The Cullens are a family of vampires that run and star in a local burlesque show. When a young inhibited girl contacts Esme to help her come out of her socially awkward shell she takes the family for a wild ride. Cannon pairings, sexual experimentation and lemonade.

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"NO! NO NO NO!" I yelled after the fifth try, "If you keep messing up I'm going to break your knee caps!"

"What was wrong this time?" asked the annoying human girl. We were adding another act to the show and with just the three of us girls it was hard to keep a variety and the allure of her blood pumping doubly hard behind her veins from the dancing was making us all a little edgy, especially Jasper.

"You think too much. Your moves aren't sensual and sinuous; they are over-rehearsed and stiff." I said walking across the stage towards her. I started to emphasize the oomph in my step and when I got center stage I performed the sequence that we were working on perfectly. I had the advantage over the young human girl, being a vampire and knowing that I could do the same sequence over and over again with out tiring and exactly the same. In all reality she was doing well, but I needed her to think that I was a taskmaster for perfection to explain the consistency of our burlesque routines. I was Dommine Atrix (Domin-Atrix) afterall, and I loved the role of hard ass when it was time to play.