Chapter 1- Hello dear brother- 89 years is a long time.

My name is Isabella Marie Mason and I am technically 16 years old. In reality, I have been 16 for the past 89 years. How you ask. You see, I am a vampire. I was changed in 1919, a year after my mother and brother both passed away from Spanish Influenza. Not a day goes by when I don't think about them. I have a locket that I always wear. My brother gave it to me for my fifteenth birthday. It had a picture of mum and dad on one side and one of us on the other. My brother and I were extremely close even though we were different ages. He was 2 years older than me. When he died, he was just 17.

My brother's name was Edward Anthony Mason. He was so amazing. He had bronze hair like our mother that always shone in the sunlight. It was always messy no matter how hard he tried to tidy it up. He had beautiful emerald eyes that shone like the stones they resembled. He was so like our other. I on the other hand, had long mahogany coloured hair that was always in ringlets ending at my lower back. My eyes were a chocolate brown colour. My dad and I shared many of the same features.

In 1918, during the influenza epidemic, Edward and my mother were being taken care of by this amazing doctor. His name was Carlisle Cullen. He tried his hardest to save my mother and brother and I have never blamed him for not saving them. Carlisle became a father figure to me whilst my family was in the hospital. My own father passed away in the first wave of the disease so there was just me, mum and Edward. Anytime I would come and visit, Carlisle was always there. He would always talk to me; he taught me a lot about medicine and being a doctor and he was the one who stayed by my side in the hospital when mother and Edward died and he was there helping me at the funerals.

After they died, I went to stay with my aunt. She was the only family I had left. About one year later, I was visiting my mum's and Edward's graves when I heard a noise behind me. I turned, heard a voice and everything went back. 3 days later I woke up in a beautiful house. There was a woman named Grace there and she told me what had happened to me and what I had become. She told me that I had been attacked by a human drinking vampire and her and her coven saved me. She told me all about the vampire way of life and how she and her family only drank animal blood. She introduced me to the members of her family and they essentially adopted me. There was Grace of course, then there was her husband William, her two 'sons'- James and Robert and her 3 'daughters'- Ruth, Helen and Margaret.

I soon became a part of their family and I travelled with them for many years. About 40 years ago, I split away from them. I promised to always write to them and tell them of wherever I was or was heading. They chose to settle in Mobile, Alabama. I continued to travel. I met a few people here and there and had to avoid some encounters with the Volturri but other then that, my life as a vampire has been great so far. The avoidance of the Volturri has been because of my power. Or should I say powers. I have been told that I am extremely gifted but sometimes I hate my powers. The best two of the three that I have are:

a) I can tell when someone is lying to me and

b) I can project a mental shield to block attacks and protect those around me if I wish.

The power that I don't think I should have is the one that I fear. It is the power to manipulate the minds of those around. I could tell another vampire to create a bonfire, rip himself to shreds and jump into the fire, thus killing themselves. That power frightens me the most because it is a testament of what I could potentially do to someone if they piss me off. It is that power that Aro craves.

Right now, it is 2008 and I have decided to settle down in a place called Forks, Washington. I am going to enroll in the local high school and complete my schooling (for about the gazillionth time!).

I left my house at 8:30 Monday morning. I hoped into my Blue Porsche Boxter convertible and headed off to Forks High School. I pulled into the car park with everyone staring at me. I parked my car in between a silver Volvo and a big Jeep before hopping out and heading up towards the administration building.

--- Edward POV ---

I was getting ready for another mindless day at Forks High. My family and I had been here in Forks for 2 years now and I was about to start my senior year of High school- for what felt like the hundredth time. You see, I am a vampire, so is my entire family. I was changed in 1918 by Dr. Carlisle Cullen who, by doing so, saved me from being another casualty of Spanish Influenza. Whilst I have had a great life with my coven, I have one regret from my human life- my sister Isabella. My little Bella was 2 years younger than me when I died. She was so special to me. We were always playing together as kids and I loved her more than life itself.

As we got older, I started to get more protective of her. I would always make sure boys stayed away from her and if anyone hurt her, I would hurt them.

I was shaken from the thoughts of Bella (literally) by Emmett.

"Come on Ed, Mum said that if we don't leave now we are going to be late." He said.

Emmett was one of my 'brothers'. My other brother was Jasper Whitlock Hale. My 2 adoptive sisters were Mary Alice Brandon aka Alice and Rosalie Hale. Rose and Jasper posed as twins and Emmett, Alice and I were the 'biological children' of Carlisle and Esme, our 'mother'.

I got into my Volvo, followed by Rose and Jasper meaning that Emmett and Alice were riding in Em's Jeep. I followed Em to Forks High and as soon as I got there, I heard the thoughts of everyone around me.

OMG. Edward Cullen is so gorgeous. If he wasn't with Rosalie, I would jump him.

Emmett is sooo sexy. I wish he dated people.

Rosalie is sexy as. Maybe this year, she'll dump that Cullen loser and date me.

I growled as I finished hearing the last thought. Mike Newton was the one who had thought it and he never gave up. He didn't know that Rose and I had been married for the past 75 years and I think if it was ever revealed, he would keel over and die on the spot. Like us, Alice and Jasper were married and have been for 50 near 60 years. Emmett was the only one of us who did not have a soul mate. We kept out hope for him though and we knew that he would find his. Hell, he had all of eternity to find the one.

"Edward, Rose, Jazz, I just had a vision." Alice said; low enough that humans couldn't hear.

"What about love?" Jazz asked his wife.

"There is a new girl starting today but whenever I try to look closer at her, I am blocked. I only got a quick flash of her signing in but then it ended. I think she is like us." Ali said.

"Another vamp? Cool." Emmett said.

"What should we do?" Rose asked. I wrapped my arm around her waist and drew her into my side. I smiled as she snuggled back a little before I kissed her hair.

"I say we just wait and see what happens. If she is like us, maybe she is destined to join us, if not, we have to tell her that this is our territory." I said logically.

Rose smiled at me and all of us headed into school for our first periods.

--- Bella POV ---

My first few lessons went well I guess. I had AP Calculus, AP History, AP English and AP Trig. I met some people in my first period class, their names were Mike Newton, Jessica Stanley and Angela Webber. They offered me a seat at their table at lunch which I accepted eagerly. It wasn't often my family and I was ever offered a place at people's tables at school. They always thought we were weird.

I walked to lunch with Angela and then I smelt it. Another vampire. No wait- 5 more vampires. One scent smelt vaguely familiar but I couldn't pin point it. Shit! I thought I am in another vampire's territory. Not to mention that there is a whole coven here. I'm in deep shit.

Angela opened the doors to the cafeteria and I followed her in. As soon as I was in, all conversations ceased and everyone gazed at me, guys obviously thinking I was the shiny, new toy, and girls feeling hatred towards me.

I followed Angela to the cafeteria line, keeping my eyes firmly on the ground in front of me. I felt a presence behind me and turned to see Mike. He smiled and I smiled back. I went back to thinking about how I was going to get myself out of the deep shit I would probably be in from the other coven.

"Here you go Bella, I got you the same as me. Hope you don't mind." Angela said. She handed me a tray with a hot dog, an apple, a packet of chips and a water. It didn't bother me anyway because everything tasted like dirt. I smiled at her, thanked her and followed her and Mike to the table.

"Bella, this is Ben Cheney, Tyler Crowley, Eric Yorkie and Lauren Mallory. Everyone, this is Isabella Mason. She just transferred here from Chicago, Illinois." Mike introduced me to everyone. When he said my name, I could have sworn I heard a gasp but I didn't think much of it. Mike pulled out the chair between him and Tyler for me and I gracefully sat down. That was another thing I loved about being a vampire- we are graceful. In my human life, I was the clumsiest person ever.

"So Bella, tell us about yourself." Tyler said, looking at me with adoring eyes. I shuddered inwardly but turned to him to reply.

"Umm, I am 16. I moved here from Chicago as you know. Umm, I lived with my mum, dad, two brothers and three sisters before coming here. I am currently living on my own. My family moved to Alabama but I decided to transfer from Chicago to here. Umm not really much else to say"

"So, you live by yourself? Don't you get lonely?" Mike asked.

"Sometimes I do but you know. It gives me a feeling of independence." I replied.

The questions continued until lunch ended. I threw out my untouched lunch and headed to AP Biology.

--- Edward POV- Lunch ---

My family and I walked into the cafeteria, got some of the disgusting thing called food and walked over to our table. We all sat down, pushed our food to the middle and ignored it.

All morning, my family's thoughts had been on the new vampire. None of us had met her but everyone was talking about her. Her name was Isabella. I think I spent 20 minutes convincing myself it wasn't my little sister and that Isabella was a common name nowadays. She would be dead by now. I did not wish for this life to be forced upon her.

Then, suddenly, we all caught the scent. It smelled vaguely familiar. The other vampire was here. We all looked to the doors and I nearly fell out of my seat. Had Rose not been in my lap, I think I would have fallen. This girl looked exactly like my sister. She had the same hair, same frame, everything. I watched as she walked to the line with Angela Webber and Mike Newton. She followed them to their table and I heard Mike introduce her to the table. "Bella, this is Ben Cheney, Tyler Crowley, Eric Yorkie and Lauren Mallory. Everyone, this is Isabella Mason. She just transferred here from Chicago, Illinois." He said. I gasped as he said her name. This had to be my Bella.

"Ed, you ok? Your emotions are running wild and it's giving me a headache." Jazz whispered.

I ignored him and whispered "Bella."

I watched with a feeling of longing as she stood up, threw her untouched food into the bin and left the cafeteria. I wanted to follow her, grab her and never let her go again. Jasper must have felt my emotions because he glared at me and thought Rose may not be my biological sister, but if you hurt her I will rip you to shreds and burn you before dancing on your ashes.

Jazz, its fine. I love Rose with all my unbeating heart I thought back I'll explain everything later.

He nodded at me and we all got up from our table and left to go to our lessons. I had AP Biology with Emmett. We split from the others and headed to Mr. Banner's room. When we got there, I noticed that Bella was already in the room, she was sitting next to Angela, talking about their favourite books. I walked past her to mine and Emmett's bench and saw her flinch just a little.

The lesson passed by without any hassle. I kept staring at Bella and had to try and keep myself together due to the thoughts of the males in my class. All of their thoughts were the same.

Bella is so hot. I would so tap that.

I can only imagine what is under those clothes. Bella is so hot.

When the bell went, I watched as Bella stood up, followed by Angela and quickly left the room. Emmett was trying to get my attention but I just ignored him as I watched my gorgeous little sister walk gracefully to the gym.

"Em, watch over her in Gym. Please. I'll explain everything this afternoon. I promise." I said as I watched Bella leave. Em nodded and I headed off to Chemistry whilst he headed to Gym.

--- Em POV ---

I watched as Edward gazed at the beautiful girl in front of us. I couldn't help but feel jealous. He had Rose and as soon as I saw this girl, I felt something inside of me that I have never felt before. I knew she was a vampire just by her scent but who she was and how Edward knew her were two mysteries that I planned to solve. I watched as the girl, Bella (a perfect name for her) stood, followed by Angela Webber and left the room. Once Ed and I left, Ed turned to me and said "Em, watch over her in Gym. Please. I'll explain everything this afternoon. I promise." I nodded and headed off to my last period.

When I got there, I noticed Bella and Angela sitting in the stands, both wearing their gym clothes. Bella looked amazing. I felt my legs moving and I soon found myself in front of them.

"Hi. My name's Emmett. You're Bella right?" I said.

Angela looked like she was gunna pass out and Bella smiled.

"Hi. Yea, I'm Bella. It's a pleasure to meet you Emmett." Bella said, sticking her hand out for me to shake. I took it and swore I felt a spark.

"So, how are you enjoying Forks so far?" I asked sitting down in front of her.

"It's good. The rain is peaceful and I love all the green around here. It reminds me of someone important." Bella said. Her eyes lost a little sparkle when she talked about the 'important someone'. I felt a bit jealous that she had someone else in her heart. But before Angela or I could ask, Coach Clapp came in and started the lesson.

After the lesson where most guys had to go to the nurse because they had gotten hurt in some way because instead of paying attention to what they were doing, they were paying attention to Bella.

After class, I met up with Bella and we headed to our lockers.

"Did you drive to school?" I asked as she got her bag out of her locker.

"Yea, I parked in between a silver Volvo and some huge Jeep." Bella replied.

I smiled and said "They're mine and Edward's cars. I'll walk with you."

Bella smiled and we headed out to the car park. When we got there, I saw Ali, Jazz, Rose and Ed standing around our cars talking. They stopped when they saw us coming.

"Hey guys. This is Bella. Bella this is Alice, Jasper, Rose and Edward." I said pointing to each in turn.

I watched as she smiled at all of them but when she saw Edward, she gasped.

"No. No. You're not real. This is a dream. You're dead." Bella said more to herself than anyone else.

"Bella? No it can't be. You should be dead." Edward whispered.

By this time Bella had closed her eyes, mumbling "no, no no" under her breath.

Edward walked up to her and in one swift movement, picked her up in a bone crushing hug. Bella stiffened before relaxing a little, whispering "Edward. It is you" and throwing her arms around him fiercely.

"I thought you were dead. Oh my little Liberty Bell." Edward said, resting his forehead on hers.

"You died in front of me remember. I missed you Eddy-Bear." Bella replied. She kissed him on the cheek and whispered "I love you." He smiled wider than I had ever seen and whispered back "Love you too."

"Hello! Can someone explain to us what the hell is going on? Edward, who is this?" Rose said. She was glaring at Bella, looking like she wanted to jump. She started growling and I did as well, ready to protect Bella if needed.

"Calm down Rose. You don't have to worry. Everyone, this is Isabella Marie Mason- my little sister." Edward said. Rose, Jazz, Ali and I gaped at her. Now that he mentioned it, Bella did look a little bit like Ed.

"I think it's best if we discuss this at home. Bella, why don't you follow us to our place." Ali said. We all hoped into our cars and drove off towards our house.