned around there you stood wearing my jacket that wasn't very big on you which actually shocked me a bit. That's when I saw something and started laughing.

"Sasuke wears undies!" I laughed pointing at you.

"It's just underwear," You said glaring at me. "I just don't like boxers they're not very comfortable for me."

I continued laughing cause I knew for a fact every guy I know has boxers, at least, every manly dude wore them. I would have pointed out that only girls wear underwear...especially pink ones! That's when it hit me, I saw your underwear, which means people can see your underwear too! Looking around a bit I saw a couple of guys staring at you or your ass really. I guess they think you're a gay uke or something because you kind of looked like one. Or maybe they thought you were a really slutty cute girl. I wasn't quite sure what they were thinking just that you were their target. So quickly I got your clothes out, threw them in a dryer, made it so it would dry faster, then handed it at you. For the first time ever, you looked at me clueless on what was going on! You do not know how much I wanted to say that I was more aware and smarter on what was going on to you but decided not to. (Mostly because you looked too cute to make fun of.) Anyway, while you changed I kind of blocked the view to the guys and noticed that some had nosebleeds. So once you were in your shirt I pushed you out the end.

(normal point of view)

Sasuke's eyes twitch as he remembered yesterday's little event. He didn't know guys were looking at him! Also...if they had nosebleeds...that means they were thinking something perverted just because he saw his underwear! Or what if they were thinking of trying to rape him?! Slowly he then just focused on one thought. WHAT THE HECK WAS AN UKE?!

"Dobe what's and uke?" He asked looking at Naruto.

"You honestly don't know?" Naruto asked.


"You're not kidding?"


A smile grew on Naruto's face and he jumped up smiling big.


Sasuke wanted to die now embarrassed by this. The way Naruto made it sound, it appeared that everyone should know what uke means which only made him feel really dumb. Soon Naruto sat back down smiling his goofy smiled and then looked at Sasuke seriously as if he was going to teach him something very important.

"Uke is a boy in a yaoi relationship, and yaoi is basically gay boys," Naruto said. "Uke's are usually really cute, really girly, and always on the bottom in the relationship."

"...Then what's the topper?" Sasuke asked.

"That's the seme, he's usually tough, strong, and basically...Not you."

Sasuke narrowed his eyes at Naruto and hit him hard on the head.

"Are you saying if I were gay I would be on the bottom?!" He said angry.

"Emo's make horrible Seme's!" Naruto said. "They want to get hurt! Seme's just give the pain the Uke's take the pain. So yeah, you wouldn't be a seme. Though I wonder who would be your lover, obviously there are a lot of possibilities. There could be incest where your brother could do you. Or perhaps it could be Kiba! You'd be his bitch! Or maybe it could be Kakashi, you might be acting a scene in one of his books! Or perhaps...'



Twenty minutes later Sasuke walked out of the ramen shop very angry. Naruto, however, was sprawled on the ground holding his precious place due to the pain that Sasuke had given him. HE'S DEFINATLY A FREAKING UKE IF HE KICK MY PRECIOUS BABIES! Naruto thought as he just laid there.



DON'T KILL ME FAN GIRLS OF SASUKE! This is for laughs and for my enjoyment of Narusasu. Also....the first thing I said about Sasuke's name can be fixed to become Uke's ass....well....that wasn't actually suppose to be the reason why Sasuke was being stalked. ^^U I just couldn't think of anything so I just though 'HEY! What if guys saw Sasuke's ass and thought it was cute and wanted to do him?' So there! The idea! NOW BYE!