Disclaimer: I do not own Bella, Edward, Carlisle, and Charlie. and BTW this is a story NiColiee started and I cowrote! :) [We took turns writing]

Bella's grandpa and Edward's grandpa were the closest of friends. They were so close that they agreed that their first granddaughter would get married to his first grandson. So when Bella turned 17, she learned that she had to get married to the prince of Forks!

Usually when teenage girls hear that they are to marry a prince, they would go babbling to their friends about it, full of excitement. But Bella was different she was practically the opposite of a teenage girl. She never gave interest to all these "girl, boy drooling" subjects. This doesn't mean Bella is some tomboy or lezbo. She was just plain.

But back to the prince of Forks, Bella doesn't only have any interest in this but she hates obnoxious people. She hates cocky people, people who think they're literally, the best. So when the thought of marrying a prince came to Bella's mind she already knew she disliked the idea.

Charlie and Carlisle; (Bella and Edward's grandparents) now have another job, which is not only to plan their grandchildren's wedding but to have them at least be friendly to one another. They knew one thing; it's not going to be easy.