Middle Son
By Angelfirenze

Disclaimer: Angel belongs to everyone at Mutant Enemy. Gibbs, Damn, I didn't know how good we had it until Heel and Toe went about screwing up everything good about House…*sighs in utter dismay* Gibbs, et al. belong to Donald P. Bellisario and Co. who have figured out how not to drop the ball. I think they took lessons from Joss, David G., and Tim, myself…

Summary: He knew patience was a virtue that Angel had more than mastered, but it always bothered Gibbs to test it.

Notes: This will be my first story written for a Twisting the Hellmouth challenge and I'm very happy to say that I'm back in the swing of writing Jossverse fic again after such a long hiatus. All will be well now, I think. This is also my first NCIS fic and I hope I do it justice.

To specify, it's the Twisting Los Angeles Challenge where no BtVS characters are allowed. I thought I'd test my mettle writing an Angel fic that didn't involve Buffy -- a true challenge in itself, as I remain a die-hard shipper to this day. *chuckles*

Rating: FR18, just as a precaution. I seem inclined to darkness.

Pairings: Since no BtVS characters are allowed, I will only quantify the good ship, Tony/Abby at the moment. I am also a Gibbs noromo and don't see any of the chemistry hailed between Gibbs and either Kate or Abby. I won't apologize, but I will make offering of the back button if you so choose.

Timelines: 'Hung Out to Dry' seems an excellent episode to start off with, given that it's my favorite so far. Also, now that I've been cleansed of my former dislike for Tony, that should make it even easier. Regarding ANGEL, since 'Not Fade Away' faded to black, I want to remedy my irritation about that. *nods*

I know they don't sync up, canon-wise, but -- again -- rules can be bent and most should if not outright broken.

Warning for NCIS regular viewers: I am rather new to the fandom and trying to make my way through my first season DVDs so if you'll bear with me, I don't feel I can cover anything else while doing it justice. That said, enough nattering -- on to the story…


Jethro stared upward as Billy Fuentes went about the business of properly breaking in a well-built tree house. He was vaguely aware of something akin to a smile pulling at his face, but the tingle in his gut that had started the previous night grew stronger with every passing moment wouldn't allow it to spread any further. Gibbs sighed and called upward, making his goodbye more audible than he wanted. The boy deserved it, he thought. After all, he knew perfectly well how it felt to lose a father, even if the mandate seemed more fluid in his case.

Gibbs turned to leave, his tools in their case where they belonged and back at his side. He would need to be at Dulles in less than a half-hour if he could manage it.

He knew patience was a virtue that Angel had more than mastered, but it always bothered Gibbs to test it. He knew, theoretically, that between Connor and Sam he'd probably been the best-behaved -- Gibbs snorted at that thought, quickening his stride. He'd started the engine before Billy's imaginative chatter truly dulled back to the faint hum he was accustomed to. He hadn't spent decades training himself to ignore extemporaneous noises for nothing, but he needed to concentrate now.

If he was going to be the help Angel needed him to be, he had to ignore the tingle that was growing into a proper slow-burn.