Thanks For the Memories

Made for hanabatake

Light hated Kira; he has had a different opinion of justice.

It's been two weeks since they caught Higuchi, the third Kira.

Light Yagami had killed him in the presence of L. He sat in the room string blankly at the deadly notebook.

Light now remembered all of the things he did, people he killed.

It was right in his mind to overcome every obstacle, even when people tried to knock him down.

His father always said to "keep his head up" when faced with conflictions. He looked over at the insomniac detective who was typing on his computer.

Soon he would be gone, and him and Misa, no, wait, just him after he got rid of her. The girl was merely a pawn to set L off his track.

It will only be a matter of time before I can have Rem kill L., he thought.

The boney female shinigami was standing stoically in a corner of the room.

"Light." A voice stated. It was Ryuuzaki.

"I understand that this case is very stressful on you, so I am giving you and the task force a day off. Maybe you should rethink that date with Misa, huh?" the detective asked.

Many cheers(Matsuda's the loudest) were heard through the room.

Everyone was excited to have a break. Aizawa, Light figured, would love to spend a day with his family.

He called Misa on the phone she gave him.

They went shopping at a small place in the nearest district. While walking with her, he pondered

. Could I really be Kira? He thought.

I truly am heartless and evil. The worst of the bunch.

Raye Penber was truly the reason I became evil. He was L's henchman and deserved to die .

L suspected me from just the start, Light thought with a scared face.

But Naomi Misora, I... I... No. He decided that as long as he had his memories, nothing would stand in his way.

He then noticed he was standing awkwardly near the edge of a store. Misa called out to him, arms full of shopping bags.

The sunrise was poking over the sky, over the two most wanted people in Japan.

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