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Chapter 47-Cross the Line

"Mrs. Williams, you're on in five," TNA's stagehand said to Bailey as she sat in the locker room watching the monitor for Ajay's match against the Beautiful People.

Dixie had originally planned for Bailey to be in the Beautiful People but when she saw tapes of how well Bailey and Ajay worked together, she had an idea for a Canadian female tag team.

Lacey, Madison, and Velvet started tripled teaming a defenseless Ajay when the Impact Zone went pitch black.

"What the hell is going on here, Mike," Tazz asked.

"This is just awful, some sort of sick joke if you ask me."


The chorus of "Oh Canada" by Classified filled the arena and the crowd went crazy went the lights went on and Bailey was standing behind the Beautiful People with a chair in her hands.

"OH MY GOD! It's CĂ©ili Rion," Tazz said, "What the hell is she doing here?"

Velvet, Madison, and Lacey turned around and Bailey waved and hit Lacey over the head first before Madison started attacking her and Ajay took on Velvet. After finishing Velvet off, Ajay speared Madison away from Bailey. Bailey picked Madison up and hit the Ireland's Call before motioning to Val for a microphone.

The crowd was going insane that their two favorite Canadian knockouts just gave them a show unlike that other company who had half naked women parading around who couldn't even wrestle.

"Let me tell you something bitches, when I was out giving birth to my beautiful twins that I have with my husband who happens to be the definition of definition and maple leaf muscle, Petey Williams when I watched this show, I saw your three ugly ass faces parading around thinking you're better than everyone else. Newsflash whores, the only one that can wrestle out of the three of you is Velvet, Madison you have no talent in your body, and Lacey you are a disgrace to the von Erich family with your lack of wrestling skills. So allow me to introduce to you, the team of Canada's Angels, Bailey Williams and Ajay Reso who are changing the face of female pro-wrestling, one skank at a time."

"You heard her Mike, the Canadian knockouts are going to start running the show around here."

Bailey high fived Ajay as they left the ring and headed to the back where Petey was waiting with Alex and Chris.

"You were absolutely amazing out there baby," Petey said giving his wife a kiss.

"It felt great to be back but it especially felt great to kick Lacey's ass. I love Ashley and Jamie but Lacey is a whore who can't wrestle."

"You guys didn't tell us you were going to be a team," Chris said.

"We wanted to surprise you," Ajay replied, "Where are the kids?"

"With James and Jess," Alex said.

"That spells disaster," Bailey said when they heard yelling coming from down the hall. Before they knew it, Desmond Wolfe emerged from a locker room with penises drawn on his bald head.

"JAMES ALLEN BLACK," Ajay shouted when he turned down the hall on his boozer cruiser with Riley and Joey.

"IT'S YOUR PARENTS, RUN FOR YOUR LITTLE TODDLER LIVES," James said nudging the kids off the cruiser and they took off down the hall running with Petey, Alex, and Chris hot on their heels.

"James, you are a dead man for doing that to Desmond."

"The tykes wanted to color and we didn't have any paper so we decided to draw on Desi, no big deal."

"No big deal," Ajay said, "James, you had my kids coloring the human anatomy on another man's head."

"Well they said he was a dick head, so it was only fair that we drew them on his head," James said as he took a swig of his beer and both Bailey and Ajay laughed.

"We'll deal with you later but right now my children need fed," Bailey said walking down the hall to her and Petey's locker room. Jess was sitting on the couch holding Jayden while Ajay Marie was asleep in her stroller.

"Hey girl, you kicked ass out there. No ring rust for you," Jess said giving Bailey a hug.

"Thanks Jess!"

"This little guy is ornery, I think he's hungry," ODB stated handing Jayden over to Bailey who sat in Jess' place on the couch and grabbed a blanket out of the diaper bag and put it over her chest before she placed Jayden under it so she could breast feed him.

"That's one lucky baby," Alex said coming through the door with Riley on his hip.

"Where's Joey," Bailey asked.

"Being restrained by Petey while Chris pitches the chocolate in the trash that Joey found in catering."

"Yeah Ajay, he's definitely you're son," Bailey joked pulling Jayden away and fixing her shirt so she could burp him.

"Babies are so lucky," Alex said, "I hate those little bastards, they get to suck on tits every day."

"You're a pig," Ajay said slapping him upside his head.

"Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Harter, you're needed in Dixie's office," the stage hand said popping his head in again.

Bailey and Ajay walked out of the locker room and down to Dixie's office. After knocking on the door, Dixie invited them in.

"That was quite an impressive show you two ladies put on there," Dixie complimented, "What would you two think of becoming knockout tag team champions?"

"You mean we'd get to beat up Taylor and Sarita," Ajay asked.

"Yes Ajay," Dixie replied.

"We're in," Bailey answered for both herself and Ajay.

"Great then the feud will start tonight," Dixie said, "Taylor and Sarita have a match against Kong and Hamada."

"Do we interfere or distract the ref?"

"Distract the ref then Ajay is going to spear Taylor, you two motion for belts into the camera then we cut for commercial."

Bailey and Ajay nodded in agreement, one thing was for sure, these two Canadian bombshells were about to change the face of female pro-wrestling for years to come but would it be too much when they crossed the line?