The soft, gently crunch just grew louder and louder.

My curiosity finally kicked in. I crouched down, and made a very quick , short "Mew", hoping no neighbors where around to think I was insane. From behind a thick dark brown tree, a fuzzy gray tabby head popped out. I heard a hiss, and I instantly sprung up from my crouch. I was surprised when the little tabby flattened it's ears and a slick brown cat stepped out from behind a tree not to far away. I leaned against the tree and stared at the tabby, and it stared at me.

I'm not so much a cat person, or at least, I don't like them any more or less then I like dogs. I don't know what was so mesmerizing about this cat though!

I took a step forward, and so did the cat. We continued this, it would step, I would step. I crouched down once more and reached out to pet it. I was just about to pet it when the brown cat gave a loud hiss and pounced at me. I gave a loud yell of surprise and backed away quickly. My right hand (the hand I tried to pet the tabby cat with) was bleeding steadily. The cat had scratched me, and It hurt like heck!

~~~*** =^_^=*** ~~~

"What the heck did you do that for?!?! A Twoleg! TWOLEG! She would have scooped you up in three seconds and-"

"I'm sorry, Barktail... " Stonepaw looked down at his paws as they where running back to camp. " She was... different."

"All Twolegs are mouse-brained! Do you know what it could've done to you if I didn't save you??" Barktail's harsh words stung Stonepaw." Your almost a warrior now, Stonepaw. You should really know better."

Stonepaw pressed his ears flat against his head. They where almost to VineClan territory, and away from the Twolegs.

"She said 'Hi'.... " Stonepaw mumbled, so his mentor couldn't hear. Soon the two cats where back safe at home in VineClan. The cool, earthy smell of the vines was welcoming to Stonepaw. The familiar, damp, earthy air clung to his fur like a 'welcome home!' hug. His friend, Mudpaw, was trotting over with two mice.

"Hey," She mewed in greeting. "How did your lessons go?"

"Not so go." He moaned. "I almost let a twoleg touch me, and.."

" A twoleg???" Mudpaw's deep, amber eyes where now filled with shock. "Fox dung! What would you've done if you got taken away in a monster, or cooped up in a nest?!?"

Stonepaw took a small bite out of his mouse and thought as he chewed. "Well... she spoke cat! And she kinda smelled like.. something I can't put my claw on."

"She? You could tell? Stonepaw, stop trying to sniff the clouds. Twolegs!! You stupid furball..." She meowed, gently hitting the side of his head. "And twoleg CAN'T speak. You know that!"
Stonepaw sighed. He knew there was no point in trying...But he also knew that this twoleg was DEFINITELY no normal twoleg.