The lapping of the waves and the glow of the warm sun basking its last rays of light on the sandy beach made Ichigo feel...peaceful. He didn't know how long it had been since he had felt so relaxed. He was sitting on the white sand with his knees bent up and his hands supporting his muscular frame. He closed his eyes and let the sounds of the ocean whisk him away when he heard a voice calling his name. "ICHIGO!!! ICHIGO!!!" he knew that voice.

He opened his eyes to see a figure, a women, shouting at him and waving while running down the shore to meet him. The women was dark skinned, like chocolate, and had violet hair made out of silk. But the one thing that Ichigo was always captivated by, were her eyes. They were the sweet color of gold and glint of the sun made them look like stars. Well...there was one other thing he couldn't stop staring at...her body. Man did she look hot. Curves where they should be and not a blemish on her being. As she had gotten closer he could finally see the pattern of her bikini. It was a pale yellow, nothing comparing to her eyes, with red polka-dots. Can you say goddess?

He stood up and waved back. She had finally reached him and put her hands on her knees to catch her breath. "You...could...have...walked...a...bit" she said panting in between words. He smirked and placed his hand on his hip. "What fun would that be? Besides I like it right here. It's a beautiful beach isn't it, Yoruichi?" he asked staring back out at the ocean. Yoruichi, the name rolled of his tongue like it belonged there. "It sure is. Come on, I need to catch my breath so lets sit here for a while OK?" she plopped herself on the warm sand. Ichigo sighed and sat down next to her his knee's drawn to his chest. There was not a sound from either of the Shinigami. Only the waves lapping against the shore and the seagulls calls, filled the air with sound. After what seemed like a decade a gust of wind blew through the beach. Yoruichi shivered. "You cold?" Ichigo asked. Yoruichi gave him one of her famous smirks and stretched her limbs like the cat she was. "Of course not. I'm not some girl who needs protection every second of the day like Rukia or Orihime." "That's for sure." he said giving a little chuckle. Suddenly a blast of strong wind came running throughout the waves. The blast was so strong it knocked Yoruichi right into Ichigo.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to do that." she mumbled, scooting away from him. "Taku" he mumbled. He grabbed Yoruichi's arm and pulled her into his lap shielding her from the wind. "Better?" he asked. At first Yoruichi was shocked at the sudden gesture, but then she started to relax and snuggled into his chest. "Yeah, thank you. Damn it! I guess I am like Rukia and Orihime. Weak and always needing protecting." she realized. Ichigo grabbed her chin to force her to meet his eyes. "Don't you ever say that again. You are not like them. You are a thousand times better than both of them combined." he didn't really notice, but what he said was true. He really did think that. He then realized that he couldn't break from her gaze. He couldn't hold himself back anymore. He starting pulling her face towards his own slowly starting to close his eyes. Yoruichi, thank god, didn't pull away. Her sweet breath was warming his face. "Yoruichi" he murmured. Her lips were only a centimeter away. The space between their lips was slowly decreasing and it was almost unbearable for Ichigo. Then all of a su-

"ICHIGO!!" His father's voice rang clearly through his head and his eyes shot open in time to see his father coming at him with a good punch to the face. He easily dodged and smacked his father in the face with his foot, knocking him down. He leaned over his father with a look of grogginess and anger. "Will you stop doing that already! I'm getting really sick and tired of you always barging in here." he yelled. Isshin pushed the foot out of his face and looked at Ichigo with a grin. "Looks like I have nothing left to teach you my son. I am pr-..." he stopped in mid-sentence to study Ichigo closer. "Ichigo?...are you...blushing?" his father asked confused. Now Ichigo was equally confused. He went to his mirror and looked at his face. Isshin was right, he was blushing like a school girl. "So?" Ichigo asked, putting his usual mask of pissed-off-ness. "NO!! MY ICHIGO HAS BECOME A MAN, HE HAS HAD THE DREAMS!!!!!" Isshin wailed at the top of his lungs. "Huh?" Ichigo never understood the mind of his deranged father."Ichigo" his father's expression becoming very serious. "Have you had any..." looking for the right words. "Special lady friends that I should know about?" he asked. Ichigo then got it. He hurled his father through the open window of his bedroom (mind you his bedroom is on the second floor). "You fucking perverted old man!" he shouted after him and slammed the window shut. "Taku, stupid old man. Why would he think I'm as perverted as he is."

He had torn off his shirt and headed to the bathroom for a cold shower. A long one. Sadly it only took ten minutes because Karin burst through the door. "Oi, Ichi-nii get your ass out tof the shower. You're not the only one in this house that needs one." He reluctantly got out and headed downstairs. He found Rukia and Yuzu already eating breakfast. "Ah, good morning Onii-chan! Come and eat before your food gets cold." Yuzu called. Ichigo sat down, saying good morning to both of the girls and started to eat. For around five minutes only the sound of silver-ware on plates filled the empty room. Rukia finished her breakfast and brought her plate to the sink. "Ichigo, Uruhara wants you to come down to his shop for some "lessons."" That was the phrase that they used telling Ichigo that old Hat n' Clogs wanted another training session. It's not like he didn't appreciate the effort that Uruhara put into his training, but still, he needed a break every once and a while. He sighed and got up with his plate. "Fine I'll go." He put his plate on the counter and headed for the door to get his shoes on. "I will be back around dinner." he called to Yuzu.

He didn't stay to hear an answer and started walking the two miles to the shop. (I don't know how long it is from Ichigo's house to the shop so bear with me okay?). When he got inside, he saw no sign of Uruhara's employee's(?). He started walking to the back of the shop and down the stairs. He ended his journey in the spacious training room that looked like a rocky waist land. He found the quartet of weirdo's at the end of the room talking. "Kurosaki-kun! I'm glad you could make it. Are you ready for another training session?" Uruhara asked wiping out his fan. "Yeah, alright, lets get this over with." He placed the badge he had gotten from Soul Society at his heart, his soul instantly knocked out of him revealing his Shinigami form. "So what kind of training are you gonna make me do today?" Ichigo asked. Even though his face was hidden by his fan Ichigo could see the look of mischief on his teacher's face. "I'm not going to be teaching you today Kurosaki-kun." Ichigo couldn't help but lift an eyebrow in confusion. Then who wou- "Yo, Ichigo. Ready for our training session?" Ichigo knew who that was without even turning around. That voice was of the women who had pierced his dreams only that night, not that he was complaining.

He turned to her, seeing that she was in her normal attire of the orange shirt with black pants, her hair tied back in her usual pony-tail. He couldn't stop himself from blushing when his dream popped back into his mind. Yoruichi saw this and she grinned cat-like. "What is going on in that strawberry head of yours? You're not thinking perverted thoughts are you?" she asked teasingly. This made him only turn a deeper shade of red. "Whatever, it's none of your buisness." Although the thoughts were about her. He thought to himself. Her grin became a smirk while she placed her slim hands on her waist. "Alright then, lets get started."

Thats the end of the first chapter. WHo knows what will come next. Well...actually I do because I'm the one making the story. Anyway how do you guys like it so far? Comment please. ^_^