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Olivia and Natalia - Shut Up With A Kiss


Feverish. She felt hot. Perspiration trickled down her back, gathering in the fabric of her blouse, making her sticky.

Nervously, she lifted her shaky hand and placed it on the other woman's cheek, stroking gently. "Olivia.." the other woman sighed.


One hour earlier....


They drank champagne. One more week until Rafe was released from prison; there was a reason to celebrate. Natalia was in the kitchen cooking; Olivia stood in the doorway watching, twirling the glass in her hand. "You know he's released in a week, right? You know, seven days."

"I know. I know. I just want Rafe to feel at home here, ya know. He's never had a real home, and this will be the first time he'll ever have one.."

"All that food is going to rot before Rafe can even take a single bite of it." Olivia stated with a sarcastic tone.

Natalia's facial expression went dim. "Oh you're right. What am I doing? All of this is just overrated I'm wasting my time. Mine as well just throw it out now. Maybe I should start cooking on Sunday that way everything will be fresh and not rotten when he get's here so at least he'll have a decent meal instead of those nasty slop dishes they give him at the prison and..."

Natalia's voice died out when Olivia impulsively kissed her. The kiss was rushed, but between the two women, it was slow. Almost magical, yet it wasn't like the first time. No, it was better.

Olivia tore her lips away from Natalia's and instinctively crossed her arms.

"What the hell was that?" Natalia breathed, setting a finger to her somewhat swollen lip.

Olivia simply answered, "It shut you up the last time.."


Lying in bed, the two women laid peacefully in each other's arms. Natalia's head rested on Olivia's chest as she asked, "What will we tell Rafe?"

Olivia lifted the other woman's chin and kissed her. She didn't have to say a thing to reassure Natalia.


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