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Sitting outside his cabin in Minnesota, Jack was enjoying his week vacation with his "family". They had been there for 4 days already and Daniel had spent the majority of the time with Teal'c inside, away from nature; they claimed it was the bugs.

Carter, on the other hand, had toughed it out and was curled up on the rocking swing reading a book- the third book of the trip. The trip had been mandatory, with all that had been going on they needed a break. They had finally found a calm time, well calm by Earth standards, to do it. Looking at his surroundings- he loved the view. The lake looked so peaceful and the surroundings were ideal, for fishing of course. But even he had to take a break from that. Now he was attempting to "walk the dog" with his yo-yo; he never was one to stay in place for long. Hearing Carter give a soft giggle he looked up from his task to observe her, discreetly of course.

He had never seen Carter read something besides a manual and these books she was reading were definitely not manuals. They looked like those sappy lovey dovey books; you know the ones that no self-respecting man would read because they were about true love.

When he had asked her about the book yesterday she told him it was better than flying a kite, guess she finally took his advice.

Watching her while pretending to play with his yo-yo, he noticed Carter flipping through several pages. He had noticed her do that on the first night and again last night.

"What'cha doin' Carter?" Jack asked.

"Reading, Sir." She replied.

"Looks more like 'flipping' to me" He replied.

"Sir?" She asked, obviously confused by his statement.

"You know, flipping," Jack started to mimic her flipping page after page in his imaginary book, "I know you are a fast reader, Carter, but I'm pretty sure those armbands didn't have any lingering side effects." At the finish of Jack's statement, the look of realization reached Carter's face and she released one of her megawatt smiles.

"I didn't like that section." She said, as she attempted to go back to her book.

"You have flipped pages in all three of the books you brought. How could they all have the same bad section?" Jack asked, since she had peaked his interest. Carter put down her book again, taking mental note of where she was in the page.

"I don't like reading weddings." She stated.

"I thought every little girl dreamed of their wedding, and every woman enjoyed all things wedding." Jack stated, remembering something his sister had told him once.

"Oh, I love a good wedding, I just don't like reading weddings." At seeing Jack's confused face she continued. "After reading and getting to know the characters, I have envisioned what I think they would like their wedding to be; small and simple, big and grand. The writer never gets it right." She finished.

"Correct me if I am wrong, Carter, but aren't those their characters?" Jack questioned, referring to the author of the book.

"Yeah, but as you mentioned every little girl has a dream of what their wedding will be, and when you read you envision what the characters wedding will be. I find that I am often disappointed with the weddings, so I just skip them and keep with what I envision."

"So what happens if something important happens at the wedding?" Jack questioned.

"I go back and find what I missed." Jack raised a Teal'c-like eyebrow at that statement. "Can I go back to reading, Sir?" Carter asked and Jack waved her on to continue. Pretending to play with his yo-yo again; he started to think about what people would have written about his and Carter's wedding, of course he knew the answer…