A/N: I actually got the first part of this out in a decent amount of time. Hot damn! Anyway, this is the Prologue (in case you missed the chapter title and the big PROLOGUE below). I don't know how long this story is going to be. We do have twenty years to cover after all. There is the big possibility that it will not be long at all. Oh, this is going to be rated for a reason! Though, the prologue is tame. To tame actually. But, eh, oh well. And just a side note, I still don't own Naruto. If I did, the manga would be completely different. Damn Kishimoto...


Anko Mitarashi sighed. She had just gotten back to Konoha. She had not expected to come back after she left with her son, Akihito, twenty years ago. A lot had happened in those twenty years. She was nearing sixty now. Her hair had turned silver, though it still had streaks of purple. Her eyes had lost some of their sadistic intensity. Instead, they shone with wisdom, pain, heartache, and love. Life had taken its toll on the aging kunoichi. When she was younger, some people feared her while others followed her around in hero worship. Now, she was feared by the ninja world. Her very existence was a danger.

She looked to her left and then to her right and frowned at the ANBU who were marching her through the gates. At one point she knew most everybody in the elite group of ninja, but now she was sure that most of them had been killed. These were either their children or grandchildren. She was marched to the interrogation room and locked in along with ten other ANBU. They were not taking their chances with this one. She waited for someone to speak up. She knew that Ibiki would not interrogate her. He had to have died years before which was probably a good thing. Anko had witnessed several of his interrogations and knew that he could be ruthless and resort to whatever means necessary to gain his information. A knock soon sounded at the door. Anko heard the door open and heard several people walk in. The door was quickly shut and locked.

A man dressed in Hokage robes walked into the light and let out a surprised gasp. He had heard rumors but was not sure if it was true. Now he knew it was. He turned to someone who had to be part of the Yamanaka clan and said, "I want as much information out of her as possible. Do whatever it takes to get it."

"Should the Hokage be giving out orders like that, Naruto?" Anko asked sarcasm dripping with every word.

Naruto turned to the prisoner, "You have no room to talk, Anko Mitarashi. You are a threat to the world."

Anko said no more. Naruto turned to one of the men who had accompanied him into the room. "Hisato! You are in charge of the interrogation. Let me know when you have finished."

"Yes, Lord Hokage." Hisato replied.

As the door shut behind Naruto, Anko became the focus of the room.

"State your name." Hisato said.

Anko looked at him like he had lost it. "Is that anyway to start this?"

Hisato glared. "I suggest you answer."

Anko barely managed to keep from rolling her eyes. "My name is Anko Mitarashi."

"You were close to the dangerous S-class missing nin, Orochimaru. Is this correct?"

Anko nodded in affirmation.

"What was your relationship to him?"

"Is that any of your business?" Anko spat out.

"Actually, it is." Hisato replied. "You are no longer under his protection. You are in my territory and have to answer to me. And just because you are older does not mean that I will not resort to using, shall we say, certain means of persuasion to get information out of you."

Anko raised an eyebrow. So the kid might be able to give Ibiki a run for his money when he got older. "He was my lover."

"When did you start seeing him?"

"I was sixteen."

"How often did you see him?"

"Sometimes once or twice a month. Occasionally there were longer periods of time between visits."

"You had a son also. Was the father Orochimaru?"

Anko nodded her head.

"Does your son know his father?"

"He knew his father." Anko replied bitterly.

"Knew? Interesting. So who was it that died?"

"None of your business." Anko was trying to keep any emotion out of her voice.

"Was it your son or Orochimaru? Or both?"

"I said it was none of your business!" Anko almost shouted.

"It seems we have touched a nerve." Hisato said with a smirk. He was pacing in front of the prisoner and reveling in his role. "I would like to hear about this."

"Over my dead body." Anko replied.

Hisato nodded to one of the ANBU who came and stood behind Anko. Hisato stopped his pacing and said, "That can be arranged. Though I would not like ending our visit that quickly. Maybe a little persuasion?"

Anko tried not to make any noise as she felt electricity shooting through her body. The ANBU who had stepped behind her had placed his hands on her and then the electricity came. It only lasted a moment but it felt like it had lasted much longer. "Is that all you've got?" Anko could sense the sadistic side in her coming out.

Hisato nodded to the ninja who sent his jutsu through Anko again. This time he left his hands on her for thirty seconds. When he removed his hands, Anko sagged down in her chair in relief. She knew that it would be painful but not that painful. The longer he touched her, the stronger the electric current became. She knew that she would not be able to survive if he touched her for more than two minutes. Anko drew in a shuttering breath. She had thankfully learned to access the healing chakra that was in her and had managed to manipulate it so she could heal the inside of her body from within. She soon felt the chakra building up and she sent it throughout her body concentrating on the areas surrounding her organs.

She automatically sensed that something was off. The blood vessels surrounding her heart and lungs had become fragile. It would not take much effort for them to break. There was the major possibility that doing some light exercise could cause them all to burst cutting off the blood flow to those organs.

"You seem to have discovered one of the perks of that jutsu." Hisato said lightly. "Not only does it send electricity through you, it causes major damage to your blood vessels."

Anko said nothing. She was concentrating on trying her best to repair the vessels. However, they were extremely slow in knitting back together. She would have to wait until she was alone and would be able to focus on a particular area without being disturbed.

Hisato stepped back away from Anko and motioned to two of the ANBU. "Escort her to her holding cell. Make sure all seals are in place so that she can not escape."

"What makes you think I want to escape?" Anko replied.

"What does that mean?" Hisato asked suspiciously.

"I have a deal to make." Anko replied.

"What would the deal be?" Hisato asked.

"You have to agree to it before I tell you."

"You are not in a position to be making deals. Tell me what the deal is and I will discuss it with the Hokage." Hisato said.

Anko shrugged a little. She figured that she would not even get that. "I will tell you everything that I know. In return, you let me go."

Hisato hid his smile. Naruto would agree to that especially when he found out what had been done to her. "I'm sure that can be arranged." With that, he motioned for her to be taken away and was left alone.

"Was it wise to agree to her deal?" One of the unknown elites asked.

"She may be able to make it a little ways once she is let go, but she will die before she gets very far." Hisato replied as he walked out.


Anko bit back a groan as she was shoved into a cell that had a tiny cot with two blankets and a pillow. There was a small barred window near the ceiling that was heavily sealed. The metal door with the small barred window that could open and a small space at the bottom for where food could be slid in completed her new home.

She sat on the cot with a thud and placed a glowing hand over her heart. She needed to heal herself as quickly as possible. She had not wanted to tell her story but if it meant saving herself, she would do it. She moved her hand and lay back on the cot a few minutes later. She was exhausted and knew that the next day would be a long one. As Anko drifted off to sleep, her thoughts turned to the place she had just left. The place where she had witnessed her son grow up. The place that held so many memories. They were both painful and pleasant memories. Memories that would have to be confessed so that salvation could come.