(Holy moly I'm actually continuing this story! Oh yeah and before anything else I say Sasuke's an uke because Emo's do enjoy pain so....THE MOST EMO DUDE SHOULD BE THE WHOREY UKE! DON'T KILL ME BECAUSE I BELIEVE HE WOULD BE AN UKE! With that said ON WITH THE STORY!)

Sasuke grumbled as he walked down the road again. Naruto helped out with the stares but if Naruto called him emo and a uke, he was going to die later. Sighing, he just continued walking planning Naruto's death when he bumped into someone.

"Sorry," The person he bumped into said. "I guess my training got the best of me! I didn't even see you."

Twitching a bit, Sasuke automatically knew who it was. Backing up, he looked at the green spandex freak of nature Lee. (DON'T BE MEAN SASUKE!) Sighing he just crossed his arms and look at the older boy.

"Hello Lee," Sasuke said.

"Hello Sasuke-chan I hope you're enjoying a very youthful day!" Lee said happily.


Lee just blinked then smiled again and patted Sasuke's head.

"Okay Sasuke!" He said.

Sasuke let out a sigh then crossed his arms. Lee was way more annoying then Naruto was or ever would be!

"Oh yeah is Naruto your boyfriend?" Lee asked.

Turning a deep shade of red from embarrassment, Sasuke hit Lee hard in the cheek. Lee then fell down and groaned. Rubbing his cheek, he then looked at Sasuke wondering what was wrong.

"What's the matter?" He asked.

"I just got in an argument with Naruto," Sasuke said. "That's all."

"....Are you upset because he dumped you?"

Sasuke's eyes widen then he glared at Lee and was about to punch him hard when Lee hugged him close. His cheeks turned a deep shade of red as Lee brought him closer. Before he knew it, Lee had picked him up!

"W-what are you doing?!" Sasuke said shocked.

"Going to make you feel better!" Lee said smiling happily. "Gai-sensei said that when people are sad some like to be held!"

"I don't think he means it like this."

Lee laughed a bit then kissed Sasuke's forehead. Sasuke turned even redder and tried to yell at Lee or insult him by calling him gay or something, but no words came out of his mouth. Did Lee even know what he was doing? Or that it was very, very, VERY gay? Slowly Lee put Sasuke down and just smiled big again and gave him a thumbs up.

"Happy now Sasuke-chan?" Lee asked.

"Y-Yes...," Sasuke said not even caring that Lee called him 'Sasuke-chan'.

"Sasuke-chan would you like to train with me?"

"O-Okay Lee."

Lee smiled then grabbed Sasuke's hand and started walking towards a training ground. Sasuke walked with Lee trying not to turn even redder. Why was he feeling like this?! Was it because Lee kissed his forehead? His heart started pounding hard against his chest thinking this. Oh Jeez I can't believe I'm think this....AND WHY IS MY FREAKING HEART POUNDING?! Sasuke thought and turned redder then before.

"Sasuke-chan are you sick?" Lee asked.

"N....DON'T CALL ME SASUKE-CHAN!" Sasuke yelled.


At the training ground, Lee started practicing his kicks while Sasuke just watched. He didn't feel like training right now, in fact he didn't even know why he even agreed going with Lee in the first place. IT WAS LEE FOR PETE SAKES WHY WOULD HE AGREE WITH ANYTHING HE SAID?! Sighing a bit, Sasuke soon noticed that Lee was looking at him and gave him a wink. Sasuke started blushing a bit then turned around and hit his head against the tree he was resting again.

"NO NO NO!" He said to himself angry. "I will not blush because Lee winked at me! I will not become gay! And I certainly will not BECOME AN UKE FOR HIM!"

"Sasuke who are you talking to?" Lee asked as he walked up to him.

"ACK! N-No one!"

Lee just looked at him then smiled big thinking Sasuke was just expressing himself like he heard all emo's do. Sasuke looked at Lee blushing a little bit then realized he was blushing for Lee again. Quickly he hit his head harder against the tree then fell backwards dizzy. Lee caught him then picked him up.

"Sasuke!" He said shocked. "Is this something emo's do?!"

Since Sasuke didn't respond, Lee quickly ran him to Lady Tsunade's office.


Opening his eyes slowly, Sasuke sat up and groaned a little bit. Where was he? Looking around he realized he was in a hospital bed. Rubbing his head, Sasuke soon heard the door open and saw Lady Tsunade standing there. She walked up to him and smiled a bit then flicked his head.

"OW!" Sasuke shouted.

"Are you nuts?" She asked pointing at him. "Lee said you kept on hitting your head against a tree!"

"It's nothing...I just couldn't believe what I was thinking..."

"What was it?"

"...Something I wish I didn't want to think ever in my life."

Tsunade thought for a second then started laughing a bit.

"Oh so you're have the hots for Lee!" She laughed.

"AHH NO!" Sasuke said turning red.

"Your face says other wise."

Turning redder, Sasuke just stared at the bed and then noticed that they were surrounded with flowers and teddy bears.

"What the...," Sasuke started.

"Oh yeah a lot of guys found out you got hurt and got you get well presents," Tsunade said. "Lee got you the sunflowers, Kiba got you a teddy dog, Gaara got you a teddy bear, Neji got you a bunch of roses, and...Oh yeah! Naruto came by and got you some tomatoes and flowers."

Sasuke turned a bit pale hearing that guys were the one who were really worried about him. He wouldn't mind if there was a couple of girls worried for him but not even Sakura or Ino got him anything! Then he blushed slightly at the thought of guys wanting him a lot...then he fell backwards his face completely red. Did he just get happy because guys were giving him attention? What was he? A gay whore or something?

Tsunade noticed Sasuke's face and started laughing a bit again thinking it was very funny.

"Oh my is little Sasuke thinking of all his boyfriends that want him?" Tsunade asked.

"Be quiet you old hag!" Sasuke said angry.

"You know I can put you in a sluts outfit and shove you outside any minute you know."

Sasuke started grumbling and was about to say something to Tsunade when the door open. Walking into the room, Lee smiled at Sasuke with his bright and cheery smile.

"Are you okay Sasuke?" Lee asked smiling.

"Y-Yeah...," Sasuke said softly.

"That's good!"

Lee kissed Sasuke's cheek which made Sasuke turn beyond red. Then, Sasuke hit Lee very hard who was sent to the wall. Tsunade let out a sigh seeing that she had to heal Lee now which means more work for her. Looking at Sasuke Tsunade smiled a bit.

"Stay here and maybe your boyfriends will come!" She said happily.

A tomato just missed her head by a couple of centimeters.


(I feel lazy XD this is all that I could write today....yes...it had LeeSasu in here...But come on! Lee is really in character! XD Lee is a lovable cutie who would think that making out with a dude would be a 'training' XD now TO BE CONTINUE!)