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Warning: There is cursing in this chapter.

Pacing back and forth in front of the fire place, Sam's mind was working overtime. Pretty soon, Ruby would be arriving. He still couldn't get over the fact that she had killed Jess, All this time and she was the one responsible. He felt dirty just thinking about all the things he had done with the demon. He had let her inject him her blood and the whole time she had been the cause of so much misery in his life. Ruby probably got some perverse thrill, knowing what she had done.

Sam toyed with the idea of not calling Dean. He didn't want the last of his family to be in the same room as Ruby. However, he knew his brother would be pissed if Sam didn't call him. Besides, Dean should get to see Ruby being taken down. He was just as much a victim of her as Sam was.

How did I lose sight of my priorities? wondered Sam. When he had found out that he had demon blood in him, he was disgusted. His abilities had already made him feel like a freak. When he saw Azazel drip blood into his mouth, he was thoroughly and truly disgusted. Yet he still let Ruby inject her blood directly into his vein.

A part of Sam didn't want to wait for Dean to come back to the cabin to kill Ruby. He could just exorcise her nice and quick with his mind. It would be poetic justice. Sam using the powers, that Ruby helped him get control of, to send her back to hell. However, Sam didn't want to take a chance that Ruby could escape from hell again.

Opening his wallet, Sam pulled out a picture of Jess; the only one he had left of her after the fire. When the going got tough and he needed a reminder of why he continued in the fight against evil, he'd take out Jess' picture and stare at it. Her warm hazel eyes staring back him. They were just one of the many things he loved about her. Her smile, her intelligence, her desire to do the right thing, he loved them all and that bitch took that away from Sam. Well tonight, Ruby was going to pay for that.

A quick glance at his watch and Sam figured that Ruby would be there any minute. He moved to the window to look out for her Camaro. That should have been his first clue that something wasn't right with Ruby. What, did she think she was in New Jersey circa nineteen eighty-five? Seeing headlights coming up the driveway, he pulled out his cellphone and sent Dean a text.

Stepping back from the window so as not to appear to eager, Sam waited for Ruby to knock on the door. Opening it up, he felt sick to his stomach when he saw the bright smile on Ruby's face.

"Sam!" cried the demon. "I was so worried about you."

"Hey, Ruby," replied Sam. "Come on in."

Upon entering the cabin, Ruby surveyed the place. "Not bad, Sam. I see you managed to convince Dean to forgo staying in a sleazy motel for once."

Sam forced himself not to glare at Ruby. Now was not the time to get into it over her nasty comments about his brother.

Spotting the red line scarring Sam's neck, Ruby reached up and ran her fingers gently along it. "Sam, what happened?"

"It's a long story." Sam fought not to flinch from her touch.

"Does it have anything to do with you being in the hospital?"

"Yes, but I don't want to get into it now."

"You should have called me, Sam. I could have helped you."

"Helped me?"

"Yes, one shot of my blood and you would have been as good as new."

Sam suppressed a shudder at the thought of receiving more of Ruby's blood. "Yeah, well, I couldn't with Dean around. You know I don't want him to find out about that."

"Well, I think you should let me give you a shot tonight. The kit is right outside in my car."

"No!" Sam noticed that his quick response startled the demon. "I feel fine and I've had plenty of rest lately. Dean's been vigilant in making sure I don't over do it."

Ruby gave a snort at the sound of Dean's name. If Sam let Ruby give him her blood on a regular basis, he wouldn't have to rely on his brother who obviously was doing a crap job, in Ruby's opinion, of watching out for Sam. Speaking of, "Where is Dean?"

"In town. He met a waitress named Starla and he said he was gonna crash at her place tonight."

"Good," replied Ruby. "There's some things we need to discuss."

"Like what"

"Lilith broke another seal."

"Shit," said Sam. "When?"

"Last night."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Sam, there wouldn't have been enough time for you to do anything about it. It was in New Mexico and last time I checked that is nowhere near Michigan."

"I could have called Bobby. He might have known a hunter down that way. Or Dean could have tried to contact Castiel."

"I only found out about it just before it happened. Like minutes before," said Ruby. "Unfortunately there wasn't enough time to do anything."

Something was definitely off with Ruby's story, but Sam couldn't put his finger on it at that moment and so he decided not to press the issue.


Dean was right in the middle of helping Tracy fold some towels when his phone rang. Opening it up, he read Sam's text. She's here. Time to go. "Uh Tracy, that was my brother. I gotta go."

"Right now," pouted Tracy.

"Yeah, I'm sorry," said Dean. "How about you give me your number and tomorrow we get together for drinks."

"How about you text Sam back and tell him you're busy. I'll make it worth your while," said Tracy seductively.

"Sorry, sweetheart. I can't stay." Dean knew something was off the moment she said the word Sam as he never mentioned his brother by name. Dean started strolling rather quickly to the door without looking back. If Tracy was what he thought she was, she'd follow. He just needed to get to the Impala and open the trunk.

"Dean, I don't think you want to leave me." Tracy followed after him.

After opening the trunk, Dean turned around to face Tracy. "Christo."

Immediately Tracy's eyes turned black as coal. "Took you long enough to figure it out."

"Just once, why can't I meet a normal girl?"

"Ruby sends her regards." Tracy started to move her arm, but before she had a chance to do anything, Dean shoved her into the trunk of the Impala where she landed on top of the plywood devil's trap.

"That ought to hold you for awhile," said Dean just before he slammed the trunk shut. He gave a quick scan of the area to make sure there were no witnesses. The last thing he needed was to try to explain to the police why he had woman locked up in his trunk. Seeing that the coast was clear, Dean climbed into the Impala and sped off in the direction of the cabin.


"Sam, I know you don't want to use your powers, but with seals being broken left and right, you need to hone you powers to if you are going to defeat Lilith. To do that, you need my blood."

"I don't know, Ruby." Where is Dean? wondered Sam. He should have been here by now.

"Sam, how many people have you saved by using your powers? How many demons have you sent back to hell?"

You mean how many of your friends have you manipulated me into sending back to hell? "Ruby, what did you need to tell me?"

"Huh?" Ruby's voice was full of confusion at the exasperation she could hear coming from Sam.

"On the phone, you mentioned needing to tell me some important things."

"Oh yeah."

"Was it about the seal in New Mexico?"

"No," replied Ruby. "There's a group of demons holed up in a warehouse in Washington."


"Downtown Seattle. If you are going to take them on, you're gonna need..."

Before Ruby could say anymore, the door to the cabin flew open and Dean walked in. "What the hell?!"

"Dean, what are you doing here," said Sam looking like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"My plans changed," replied Dean. "Now it makes sense."

"What makes sense?" asked Sam.

"Why you wanted me out of the cabin so badly. You wanted to have a rendezvous with your skanky bitch of a girlfriend."

"This isn't what it looks like," insisted Sam.

"So, you're not meeting with Ruby behind my back."

Ruby had been standing there in a state of shock which turned into anger the more Dean talked. She hissed out, "Dean."

Sam quickly cut her off. "Ruby, let me handle this, please."

Ruby stared hard at Sam.

"Look, why don't you go sit down." Sam pointed to a chair in the far corner of the room.

With a scowl plastered on her face, Ruby gave a huff before plopping down in the chair as Sam asked. She was far enough away that she couldn't hear the brothers if they whispered.

"What took you so long?" asked Sam his voice at a whisper.

"I got waylaid by a friend of Ruby's," whispered Dean in reply.

"You okay?"

"Yeah. Right now there's a demon trapped in the Impala's trunk.

"Look Dean," Sam raised his voice loudly. "She came here to tell us that Lilith broke another seal."


"Exactly," replied Sam. "And now there's a bunch of demons that need to be taken care of in Washington."


"The state, not the district."

"Let me guess, Ruby wants you to use your powers on them," said Dean. "No way. That's not gonna happen."

"So innocent people should suffer and die?" asked Sam. "I can save them."

"At what cost, your soul?" replied Dean. "No way, end of discussion!"

"Sam's a grown man. He doesn't need your permission," growled Ruby.

"And you're a skanky bitch," said Dean. "So, shut your pie-hole!"

"No! Sam needs to use his powers frequently, if he's going to be strong enough to face Lilith again." Ruby got up and started to make her way toward Sam only to be stopped after a few feet. It was as if there was an invisible wall in front of her. "What the Hell? Sam?"

"Gotcha." Dean couldn't keep the grin off of his face.

"A devil's trap? Sam, don't do this," pleaded Ruby.

"Why shouldn't I?" asked Sam.

"You need me. You need my blood," said Ruby. "How are you going to defeat Lilith?"

"I'm a smart guy. I'm sure I can think of something that doesn't involve injecting demon blood into my veins."

Ruby turned towards Dean. "So, I guess you've been poisoning Sam against me. Filling his head up with nonsense. After all the things I've done for you. The things I've done for him."

"Cut the crap, Ruby," said Dean. "You were doing it for yourself."

"Where were you Dean? When Sam was at his lowest, I was the one there for him."

" I was in hell, no thanks to you."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You told Sam, you could stop me from going to hell and yet you wait until the last possible second to him that he could use his powers to defeat Lilith. By then, it was too late. Pretty convenient, don't you think?"

"Sam wouldn't have wanted to use his powers."

Sam spoke up. "I would have done anything to save Dean from hell, anything. You knew that and that's why you waited to tell me that I already had the power to defeat Lilith."

"Sam, it's not like that. I didn't want Dean to go to hell. I knew how much it would hurt you."

While Ruby was pleading her case to Sam, Dean took the opportunity to reach over and pluck her knife from the back pocket of her jeans. "Hey Sammy, look what I got. You wanna do the honors?"

For the first time, Ruby looked scared. However, she tried to put on a brave front. "Sam won't kill me. He loves me."

"Love, you think I love you?" asked Sam. "One roll in the sack does not equal love. Your name does not fall on the list of people I love. Let's see there's my brother, you know, the one you said you could save, but didn't. There's my dad, who Azazel killed. There's my mom, who Azazel also killed. There's Bobby, who you made sure I cut out of my life after Dean died, and lastly there's Jess, who I loved with all my heart. You remember Jess? You should because you're the one that killed her."

There was no way Ruby could keep the shock off her face. How in the hell did Sam find out about her role in Jess' death?

"Yes, Ruby, I know everything," said Sam. " I know that you worked for the demon that murdered my parents and I know it was you that killed Jess."

"Sam, I didn't want to do that. Azazel made me. He made me do that."

"Shut up!" growled Sam. "You don't do anything you don't want to."

"Sam, you need me. I was there when you hit rock bottom. I was the one who saved you from yourself."

"Oh yeah, you were there. You where there to convince me to use my powers to save people. People that your demon friends possessed."

"What?" Ruby was extremely perplexed as to how Sam knew all of this.

Dean gave a smirk at the demon's confusion. "You can thank one of your brethren for helping to open our eyes."

"Who?" hissed Ruby.

"Ever hear of the demon of Madness and Mayhem?" asked Dean. "He's the one who set me and Sammy straight on a couple of things, right before we sent him back to hell."

Ruby was scared because right now she was truly and thoroughly screwed. How did everything do down the drain so fast?

"You know," said Sam. "I've been trying to figure out what your agenda is. I've been racking my brain for weeks. Why would you help me exorcise all those demons? Then, today, you told me about the seal in New Mexico being broken and it hit me. You don't want me to stop Lilith from breaking the seals. You want me to stop Lilith after she's broken the seals. You want Lucifer rise. You're willing to let Lilith to do all the work so you can steal the credit for it."

"Sam, you have no idea how powerful you can become. If only you'd stop letting Dean hold you back."

Suddenly, Dean had the urge to thrust the knife right through Ruby's throat; if only to shut her up.

"By using demon powers? I don't think so," said Sam. "I can see why the angels don't want me to use my powers. I wasn't meant to have them in the first place."

"Yes, you were," replied Ruby. "You were Azazel's chosen one. You belonged to him."

"I was six months old. I belonged to John and Mary Winchester, not to the bastard who killed them."

"You know, you could have been a king and I would have willingly been your queen. We could have helped Lucifer rule the world. In hell, everyone would have knelt before us. We would haven taken over heaven," said Ruby. "Sammy, do you realize what you're giving up?"

"Only Dean gets to call me that." Taking the knife out of Dean's hand, Sam plunged it into Ruby's chest. It went right through the center of her heart. With a flash of light, the demon called Ruby was no more.

"Good riddance to bad rubbish," said Dean. "You okay, Sammy?"

"Never better."

"Are you sure?" Dean knew this couldn't have been easy on his brother. Ruby had been there for Sam at his lowest. Even if she was the one who killed Jess.

"Dean, I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders," replied Sam. "I know Lilith is still out there and seals are being broken, but right now, I can't exactly explain it, but I feel good. I haven't felt this good since before you died, maybe even since before Dad died."

Dean knew why. It was because Ruby's hold over his brother had been broken. "Well, since you feel so good, what do you say we salt and burn the bitch's host?"

"Sounds like a plan," answered Sam. "So, why is there a demon trapped in the trunk of the Impala?"


After salting and burning the body of Ruby's host, Sam recited some Latin to take car of the demon in the car's trunk. He had contemplated using the knife, but as there seemed to be no visible signs of injury to Tracy, there was a good chance they could save her. Sam suggested they drive back to the laundromat and do the exorcism there. Luck was on there said and once the demon was gone, they were left with an extremely disoriented woman laying in the trunk. She was confused and scared, but at least she was alive. After spinning a yarn that they weren't sure she totally believed, they left her to finish her laundry which was what she had been planning on doing when she was possessed in the first place.

"See Sammy, we saved the innocent person and you didn't have to use your powers," said Dean with a smile.

"Yeah," replied Sam. "Do you think Ruby was telling the truth about there being a group of demons in Seattle?"

"I don't know, but it couldn't hurt to check it out."

"You want to?'

"Yeah, I've always wanted to visit the birthplace of Starbucks and Pearl Jam."

The End

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