School Days
Chapter one
A Warm Welcome
By Captainkodak1

Kim slipped her arm around Ron's as they stepped out onto the campus of Vandercraft University. The two had tried to keep the information secret, but someone at the school had given in to the lure of money and leaked out the information that one of the most famous young couples in the world would be going to school there. For now, the two of them were going to stay in the dorms, each with their own roommates. Their roommates were the only two at the school other than those with the need to know that had known the two of them would be attending the school. The only reason their roommates knew was that their roommates had to agree to room with them. Not that any of the villains that Kim and Ron faces had ever attacked them at home, but trouble did tend to follow the two of them. Luckily, they found two people willing to take the risk, so now they would be able to have the full college experience.

After the news was leaked, they sent out a news release confirming that they would be going to school at Vandercraft. The school also released their our news release supporting the news release from the two young people. The news media hounded the two of them and the officials at the school about any information on what their studies would be, where would they be staying, would they participate in any of the functions of the school and any single piece to dirt or controversy that could be dug up. Kim and Ron decided to face everything up front. Kim would be on the Cheer leading team while Ron would be a running back for the schools football team. The two of them decided to leave their extracurricular activities to those functions. At least they were the only school extracurricular functions they would be participating in. The world saving was still on their list but only when needed. They decided that the world would just have to survive Will's ego.

Kim looked back behind her at the Sloth. Tim and Jim had added some new tricks to it including a new and improved version of their father's living metal project. The Sloth could now morph into different style cars at the push of a button. That enabled them to fool the news media that was always trying to follow them. Kim giggled looking back at the car. It actually looked like a car style that was built before they were born.

Who would think that Team Possible would be seen in a deep green 1969 Buick Skylark. Ron compared the color of the car to the green of some of the highway signs along the side of the road. They picked this one morph version to honor a friend of theirs at Global Justice. The short southern agent had taught them surveillance, photography, camouflage, and a number of other things that would help them survive and complete their missions in the outdoors. The GJ agent had owned a car of that make when he was in college. Kim and Ron had been so intrigued by his description of the car they decided to add it to their selection. They called him Cap.

Kim had a few choice other names for him when one exercise he put them through required them to crawl through mud, muck and mire for about a half mile and then observe a site for half a day. The observation required them to remain practically motionless. Kim had grumbled that no one could be watching them and moved to another position. The move awarded her a nice bruise from the paint ball gun that the Cap carried on their exercises. Anytime they failed part of an exercise their failure was announced by being hit by the Cap's weapon. He made sure to hit a very visible and very embarrassing place. For Kim, only her mother got to see the bruise, but it did make it uncomfortable for her to sit for a day or so. Neither one of them saw or heard him anywhere around them. He became one of their best friends at GJ, one because although he was a tough instructor, he was fair and treated them as full agents. Another reason was that if Will Du ever feared any of the other GJ agents, he was steadfastly terrified of Cap. That was a good enough reason for the two heroes. Plus Cap, always had cheese available for Rufus.

They walked out onto main part of the campus. Students, parents and others could be seen walking in different directions across the open area. Pointing to the administration building across the quad from them, Kim started in that direction.

"There's the administration building Ron. Let's get over there and check in and get our room keys. Dad will be waiting with the truck at my dorm to get me moved in, then we'll head for your dorm and get you moved in."

Slipping his arm around her, Ron pulled her close. The move cause a slight purr to come from Kim's lips and she laid her head over on his shoulder. Ron turned his head and gave her a kiss on the top of her head. That brought a sigh and another purr from Kim.

"Sounds good to me KP. If I remember you have to go in the front door and I have to go around to the side door. I'll meet you back right here."

Turning from his embrace, Kim stood on her toes and gave him a quick kiss.

"You got it! I'll see you in just a few minutes."

Ron turned and started around the building as Kim trotted up the stairs. The slight breeze caught her hair and twirled it around.

Four pairs of eyes were locked on Kim as she climbed the stairs and went in the front door. Wayne Kingston elbowed his friend Robert Daniels. The other two of the group stood with the first two at the corner of the administration building. The four seniors had decided they would investigate the new crop of females on campus and staked out a place at the corner of the building.

"Did you catch that one? Now that is one hot piece of fresh meat."

Rob stared back at Wayne with a smile.

"You thinking of making a move?"

Wayne smiled.

"Of course, what new freshman girl would not mind having a Senior make a move on them. Not only a senior but a varsity football player?"

Tom Everette stood with Scott Myers as the first two of their group discussed the figure they had just watched enter the building. Tom shook his head.

"Wayne, you didn't see the guy she was with?"

Wayne laughed.

"Why should I care about some skinny dude? There is not a freshman girl that wouldn't dump anybody for me."

Tom sighed.

"Wayne, did you or did you not read the news about some of the new students coming here this fall? And did you not check the new team roster of new players coming in?"

Wayne turned to Tom.

"So what if I didn't, what are you getting at?"

Tom pointed to the door the girl had just entered.

"That girl is the Kim Possible. The "skinny" dude is her boyfriend and partner Ron Stoppable. Those two stopped that alien invasion last spring. The two of them took on a pair of 9 foot tall aliens and stopped them in their tracks. Kim is an expert in 16 styles of kung fu. Ron broke more rushing records than any running back in the state of Colorado last season. They both have survived saving this world more times that you have put a move on a girl. If you know what's good for you, you'll leave the two of them alone. There are plenty more girls that you can concentrate on."

Wayne grinned.

"The Kim Possible huh. Now that would be interesting. I could really get the pro scouts to notice me if I had her around."

Jerking his thumb at his friend, Tom turned to Scott.

"He ain't listening is he?"

Before Scott could answer. Wayne stormed off.

"No girl EVER turns Wayne Kingston down!"

Scott watched as Rob ran to catch up with Wayne.

"You think I should whisper something to the coach. See if we can find a way to keep Wayne from getting himself killed?"

Tom shrugged his shoulders.

"Let's wait and see. Maybe this Kim has all the class they say she does. She let him down nice. If not, maybe she won't kill him, although Ron just might."

Slipping her key into her pants pocket, Kim held onto her paperwork as she waited in front of the administration building. Glancing at her watch she wondered how much longer he would be. A tall student walked past and smiled at her. Her heart jumped just a bit, he was rather handsome, but she was oh not so interested. She smiled back and returned to watching for Ron. It was then she heard a jingling sound and turned in that direction. The student had started to jog off. She noticed something on the ground that looked like a set of keys. She jogged over to take a look. Sure enough, it was a set of keys with a Vandercraft University Football keyfob. Kim looked up to see the tall football player walking slowly back toward her looking intently on the ground. She picked up the keys and jogged over to him.

"Excuse me, are you looking for some keys?"

The guy looked up at her and grinned.

"Yes, thanks, I appreciate that."

Kim handed the keys to him. As he took the keys his fingers caressed her hand. Her skin tingled at his touch. He stared into her eyes.

"I am Wayne Kingston, I don't believe I have seen you around before."

Kim took a step back as he took a step forward.

"I'm Kim, nice to meet you. I just enrolled this semester. Are you on the football team?"

Wayne nodded.

"Yeah, I am one of the varsity running backs."

Kim smiled.

"Well, you will get to meet my boyfriend. He joining the team this year as a running back. Well, it was nice to meet you. I need to get back."

Wayne held up his hand.

"Wait, Kim, I was wondering, maybe we could go out sometime."

Kim shook her head.

"Sorry, but I'll have to say no. You seem real nice, but I have a great boyfriend that I more than my own life to. Goodbye."

Kim turned and jogged back toward the administration building. She saw Ron coming around the side of the building. She let loose a whistle and broke into a run waving her arm.

Wayne watched as she ran toward the blond skinny guy. Just as she reached him she jumped into his arms and gave him a kiss that gave Wayne a warm feeling all over. A voice came up behind him.

"Shot down huh. I don't think you'll be getting a piece of that action."

Wayne whirled around to face his three friends.

"Hey, it's was just the first time, she'll come around. I just have to figure a way to keep meeting her."

Rob held out the newest edition of the school paper.

"Well, I think you will be getting to see both of them quite a bit. You already know that he is on the football team, but did you know that she is going to be a varsity cheerleader?"

Wayne grabbed the paper.


He glanced at the front of the paper, on the front was a picture of Kim and the guy that had been with her. Wayne started to read the story.

"Vandercraft University is proud to welcome the world famous Team Possible to the student body. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable will join the student body as freshmen this fall. Kim will be studying International Relations while Ron has been accepted into the Culinary Arts Institute. While studying in their individual studies, the world famous couple will be showing some of their famous moves. Kim will be joining the varsity cheer leading squad while Ron will be joining the football team as a running back. Let's give this famous couple a warm welcome."

Wayne smiled.

"Oh, I'll give her real warm welcome."

The three others rolled their eyes as their friend walked off staring at the paper. Scott looked up to see Kim and Ron getting into an old model green car. He watched as they pulled out of the parking space and drove out across campus. He turned his attention back to Wayne as he walked off staring at the picture of Kim on the front of the paper.

"I have a feeling things are going to get real interesting real quick."

Okay, maybe I have broken a sacred rule of KP fandom.

I have included my persona into one of my stories. The Cap character is one I have had planned for sometime and decided to use. The car morph they use actually represents the car I had in college. A 1969 Buick Skylark. It had no emission control and a 350 hp V-8. Great car. Sure enough it's an old car, but who would think Kim and Ron would drive something like that.

This new story is one I have had my mind on for a little while. It will cover their starting days in college and the problems I thought that the two of them would have to face. I hope that you enjoy it.

Please leave a review. I would appreciate it.

This is the Captain,
Right hand salute,
Roger and out.