School Days


Jean was in the kitchen with Anne cleaning up from dinner whilst Dean and James watched the game on the wide screened TV. The parents had watched Kim and Ron's dance on the show after eating. James himself was not a real fan of the show as he was always mumbling on about how "show folk" acted. Anne however, kept something to herself. She had noticed Ron say something to Kim after the dance had finished. The look on his face and the look on her face were the same ones that they had the very night that Ron had asked James if he could marry Kim. She had a very good idea of just exactly what Ron had asked her, but she was keeping it to herself. Jean stepped over to put some dishes into the dishwasher.

"I take it you saw Ronnie ask Kim something when they finished that dance?"

Anne took a quick look around to see where the men were and then she turned back to Jean.

"The men didn't see or know what they saw."

Jean giggled.

"Dean would not have known unless they had put words on the screen."

Anne laughed out loud but quickly covered her mouth with the towel she had in her hand. She struggled for a moment until she could regain control of herself, and joyful tears leaked from her eyes as she gazed at Jean from under the towel. After a few seconds had passed, she managed to compose herself just enough to pull the towel down away from her lower face.

"I was about to say the same thing about James. I sure hope that no news group gets too wise as to what Ron asked. If they do, Kim and Ron will not get a moments peace."

She hesitated for a moment before adding, "That is, what we are assuming happened was what really happened."

Jean stepped back to the sink beside Anne and then gave her a gentle bump with her hip.

"Come on now Annie. I saw the look on Kim's face. That girl's face was glowing like a spotlight. She was a very happy young woman."

Anne sighed.

"Yeah, Ron had the expectant look on his face. I swear he looked just like how James did when James popped the question to me."

Both women were quiet for a moment as they finished up the dishes. Jean finished by putting the last of the dishes up and away as Anne wiped off both the sink and the counter top. After hanging up the towels, the two mothers of the famous duo sat down opposite each other at the kitchen table with some coffee and two mugs. Anne spoke up after pouring the coffee out for the two of them.

"Jean, I just wanted to take a little moment to thank you for letting Ron be a part of Kim's life. I am proud of her and for what she has done, but I know that she would not have done a lot of it without him. Another thing is that she would have driven herself into the ground doing everything and anything...Ron taught her how to slow down and look around. He taught her that winning is not everything, that being first is not always the best thing. That trying your best is the most important thing."

Jean blushed for a moment.

"Anne, don't sell Kim short. She is a very smart young woman. I would like to thank you for letting Kim be a part of Ron's life. Without him, he would the slackest of all slackers. I know Dean and I have not been of parents, and we let things go on for too long with him and his lazy attitudes. Without her to kick him into action, I don't think he would have even finished high school, much less going to one of the finest universities in the nation and playing football too."

Both mothers grinned at each other for a moment, dreaming of babies with blonde hair and green eyes...

James put his cup of coffee down as a commercial started to play on the TV.

"Well Dean, think I need to start saving for a wedding?"

Dean looked back over his shoulder to see where both his wife and his friend's wife were.

"After the look Ronald gave Kimberly after the dance, I would say that it is a fair bet."

He arched an eyebrow and added, "Not that you were not expecting it."

James chuckled.

"Yeah, your son floored me by asking me even before he'd asked her! Anne may think that I'm oblivious to these things but I don't think she caught what happened at the end of their dance. They were too busy talking about Kim's outfit and how well the two of them danced together. I'd have to be blind not to see the look Ron gave Kimmie. And that look on her face? I haven't seen her face glow like that since...since that day she came home from preschool and told me about her new friend."

Dean nodded, smiling.

"I know Jean thinks the same way. She may think I don't notice things but I do. I just don't say anything about it. I keep it to myself and watch for her to drive herself crazy thinking that she is keeping a secret from me. The ladies have to think that they're pulling the wool over our eyes. That way, we can keep a closer watch on them. I saw the look on Ron's face too. He doesn't know it but I walked in on him practicing popping the question to Kim. I bet I stood there for half an hour watching him go through every variety of ways to ask the question. I may not read lips but I have seen those lips ask a mirror the same question. He popped the question alright."

James turned his head around to make sure that Anne either was not in the room itself or if she was, within eavesdropping distance.

"Yeah, Anne doesn't think I know about the copies of Bride's Magazine that she has hidden in the bottom of her sweater drawer. I think she has already gotten Kim's dress picked out, the bridesmaid dresses, the flowers, and everything else. Heaven help Kim; she gonna need all the help she can get to take control over what's going to happen in her own wedding!"

Dean nodded.

"Oy vey. Don't I know what you are talking about! Jean has already ordered Ron a new yarmulke!"

Both fathers chuckled lightly. Dean picked up his cup of coffee as the game started once again.

"You know, we will have to have a pocket full of handkerchiefs for when Kim and Ron let everyone know. There'll be enough tears shed to float Noah's ark again."

James nodded.

"Already have a pack in the hall desk drawer. What do you think the media will do?"

Dean snorted.

"Kim Possible getting married to her long time partner Ron Stoppable and ignoring all the so called 'hotties' of the world? We'll be lucky enough to be able to even drive up the street with all the news trucks that'll be blocking the way."

James nodded.

"Yep, I might need to get in touch with Wade and see if he might have a solution. I do believe this Christmas will be a very interesting one."

James turned to his friend and raised his cup. Dean picked up his cup and then clicked it against his friend's.

"To Kim and Ron."

The stars filled the windshield of the Sloth as it cruised across the night sky towards Middleton at a chilling thirty-five thousand feet. The autopilot gently guided the craft along it's preset flight path. Kim snuggled her head deeply into Ron's shoulder as they lay cuddled in the backseat. Ron's arms were around her holding her close to him, and Kim sighed happily once again as laid a row of kisses up Ron's neck that stopped just below his ear. She purred slightly as his hands gently caressed her back. He gave her a kiss on her forehead as she dropped her head back down onto his shoulder. Tilting her head back, she gazed into his eyes.

"Well, I have to say you picked an interesting time to ask."

Ron snorted.

"Well, I wanted to do it at a special time, but when I saw that look in your eyes I knew I had to ask right then."

Kim giggled slightly.

"I'm glad I stopped you before you completed your question. There were way too many cameras and people around."

Kim's thoughts went back to that moment. She was holding onto him whilst looking up into his eyes. She was a little tired, but she was also so happy. They had just performed a dance together on national television, and the changes that she had made to the lyrics of the song were intentional. There were no more "I's" in her life now. From now on, it was going to be "we" and she wanted the nation and the world to know this. The applause and the cheers were ringing in their ears as he looked down at her with undeniable love in his eyes. He then got that special gleam and then started to speak.

"Kimberly Ann Possible, will you..."

Kim placed a slender finger upon his lips.

"So not the time, I'll give my answer when we have a little more privacy."

She gave Ron a squeeze. He pulled his head back and looked down into her glowing eyes. Her breath caught itself in her throat as his cocoa eyes shimmered in the star light.

"Ronald Dean Stoppable, will you marry me?"

Humor danced across Ron's face.

"Hey, I asked first!"

Kim's fingers found his tickle spot. He soon started to squirm and giggle. She then slid up to get her face level with his.

"Well, I finished the question."

Ron shook his head.

"That doesn't count. I was still first."

Both of them waited for a moment and then each took a breath. Then, together they whispered,

"Kimberly Ann Possible?"

"Ronald Dean Stoppable?"

"Will you marry me?"

They then both sighed softly and their lips started to slowly migrate towards one another. Just before they touched, one word was whispered by both of them together in perfect harmony.


The dinner table in the Possible dining room was filled to capacity with Nana there along with Jennifer, Jessica, Slim and Joss. It was Christmas Eve and the families were all together. Tim and Jim sat next to Jennifer and Jessica, but this time they didn't seem to mind. In fact, they seemed to have even both attempted to dress up a little better. Kim's nose detected that they had also raided some of their father's cologne. Joss kept her eyes on Kim and her brothers, clearly waiting for her to strike at any moment.

Anne kept a watch on her daughter for the entire evening. Her mother's intuition was screaming at her like mad. Something was up. Neither one of them had said anything about what had happened after the dance. She had made several hints in trying to get Kim to talk but Kim would just smile and not say anything. It was enough to drive her crazy! But, something had happened whilst everyone was helping with dinner. Kim was responsible for carrying all the food to the dinner table when it became ready. Ron had been cooking up a storm with Kim as her assistant. Anne was so shocked that Kim could actually make whipped potatoes without nuking the kitchen, that she dropped a couple of the glasses that she had just filled with ice.

Ron had moved to help mop up the mess, (thank goodness for the unbreakable glasses!) when he suddenly slipped in some of the water from the melting ice. Anne reached down to help him but she also slipped on the water too. She ended up sitting in Ron's lap. Everyone got a good laugh when Kim mock pouted at her mother that Ron's lap was for her and her alone. Anne laughed along with everyone else until she felt something under her that was not Ron's lap. It was a small, square box about the size of a ring box. She snapped her head sharply around to look at Ron, and he gave her that atypical Ron smile that told her that he was up to something.

After getting up and cleaning up, Ron went on with the business of preparing for dinner like nothing had happened. Dinner had been one of the very best that they had ever had. Everyone was in such a good mood, and they were so cheerful. The stress of the classes from the school was over. The Wayne sitch was over, at least for now. The two of them would have to testify later but for now, that was not going to spoil anyone's good mood. The judge let the young man who attacked Ron off with probation: he was celebrating Christmas with his own family too. Kim and Ron got a card from him with a picture inside with him and his sister visiting Santa Claus.

Ron stood for a moment and the conversation around the table suddenly stopped. He looked around the table at everyone and then his gaze settled upon Nana with a wink. Nana's face cracked into a little grin. Ron reached down and took Kim's hand.

"Over the past few months, several things have happened between Kim and I."

Kim gave his hand a tight squeeze as he looked down at her in her seat.

"Yet, through it all, we faced everything side by side. Then Kim was nearly killed by someone that wanted her out of the way so they could be with me. I realized then just what she really meant to me. This whole semester seemed to be set up to teach us a lesson: a lesson in the fact that the two of us were meant to be together."

Ron turned around to face Kim and then he got down upon one knee. Anne gasped and reached for James' hand. Dean reached into his pocket and pulled out a neat stack of handkerchiefs. Ron pulled a small box out of his pocket and then opened it to reveal a small yet beautiful, diamond ring. He pulled it from the box and took Kim's hand. Looking into her eyes, he spoke.

"Kim, we have known each other for almost all of our lives. Together, we have found something very special. But the past few years have not been enough: I want it all. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Kimberly Ann Possible? Will you marry me?"

Kim nodded as she spoke.

"Yes, I will."

Ron slipped the ring onto her awaiting finger. She looked at it then her eyes went wide. James took a look at it and then gasped. He snapped his head over to look at his mother.

"Mom, it that-?"

Nana smiled.

"Yes James, that is the ring that your father gave to me. Since we never had a daughter, I didn't have anyone to pass it down to. When Kimberly and Ronald were visiting with me over at Thanksgiving, I took Ronald in the apartment while Kim waited in the car. I gave him the ring then. I knew it was just a matter of time that the two of them would tie the knot. I wanted Kim to have the ring as the first Possible girl to get married. I loved her father very much, but we made an agreement that if something like this came up, that we would pass on the rings to the next generation."

Nana turned, took Joss' hand and then looked up at Slim.

"Slim, when it comes to be Joss' turn, she will receive your father's wedding ring to give to her husband."

Slim nodded.

"Thanks ma, but I reckon it'll be awhile fore we need to do that. At least, it had BETTER be a little while."

Everyone laughed as they got up to congratulate both Kim and Ron. Tim and Jim had to each borrow a handkerchief for Jennifer and Jessica. The two girls cuddled up against the twins, making them both decidedly uncomfortable. They then slowly put their arms around the two of them. Kim giggled at their predicament...revenge could be so sweet! Anne and Jean had already soaked a handkerchief each by the time everything had settled down. Kim picked up a stack of dishes and then carried them into the kitchen. She started to rinse them off before putting them into the dishwasher. Well, that is, she rinsed the dishes and then Ron put everything into the dishwasher. Ever since she had once tried to take a bath inside of the device, she could no longer look at it without blushing. James watched as Anne picked up another stack of dishes and then carried them into the kitchen.

"Ohhh Kimmie, I can't wait to show you some of the bride's dresses I have seen and the cutest bridesmaid dresses and flowers. Oh, it'll have to be a spring or summer wedding so we can use the back yard for the reception and..."

Kim's voice shrilled loud and clear.

"MOTHER! He just asked me! I..."

James turned on the TV and then turned the volume up a little. He looked at his watch, then turned and pulled five dollars out of his pocket to give it to Dean.

"She actually waited about three minutes before starting to make plans. You win the bet."

Kim cuddled up against Ron as they took a walk up the street. James and Dean had all but pushed them out of the house before corralling their wives and then forbidding them to mention anything more about plans for any future weddings. Kim glanced down at her hand as it rested upon Ron's arm. The moonlight caused the diamond to shimmer even brighter. She was about to pull him down for a kiss when a sound that they had not heard for quite awhile came to their ears.

Beep beep beepbeep.

They both giggled for a moment. Kim then let go of Ron's arm so she could pull her coat sleeve back to expose the Kimmunicator.

"What's the sitch, Wade?"

Wade took a long slurp from his drink.

"First, congratulations."

Kim scowled.

"Wade, have you been spying on us?"

Wade cringed.

"Well, I used some really neat lip reading software to see what Ron said to you after the dance. I kinda figured it out. Besides, I called the house first before using the Kimmunicator since this is not mission related. Your dad answered and I could hear your mother laughing and shouting in the background. I also noticed that her computer has been doing rapid searches for the subject of wedding dresses. It didn't take a lot to figure it out after that."

Kim rolled her eyes.

"Okay, once we finish the reason for this call we are going to have a conversation over the privacy of my family."

Wade wilted and then put his drink away.

"Okay, sorry Kim."

Kim nodded.

"Now, can we get on with the reason for interrupting my time with my fiancée?"

Wade nodded and then started to type.

"Okay, you know that the Winter Olympics are coming up after the first of next year?"

Kim nodded.

"Yeah, I was going to see if you could stream some of the network feeds to our televisions so we could see more of what was going on."

Wade smiled.

"Well, you just might see a lot more of it than you think. The network that has the major broadcast rights wants the two of you to be special reporters for the events. They need you to talk to the athletes and actually demonstrate some of the events. The network exec's think that if they had Team Possible demonstrating the events and talking to the athletes, that it would increase public interest."

Kim stared at the screen.

"But Wade, we aren't reporters!"

Wade nodded.

"That's why they want you to do this. They think the athletes would respond better to Team Possible than some random reporter. You could be someone they would be able to share their event with and actually be able to do what they do."

Ron looked over at the screen.

"Dude, we are in college remember? I doubt our professors will let us do that."

Wade shook his head.

"The network has already contacted Vandercraft and gotten permission for you to do this. A couple of professors will travel with you to help you keep up with your studies. I've offered to stream any classes or data that you might need to where you will be staying. Besides, having you two doing this would be a real feather in the hat for the university."

Kim scowled.

"I don't know Wade, I don't like being used as some trophy."

Ron rubbed her back.

"Come on KP, you know you have always told me that you wanted to be in the Winter Olympics. We may not be in the events but at least we'll be there. And we can do some of the events."

Kim turned her head to look into his eyes, and then nodded.

"Okay, DEAL! Let's do it! Besides, it'll give us a good chance to announce our news. You got that Wade? Tell them yes but not a word to them about the engagement. We'll let that just come out in due time."

Wade smiled.

"Okay Kim. I'll let them know. I am sure they'll wait for some sort of news conference to be set up. I'll let you know. Congrats again, guys."

The screen went black as Kim pulled her coat back down. She grabbed Ron's arm once again.

"Well, when we have the news conference, should we just go right out and let them know or what?"

Ron grinned.

"I'd say just wear your ring, act like nothing is going on and see if they notice."

Kim giggled.

"Sounds like a plan to me, Mr. Stoppable."

Ron turned and then took her into his arms.

"Then that is what we will do, future Mrs. Stoppable."

Kim reached up and pulled him down for a long and lingering kiss that left them both short of breath.

Well, a lot of you asked and now you got it.

I did end that last chapter with a cliffie for a reason. I also knew most would want the story to continue. I had planned to do just that from the beginning. I also wanted to do some type of Olympics story. This gave me the opportunity to get Kim and Ron into the Olympics and keep the story going. I have done one where they actually were participants in the Olympics. This time I planned something different. I hope you like what I have planned.

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