Title: Matter of Taste
Author: NiftyPaint24

Theme: Blind (weekly perfection #20)
Genre: Humor/Crack

Rating: M

Warnings: Crack! Innuendo?
Word Count: 100

Summary: AU Sesshomaru decides on something that Kagome doesn't enjoy.

A/N: When I had this idea I was like 'I hope next week's theme works and it's 100 words.' Now that I've gotten what I wished for...100 words isn't enough! XD Oh! Thanks beermoney5 for trying to force this on me at lunch the other day. Writen for Dokuga Contest's Weekly Perfection theme #20.

Matter of Taste

Kagome turned a blind eye to Sesshomaru's current line of vision.

'Please don't let him do what it looks like he's going to do.' She prayed.

Sesshomaru looked up with a fading smile as he saw the look on Kagome's face.

"Will it make you sick?" He asked with concern.

"Not unless you force it in my mouth. Then I'll get sick." Kagome answered wearily.

"Yes, that was my intention. To throw you on the floor and force it into your mouth." He replied with sarcasm.

"Berry cobbler isn't my thing, but if you want it..." She trailed off laughing.