Title: Playing for Keeps

Author: AnitaB

Author's notes: I own nothing. Believe me, my bank accounts would be so very different if I got even a tiny piece of anything from Special Unit two. This is very much a Kate/Nate romance fic and is NC-17 by the end. Be aware.

Pairing: Kate Benson/Nick O'Malley

Rating: NC-17, for committed romantic smut, my specialty

Kate/Nick SU2

Playing for Keeps

By AnitaB

Chapter 1: Back alleys

Something felt just so damn good. Like that warm sheets feeling that made you want to stretch out and cuddle it closer. Kate felt the heat flow over her eager skin to burn her wrists, her lips, and the line of her waist. She tasted coffee and a Chicago chili dog on her tongue… on his tongue.

//Nick O'Malley.\\

It was her partner kissing her, pinning her hands to the wall and palming her side. Kate didn't struggle against his grip or the rub of his stubble against her face. She gloried in it, opened to the low groan on his lips and the urgent dance of his tongue. That hard, lean body pressed closer along hers as his hands loosened.

"Kate? You in there?" His hand moved from her hip to cup her jaw as his eyes searched hers. She barely stopped herself from leaning forward to get his lips back.

"I …I think so, O'Malley. What happened to me?"

His eyes stayed on her face, not seeming sure she was really the one in control and she could understand why. His partner Kate Benson didn't kiss him back unless she was possessed. She also didn't usually let herself get this close to Nick. No matter how much she wanted to.

"A link. Succubus body jumper." Nick didn't step back. Good thing really, since she knew her knees wouldn't yet hold her weight. Plus she had to admit that she liked the feel of Nick pressed so close. "What do you remember?"

She knew the question was important and searched past the feel of his arms. "I … we were at that pawn shop owned by Carl's scumbag second cousin. You were hitting him in the face. I saw this necklace…" Kate fought to see the jewelry in her mind and couldn't. Everything was fuzzy around the edges, artificially blurry. "I … I can't remember what it looked like."

"It doesn't want you to." Nick let go of her wrists, his hands moving to help her stand on her own. Her hands naturally fell to his shoulders, her body staying close to his. But not close enough. "That's how you got invaded and that's how we're gonna get it out of you. Come with me."

"It's … it's still in me?"

"They feed on male energy. When they don't get it, they take over their hosts to go find it." Nick steadied her for another second before slowly pulling completely away. "Let's find out."

For a second, Kate felt normal. Then that deliberately blurry haze started to creep around the edges of her vision. Just like the slide of the gorgeous gold chain through her fingers and the weight of a locket in her palm.

"Nick!" Kate shoved a hand through the haze, desperately wrapping her fingers around his. "It's still here."

Those arms pulled her flush against his chest and his jaw rubbed along her temple. The haze cleared and Kate clung to the lean strength of his ribs. "I'm here, Kate. I got you and I'm not letting go."

//Succubus… feeds on male energy. The old stories told about men being loved to death.\\ "I'm draining you, aren't I? I'm hurting you."

She didn't realize she'd tried to jerk away until he caught her face in both hands and forced her to meet his eyes. "Kate, I'm not letting you go. Accept it and let's go kick some succubus ass." He pressed a kiss to her forehead and insanely it both calmed her down and cleared her mind. The faster they got her succubus free the sooner Nick wouldn't be meat on the menu.

"Okay, we gotta hurry."

She adored the smile and laugh on his lips as he took the hand she offered him. "Yeah, as much as I don't mind feeding a gorgeous woman, even my resistance has a limit."

Kate tried not to melt inside at the tender look on his face and the warm strength of his hand clinging to hers. Damn, she just wanted to eat him up, pin him to this alley wall and drown herself in his heat and caring… and his kiss…

And she couldn't even believe it was just the damn body jumping man-eater she'd picked up at the pawn shop. "Great, this time I get to hit Carl's scumbag second cousin."

"Ooh, violence. I like this side you…" Nick walked beside her cheerfully. His worry only showed in the fierce, unbreakable grip of his hand in hers and the steady lock of his eyes on her face.

"Then you'll love it when I shove my gun in his face." Lengthening her step, Kate looked away from those concerned eyes. "Nick, what did I do before you had to pin me to an alley wall?"

"It wasn't you, Kate." Nick's immediate defense of her was sweet. But at her glare he answered the question. "The succubus took you down the street to a bar. When I caught up with the two of you, it was about to go home with a biker. He took the hint when I shoved my gun in his face." His fingers tightened, his arm pulling her closer to his side. "The succubus was … harder to convince."