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Chapter 2

Safe With a Kiss - Shaynah

In Shayne's mind, Dinah had it all. The looks, the heart, the spirit; just so much to live for. She saved him from himself. She never gave up. Dinah was a fighter. It didn't matter how many times he refused her help, she continued to give it. He'd continuously pushed her away, just to have her back at his door step the next day. Some would call that borderline stalker, but deep down, Shayne knew it was something else. Attachment? It wouldn't surprise him, she'd lost just about everyone she loved, and to lose another....

Truth be told she confused the hell out of him. He wasn't sure it was a bad confusion either.

He was sure that the confusion he felt at this very moment was bad. There Shayne stood at the edge of the frozen lake, watching Dinah standing in the middle. What was she doing there? Why was she there? What the hell should he do?

Slowly, he took a hesitant step onto the lake. No, he wasn't thinking about the risk. No, he wasn't thinking about anything else; just getting to Dinah.

As he neared, he noticed Dinah was crying. Tears were dripping down her cheeks. Her arms were crossed, holding herself.

Shayne mde his way to whe weeping woman and put a hand on her shoulder, startling her. "Chill." He said, as she jumped.

"What are you doing here?" Dinah asked.

"I should ask you the same question." He replied.

"Well please don't, I'd rather not talk about it."

"Mhmm." Shayne mumbled. "Look, I walked 30 feet on thin ice to see what was wrong with you. I'd appreciate some kind of explaination."

"If you're here to save me, don't bother." She said, wiping the tears from her cheeks.

Shayne replied, "Oh c'mon, you're walking on thin ice, literally....."

"Just go away!" She screamed. "I'm just fine, I don't need saving!"

Shayne grabbed Dinah's shoulders and turned her towards him. "Let me save you for once dammit.." He whispered loudly.

The tears came harder, but she covered them with a sniffle, "My whole life, I've gotten along just fine on my own." She huffed, "I don't need anyone to save me!"

"Don't you?!" Shayne replied, looking up before replying softly, "I didn't think I needed saving either."

Dinah faced the other way.

"Look at me." When she refused, Shayne rested his hand on her cheek. "Look at me."

She faced him, but didn't look him in the eyes.

"When I met you in Germany, you were so annoying. You wouldn't leave me alone. Every corner I turned, you'd somehow pop up at the same time." Shayne laughed exhaustedly, "At times I just wanted to strangle you; I was so angry......"

"Please tell me there's a point to this..."

Shayne's words faded into hers, "But everytime you left, I felt something. Something I hadn't felt in so long."

His thumb stroked her cheek softly as she spoke, "Hate? Discust? Pain? Annoyance? Revulsion...."

"Longing." He said, "I was so used to feeling nothing. After Lara died, everything was just black and white. I turned into a jerk, and nobody cared enough to deal with it."

"You're not a jerk." Dinah replied.

Shayne smiled, "Yes, I am. But you stayed long enough to see everything, the bad and the..... not so bad."

"Good." Dinah said, slightly smiling, "I stuck around to see the good."

They locked eyes as Dinah spoke, "And it was worth it."

Shayne held her close. The space between them soon faded. Shayne no longer denied his feelings and with one swift motion, their lips were locked. Dinah wrapped her arms around his neck as he held her tightly to his chest.

How they got off the not-completely-frozen-ice remains to be seen.

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