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"Inu" Kyuubi/ Demonic Naruto/ Shinigami & Inner Sakura talking

'I' Kyuubi/ Demonic Naruto/ Shinigami & Inner Sakura thinking

"Tori" Regular talking

'Saru' Regular Thinking

Hitsugi! Kuichose no Jutsu!



"It will be hard, but, I've watched Kit and his friends excel greatly over the past. They are this world's only hope."


"Kit, my chakra is running low. So I won't be able to train you and your team until we are in the stomach of Shinigami-sama." Kyuubi turned his head to Tsunade, "Tsunade-sama, I will need to talk with you later regarding my Kit's team and plans for Yondaime-sama."

Tsunade nodded while wondering if she could trust the kitsune after all the pain he had caused Konoha and Naruto. 'Kuso... If I don't work with Kyuubi, then it might mean the end of the village. But, if I go along with his plans, he could turn this so he could get anything he wants. Damn you Minato for this hell!"

"Hai, Kyuubi-sama." She said, reluctantly giving up on the situation.

Kyuubi nodded his head and dissapeared in smoke. Now that Naruto was alone with Tsunade, her temper reached it's limits.

"NARUTO! WHAT IN KAMI'S NAME GOES THROUGH YOUR HEAD?!" Tsunade yelled at the top of her lungs.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know." he said trying to look calm, 'Kuso I'm dead! Kuso, kuso, kuso, kuso, what do I do? I'm fixin' to get my ass kicked thanks to that damned fox!'

"HOW IN HELL COULD YOU NOT KNOW?!" Tsunade punched her desk, which cracked on impact.

"I told you, I DON'T KNOW!" the conversation quickly became a shouting match as the two blonds' anger grew. Tsunade, whom has had a trying day, was ready to punch Naruto in the face when Naruto looked her in the eyes.

"Listen, obaa-chan. I know what I'm doing, and with Kyuubi by my side nothing will happen to Sakura-chan or Sasuke-teme." Naruto said softly, hoping things wouldn't end up with him being in the hospital due to being punched through eight walls and landing in the women's hot springs section. He mentaly shivered at the thought.

Tsunade loosened her fist when she heard Naruto's voice. But she tightened it again when the blonde said nothing would happen to Sasuke.

"Listen Naruto, I don't care if the Uchiha gets his ass handed to him but I do care about you and Sakura. I know that the three of you put togather plus Kyuubi are impossible to defeat, but I still worry about your well being." she sighs, "If you really trust Kyuubi, then, go get the Yondaime back. And when you get back, both you and Minato-baka are dead! GOT IT?!" she yelled, letting her anger get the best of her, scaring Naruto. He ran out of the Hokage tower to find Sasuke to tell him they were going to the Shinigami's stomach.

'You better come back with your teammates and your father, boy, or else I'll make sure Konoha becomes your personal hell for getting my hopes up.'

__________________________________________________________________One week later ____________________________________________________________________

Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura were going to the hospital to meet Tsunade, whom is preparing the sealing jutsu with Kyuubi. If she makes one mistake, they'll die.

"Um, Naruto, are you scared?"

"No, Sakura-chan, I'm not. I'm just a little tense."

"O-oh." Sakura looked at the ground. "N-Naruto, is there a chance that we'll die?"

Naruto stayed silent for a while, his bangs hiding his eyes. The three stopped in their tracks, as Sasuke and Sakura looked at Naruto with scared lookes on their faces.

"Listen Sakura-chan, Sasuke, if we make one wrong move, we, along with Kyuubi, Tsunade-obaa chan, and half of the village, will be wiped out."


"Sadly, that is what will happen if we screw this up. But, there is another liability to this. There is a time limit of one month in the Shiniagmi, which is roghly four days here." kyuubi stated as he painted another seal on the concrete floor with one of his tails.

"Well, what happens if you don't come back during the time limit?" Tsunade asked the Kitsune.

"Hm, we won't be able to come back. Our souls will forever be trapped with the dead while our bodies will not die nor rot, but forever stay the same age, nothing will change about them, accept the fact that they willnever move, talk, laugh, or wake up again. But, I will make sure that won't happen, even if I have to die in their place, Tsunade."

"I-I'm going to hold you to that, fox. Or else."

"I swear to Inari-sama himself, that no harm will come to the children. Yondaime, Kushina, and one Uchiha will be brought back."

"An Uchiha? Why?"

"That way Sasuke won't want to go after Itachi wanting revenge. It is sad, that such talent is being wasted with such a foolish dream such as vengance." Tsunade nodded her hand in agreement.

"Your right. Sasuke still can mend his heart if he finaly realizes that Naruto and Sakura are his family, even though they aren't by blood, they'll be by his side even if he doesn't want them to." Kyuubi nodded and looked around.

"Well, Tsunade, we're done. We can only hope for the best as team 7 will be tested to their limits, that they can survive." Tsunade nodded

"I hope with all my heart, that they will overcome the pain of seeing all of thoes whom have past, and think of their lives here. They have so much to experiance here, j-just don't let me down, ya' here me Kyuubi!?"

Kyuubi looked Tsunade in her eyes, "Tsunaed-sama, they will come back, you have my word."


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