Much love for McDex! Anyways, just a little boredom fic I wrote a little while ago and fixed up a bit just now. Ronan is so sexy... 3 Anyways characters (c) MGM

Rodney McKay was having, in his eyes, the worst 24 hours he'd ever experienced. First they'd made him come to a planet with dangerous levels of radiation in the day time, when the sun could do the most damage. He had come prepared with sun block of course (his own special mixture, no less than 100 SPF) but even with that he'd eventually had to put on a radiation suit, just to avoid burning to a crisp. The rest of the soldiers on the planet with him hadn't bothered to put them on, a move Rodney saw as foolish but if they wanted to fry then they could fry.

As if that wasn't enough, only a few minutes later Ford found him and led him around at gun point for much of the day, going on and on about how great things were now that he'd become some weird half-wraith thing.

It had only gotten worse after that– as things always did, beginning when he shot Ford in the arm. That plan had severely backfired and he'd ended up running for his life through a dark forest in an orange radiation suit.

Now to top it all off he was hanging upside from a tree with his leg caught in some sort of trap while Ford and a large cave-man duked it out. He watched them anxiously, torn between who he wanted to win; Ford had been going to kill him but he was still his friend. Rodney didn't know the other man aside from the fact that he had saved his life.

And then there was Sheppard, possibly saving the Neanderthal and himself from Ford as he chased his former team mate away. Meanwhile that left Rodney alone with the scary dreadlock man.

Rodney introduced himself and asked if the man would cut him down. In response the man grinned at him and stepped forward, taking out a knife. Rodney felt a brief surge of panic that ebbed when the blade was used to cut the rope around his ankle and not his jugular vein.

Strong arms wrapped around his shoulders before he fell, ensuring that he wouldn't break his neck. Rodney was glad of their support as blood rushed down from his head, making him sway dizzily. He looked up at the man, only to find a warm pair of lips pressing against his own.

The kiss was over before he could react. "Uh, thank you," Rodney said with a blush, pushing the arms away from him. "For saving me, I mean."

"My pleasure," the man said gruffly, that same grin from before appearing on his face. "Name's Ronan."