Well, my pathetic attempt to write a story. I wish I owned Naruto... then Naruto'd already be with his father and I'd be rich.

"Inu" Kyuubi/ Demonic Naruto/ Shinigami & Inner Sakura talking

'I'Kyuubi/ Demonic Naruto/ Shinigami & Inner Sakura thinking

"Tori" Regular talking

'Saru' Regular Thinking

Hitsugi! Kuichose no Jutsu!


"What am I gonna do? My hands and feet are turning into paws. Kyuubi, what are you doing to me?" Naruto asked his tenant as Kyuubi only stared at the 12 year old gennin.

"Kit. Just calm down. It's the seal that's taking my chakra and making your body resemble my own at a slow pace."


"The seal is pulling more of my chakra than your body can handle. Your chakra is not able to handle the pressure so the more you train using yours or my chakra, you are changing yourself into the demon you once thought of yourself... me."

"So, that means that I'll be taking your place as king of demons while you die from loss of chakra."

"Your mask is slipping, I hope you know."

"What's the point. Hated by humans, pittied by demons. That is a life I don't want to live. I'd rather die all togather than have that as an option."

"Kit, walk through the bars."

"Um, okay." Once Naruto was through the bars,he was enveloped into a furry hug by one of Kyuubi's tails.

"Kyuubi?", Naruto said as he started to melt into the hug that somehow felt right to the both of them.

"Kyuubi?" Naruto said again after awhile.

"Time to wake up kit. And, don't start playing with your hands. Your waking up early so you can get the hang of walking on all fours. The pads on you hands and feet will help a great deal while your doing this. You've got three hours until your team meets so eat, practice, and go to the training fields."


Naruto walked to the bathroom after he got out of bed unwillingly, and went wide-eyed.

"Sugoi!" Naruto squealed as he admired his new hands.

"I guess I have to hide these with gloves. Of course I could walk around the village just to show them off." Naruto said evily flexing his fingers.

"Not on my life your not."

"Fine. You know kyuubi, you can ruin fun by saying 'no' all the time."

"Kit, you can have fun later but for now, start practicing walking on all fours until time to go. And put those combat boots on to hide your feet. But either way Kit, you will slightly feel like your bobbing up and down, as you have probably noticed as you've started to walk around your apartment."

"Right." Naruto fell to his hands and noticed that it was more natural to walk like this than walking on just his legs. He always did run through trees like a fox would, but he never noticed. But what he did notice was that his arms had grown in length, just long enough that he could walk evenly on all fours and not fall face first into the ground.

"Well... I'll be damned." was all Naruto could say before his stomach reminded him that he was hungry. He ran to the cupboard to grab a cup of instant miso ramen.


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