A/N: It's with great regret that I admit that the last chapter of Rising Tide was deleted. It was actually my fault, because I thought I had it on backup, but it turned out I did not. I was merely trying to correct something small in the story, and ended up deleting the chapter.

For those of you that happened to read Chapter 12, you know what happened and how it ended.

For those of you coming here from Chapter 11 and wondering where everything is?

Well, I'll have to summarize for you until I kick up the muse to write for this again. It takes time to get into the characters for me, and even though I am currently writing Part II of Rising Tide, it's not the same mind frame.

The summary is basically this.

-Jacob continues with the Volturi.

-The Cullens and the Witnesses brought for Renesmee prepare to battle the Volturi.

-The Volturi do begin their battle with the Cullens, with Jacob in the front line on the Volturi's side.

-He eventually gets pulled back by Caius who says he'll explode the capsule of vampire venom near Jacob's heart and kill him.

-Jacob makes his way to the front line and holds off the Volturi with his Venom Drain ability. He says his last words to Bella and Edward, which involve calling Edward a villain.

-The capsule is exploded and Jacob's heart is torn to pieces and he dies instantly.

The last words to Rising Tide were from Bella's perspective.

"It was in the winter of my nineteenth year that Jacob Black died. His destiny faltered in the light and I lived to see him die in the dark."-Bella Swan.

Part II begins with Leah Clearwater approaching Jacob's body with a capsule full of the substance that brought him back previously. I had called it Devil Gene back then. But Part II will probably elaborate on that. It's got a few names like "Dark Element" or "Midnight Shade." I'll elaborate on it all eventually.

Please understand that I did not initially want to write Part II. I would have left this story as is. However, I think I could have explored into a different world with Twilight where there is more.

Part II is an exploration of Jacob's darker side and how he copes with two conflicting sides of himself-Light and Dark. I thank any one for their support and hope that you enjoy Part II as much as I enjoy writing it.