Title: Letter.
Author: Saku
Pairing: Ritsu/Ritsuka
Fandom: Loveless
Theme: 2 News; letter 音沙汰
Rating: G for this one; over all will be about a PG-13 I think
Disclaimer: I don't own it nor do I imply that I do. I am only borrowing the Loveless characters and world for my fun, only to return them once I have had my fill of them. (Though they may be slightly more wrinkled/torn/disturbed/or whatever else then when I took them.) That means I don't make money off of them- or else I wouldn't write fanfics on free sites- I'd be sitting in a pool of money.
Warning: Just look at the pairing- shouta based pairing (yet I have a feeling this doesn't bother you since the whole series has shouta all over it)
A/N: Ok the pairing wasn't mine! So I hope I did ok on it. It's a request from a friend of mine. So you gotta stare at her if you don't like it!

Also here I'm playing around with the timeline a little so there are going to be either no or slight spoilers. The timeline here is assuming that the whole School incident didn't happen, let's just say that manga is gone.

I'm trying something new here- keeping all 30 themes together as a story. So we'll see how that goes. Especially with this pairing….


Ritsuka looked at the small café, his violet eyes staring disbelievingly. To meet at a place like this just seemed so out of character of anyone the young boy knew, let alone the mysterious Ritsu. Except for the stories of him from Soubi (none of them sounding to happy) the boy could not pull a memory of them really meeting. Though that meant nothing to him- he could have and just have forgotten.

Leaning against the wide café window, Ritsuka dug his heels into the cracked cement as he pulled a hand from his jeans pocket. Carefully he pushed back his sleeve, eyes taking in the cracked watch as he sighed.

One o'clock. He was still twenty minutes too early.

Really he hated being so early. Going inside would be no good- he would end up getting pity glances from the waitress that watched him fidget until Ritsu would come. Yet outside was really boring. Not to mention cold now that he wasn't walking down the sidewalks anymore- his brisk pace keeping the blood pumping good enough to warm him.

Sighing again, a black ear twitched before settling, Ritsuka reached in to pull out the tattered, stained piece of paper.

'Soubi must have been mad when he saw this,' Ritsuka mused as he carefully unfolded the paper. A breeze of any sort could have torn the paper into a hundred pieces. The poor thing looked like it had gone through the worst treatment.

Worn fold lines lined the paper, ready to rip apart if used too much longer. It seemed as if the paper had been folded and unfolded often- looked over, its contents memorized. Large paint stains had made parts of the letter unreadable, its contents a complete mystery to the boy. At least until he tossed the paper to Soubi demanding the fighter to read its contents.

Unable to refuse such orders- even if would have wanted to swallow a cup of rattlesnake poison- he read out the letter, never looking at the piece of paper as he did. His eyes slowly moving along as if he was seeing it once again in his head.

Ritsuka had stood listening to the letter, his eyes following the words he could, his mind's eye making up the ones he couldn't see. It really wasn't that long of a note, most of its contents things that Ritsuka knew. Yet he kept wondering why Soubi looked so…The boy couldn't think of the right word….Mad, no. Maybe frustrated that he had to read it.

At least until they got to the last part.

Worrying his lip, white teeth bit harshly at the last part.

'I would like to talk to you in person. Alone if possible. I'm sure Soubi would love to come and see me, but I would rather just have it be you and me. And away from the school if possible. How about Kaori Café. It's a really nice place. See you there Saturday at one thirty.'

Ok now he knew why Soubi was so frustrated at handing over the letter.

Ritsuka scratched at his head as he stuffed the unreadable letter in his pocket again. Soubi had begged to come, almost falling to his knees before giving up. Somehow Ritsuka felt that Soubi already knew that he was staying behind. The fighter refusing to bulge from the boy's room, sitting himself down in the unmade bed. Ritsuka had rolled his eyes as he walked out, with one last hissed warning to stay hidden.

Looking at his watch again, Ritsuka yawned. Almost time. Only a couple minutes left. Blinking he turned around glancing inside the café, eyes darting around for the one that Soubi had unwillingly described.

Violet eyes looked around, skipping the table of four girls immediately. He lingered for a second on a young looking man, around his early twenties, before moving on. Ritsu was older, he had to at least be a little older then Soubi. He skipped the workers there that bustled around, cleaning the tables that had been used during the lunch rush. Again he skipped the lone women and the group of college boys.

Apparently he wasn't here yet. Though Ritsuka still had no idea who he was really looking for. Sure he saw the 'video game' version, yet there was no guarantee that that was what the real version looked like.

Sighing again, Ritsuka blew a lone bang out of his face before pulling open the glass door. A small bell merrily twinkled, announcing his entrance.

A young girl in a faded pair of blue jeans and a black shirt and apron smiled politely. "Hello! I'll be right with you. Please have a seat anywhere."

Ritsuka nodded, flinching slightly at the overly sweet tone. He really hated it when people faked happiness, the sugary sweet tones that they would come up with would kill his ears, making them want to bleed.

Slowly he sat at a stool near the window he had just leaned against not too long ago. This way he could watch at the people that walked by. He would feel a little better about this meeting if he at least knew who he was going to talk to.

Butterflies flew around his stomach as he slid into the blood red stool. Crossing his arms, Ritsuka laid his head on his arms, eyes watching the empty street.

The young girl bounced up to the lounging boy, a loud giggle causing him to flinch again. He really hated that overly sweet laugh!

"What can I get for you today? Oh are you by yourself?" The girl smiled, sitting in the empty stool next to him. "My name is Mariko." Another sickly sweet laugh flooded the boy's ears.

"Uhm well actually…." Ritsuka rose his head to look at the girl, "I'm actually…."

"He's here with me today."

Both Mariko and Ritsuka turned suddenly, their eyes widening at the one standing a little behind.

Mariko jumped up quickly, her cheeks flushing with embarrassment. "Ah…Uhm…I mean of course." Smiling she steeped back, allowing Ritsu to slip into the stool she had sat in. "Uh so what can I get you two?"

Ritsu looked over at the boy sitting beside him, an eyebrow raised at the question.

"I just want a strawberry soda." Ritsuka muttered, his eyes staring at the man before him.

Blonde hair fell over his shoulder as Ritsu smiled politely, "Make that two. It sounds good for a change."

Nodding Mariko ran to the counter to get the drinks, her hands playing with the pale pink apron, fidgeting with the edges as she waited for the drinks to appear.

Neither one of the two spoke, each busy staring at the other- almost with the same intensity as lovers right before they kissed, their bodies intertwined while lying in the bed.

The sound of plastic cups settling against the hard counter was the only thing that broke their stare. Ritsuka turning back towards the glass too look out. Though he still studied the other man from the corner of his eye, unable to just look away. He was so different then what he had expected. Somehow Soubi's rendering of him, Ritsuka had expected some one….different…

Ritsu smiled thanking the girl for the drinks before turning back to the boy next to him.

"So I bet Soubi's talked about me."

"A little," Ritsuka straightened up in his seat. Carefully he pulled the straw from its paper prison before placing it in the glass.

"Just a little. Hmm how sad."

"Well he has been a little busy with everything lately." Ritsuka flourished a hand waving it as if he didn't really care. "I mean if you know what I mean."

A chuckle caught Ritsuka's ear. "Yes I do."

"Anyways I would love to catch up with the 'family,'" Ritsuka drew quotes, pausing to drink some of his soda down before continuing, "but I really have a lot of homework. So…"

"-If we can speed this up a little you would like it right." Ritsu chuckled again, before nodding. "Ok we can skip some of the small talk then."


Ritsuka missed the narrowed glance that was given to him, as Ritsu sized him up, trying to imagine this being the sacrifice for his student. Though he wondered if the same blood flowed through him as through his older brother. Right now it seemed different. He could only hope that it was different.

Ritsu leaned against the counter, sipping at his soda. It was a little too sweet for his liking. "Do you know about Seimei and Soubi."

The boy flinched at his brother's name, still not wanting to believe completely that his brother really did live this life for so long. Why hadn't he seen any indications of it?

Instead of answering Ritsuka nodded, his violet eyes staring out at the empty street. He was supposed to have gone to his therapist today- having called to cancel with a lame excuse. One he couldn't remember now. He could only hope that she wouldn't ask him about it, he wouldn't know what to say when face to face. He really didn't like lying that much.

"Well," Ritsu continued the conversation as if he was used to silent boys sitting next to him, refusing to look at him ever. "I have a note that I was supposed to give to you when I felt that you were ready."

This did cause Ritsuka to look over.

"I have to warn you though, I have no idea what is in it. Only who wrote it. Do you still want it?"

Ritsuka only nodded, his eyes staring at the letter. He was practically drooling for it.

"Even if it causes you heartache? Or leads you deeper into the tangled web that you're already caught in?"

Ritsuka still nodded, his eyes unblinking. As if he was terrified that the letter would disappear if he did blink- even for a second.

"I can tell you- if it's anything like the one that I was given- it will," Ritsu made sure to stress that one word, "lead you deeper into that web. Tangle you up beyond belief. You will regret this decision sooner or later."

"I don't care!" Ritsuka was surprised at his voice, at how sure he was with this. "I want to know. I want to understand. Even if you say I can't!"

Ritsu's mouth closed at the protest he was about to raise, a smile forming.

"Well then, welcome to the tangled web that is considered Seimei's mind." Standing the man tossed a few bills onto the counter, enough for both drinks and a tip.

Turing to leave, he paused long enough to bend down, his lips brushing lightly against the ebony hair before him, lips moving soft enough as if to kiss the soft strands. His breath flowed evenly, showering the boy in strawberry and peppermint, overwhelming his senses.

Softly he whispered, his eyes closing as he spoke. "Just be careful. I rather not watch you die just because of him. If you want to continue on, to get tangled in the messed up web just have Soubi call me. If you decide to leave then never call."

And without a second glance or word he glided out of the café leaving a bewildered boy staring at the envelope in his hands, a light blush covering his cheeks.

'Really. Why does everyone want to kiss me that badly.' Ritsuka wondered as he stared at the white paper before him.

Was he really ready to open this? Ready for what it said?

Ritsuka could only hope as he stood, stuffing the paper in his pocket. He would at least open it in front of Soubi. He deserved that much.

Slowly standing, Ritsuka took another gulp of his soda before walking out of the café and back home. He wanted to know what would happen next.


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