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Ichigo had been staring out the window of his room when he saw Yoruichi stroll on to his street. He was utterly surprised to see her come to his front door. She has never done anything like that, usually she would jump through his window and let herself in. This was very weird for her. It was especially weird that she was going to knock. All he could do was stare his mouth hanging open dumbstruck. Then she started walking away from the door and his mind was screaming out to her 'No dont leave! Get back here!' He used his shunpo to flash downstairs and wrenched open the door and called her name. She turned back and he was relieved. He let out his usual cocky smirk and leaned his muscular frame against the door. "You comin' in or what?"

She never expected him to be standing there, asking her to come into his house. Usually he would be trying to chase her away. Well she was also acting out of character today so it wasn't really all that suprising. Well better start acting like me again or else this is going to get WAY awkward.She leaned her weight onto one leg while placing a hand on her hip and giving her cat like grin. "I'm surprised Ichigo. I never thought you of all people would actually let me into your house." she shunpo'd to his side purring into his ear "You want to get laid that badly?" She got the pleasure of seeing his blush and she could only laugh while letting herself inside his house before he took back his offer. She planted herself on his couch and looked around. "You know I don't think i have ever been anywhere except your room before. You have a pretty boring house you know that?"

"You should see it when my family is actually home. Then its not so boring." he replied while closing the door and going to the kitchen.

"Where is your family anyway?" she asked searching around for the missing people.

"The old man thought it was a good idea to have a father-daughter bonding camping trip this weekend. Rukia is at Uruhara's. Didn't you see her while you were there?"

"I was...busy. I wasn't really noticing that many things." she admited thinking back to the miserable week that she made herself go through. I was so stupid.She sighed and went over to the kitchen table. "Want something to drink?" He asked from the fridge. "What do you have?" she asked sitting down and kicking her feet up onto the table. "Umm...water, orange juice, milk, beer, and...I think my dad has a couple bottles of wine around here." "I'll have a beer thanks." He came over to the table carrying to bottles of beer and handing one to her. He eyed her feet on the counter and rolled his eyes before sitting down on the opposite side of hers. Yoruichi grinned eyeing the beer in his hand. "I didn't know you drank beer." She said taking a swig from hers. He took a sip of his before setting it down on the table. "I like to have one every now and then. Dad doesn't know if that's what your askin'" he said taking a gulp. Her glared at her feet on the table once more before taking his hand and pushing them off.

She lifted her eyebrow at the shove but didn't put her feet back up. The sat there in silence, waiting for the other one to start a conversation. Ichigo finished his beer before her so he went and threw it in the recycling bin. He scratched the back of his head and sighed. "Alright can I ask what your doing here?" he finally asked. This was the question that she was dreading, but now that she felt better she already had an answer. She grinned and threw away her now empty beer bottle with Ichigo's. She put a hand on her hip and lifted a slim eyebrow. "What? I can't come over to visit my favorite student every once in a while?"

"Since when am I your favorite student?" he asked raising his eyebrow.

"Hmm...since after the fight with SoiFong I guess. She has become such a prick."

"You know 'prick' is used for guys right?"

"Of course I know. I invented the word. Hell she is flat-chested enough, and her attitude is manly enough." Said the goddess before walking over to Ichigo's couch and plopping herself down. She leaned herself back making herself comfortable and lifted her feet onto the coffee table in front of her. "Have any good movies to watch? I haven't seen a movie since...1940? Is that really the last time I saw a movie?...Yeah, I think it is." she was talking to herself mainly but Ichigo got the point. He went over to the DVD cupboard and started looking the all of the movies.

"Well you should know that movies have gotten a lot better since then. They're in color now and the affects aren't just wires and robots." He explained while finding Fireball. "You mind what movie we watch?" he asked going over to the DVD player by the TV. "I don't care as long as there's lots of action and isn't boring." she said taking her legs off the table to let Ichigo through before putting them back on. Ichigo couldn't help but stare at her legs seeing how firm and muscular they looked under her clothes. Yoruichi noticed this and smirked.

"Like what you see?" she asked teasingly. He blushed and turned on the movie.

The movie was about an ex football quarterback who gets fired for taking steroids and drinking to much. He then gets put in jail for assaulting and beating up a reporter at a gas station. While in jail a fire starts and he is left in there to burn. The steroids in him make the flames become a part of him and now he can radiate fire at will. He goes around killing all the people who put him in jail and was going to the nuclear power plant to destroy it. It was up to a two people (guy and girl that you know are going to end up together at the end of the movie) to stop him.

For Yoruichi the whole movie was very interesting; lots of action and blood, which she liked, and Ichigo was so engrossed in the movie that he didnt notice her scooting closer to him every minute. She smiled ear to ear in her mind while she scooted over enough for her hand to touch his lightly. A blush spread its way across his face but he didnt take his hand away. You could now obviously see the grin on her face as she jumped into his lap her back against his chest. He stiffened and started to stutter. "Y-Yoruichi w-what are you doing?" His blush turned the color of a red ants. She nuzzled into him further and let her head rest in the crook of his neck her eyes closed. "Im tired... you know, for a rugged guy like you, you're very cudly." She stated her voice becoming softer as she drifted into sleep.

Ichigo had images and pictures flashing through his mind if anyone ever saw them together like this...uruhara...renji...rukia....his family. All of images made him shudder and made him want to get out of that position as quickly as possible. Although...at the same time he didnt. He remembered the dream he had had that had started all of this. This was something like it, better even. He sighed before reaching carefully over, trying not to wake her, and grabbed the remote turning of the movie. He clumsily slid out of the couch and took hold of Yoruichi bridle style not waking her up even once to what he could tell. He carried her up to his room and layed her on the bed laying a blanket over her. He couldnt help but stare at her sleeping face and think of a cat's. Who wouldnt? She was one after all but she still looked beautiful. She looked peaceful, which was a rather rare state to see her in. Her face was calm and her mouth was slightly parted for her to breath to come evenly in and out. Oh, how he wanted to kiss her again so badly! If he did would she be mad at him again? Or would it create even bigger problems? He hoped not but he wasn't going to take the risk, even is she was asleep.

He closed the door quietly leading to his room and went back downstairs. He went to his fathers "secret" wine cooler and took out one of the many bottles he had stored there. He popped the cork out and started to chug it. Hell he needed it by the week he was having. By the time the bottle was drained and disposed of, he was slightly buzzed. He took a glass of water and chugged it to clear his head a bit and went back upstairs to check on his sleeping guest. When he entered the room he was suprised to see an awake Yoruichi sitting crossed-legged on his bed with one of Kon's magazine's. (Mind you these are Kon's magazine's) His face fell into a frown although it was obvious to see the light blush that stained his cheeks. He went over to the bed and stared down at Yoruichi who looked as if she never heard him come in. She lifted her eyes slightly to see the angry looking boy standing at the edge of his bed, arms crossed and smiled cutely before becoming engrossed with her reading once more. They were in that position for a few minutes, Ichigo's face becoming grimmer and grimmer before Yoruichi flipped through the last page and layed it down cover down on the bed. "You know if you wanted to read stuff like this Uruhara has one really good collection if you want to look at it." She stated simply not looking at him just yet. He scowl deepened before stating with a calm tone, "These are Kon's not mine."

"Really? You sure? You know that it is normal for a boy your age to have stuff like this. It's perfectly all right." She said laying back on the bed her back against the wall. He took the magazine off from the bed and ripped it in half before going over to the trash and dumping it there. "As I said, these are NOT mine." he stated again. He sat on the bed next to Yoruichi to keep his cool which was becoming quite less often since she came around. "Alright, alright I believe you, for now. Still I wouldn't be offended by anything if you did have one or two stashed somewhere. Anyway can I stay here for a couple days?" she asked out of the blue going off topic. I need to clear things up and this is a perfect way to do it. she question caught him off gaurd and his eyebrows shot up. "Why?" he simply asked. "Because." Sorry Ichigo I can't tell you just yet. She thought. He huffed out a breath knowing that this was going to go no where. "Fine, I can't stop you but we are not sleeping togeher do you hear me?" he warned. She couldnt help let a devious grin spread across her face before she dissapered and reappered behind Ichigo with her arms slinked down his neck to settle on his chest. She leaned her head in close while her chest pressed against his back, "I sooo was looking forward to it though." she whined softly niping at his ear slightly before being pushed off by a pair of strong hands and a laugh escaping her. "Im serious Yoruichi, any tricks and you are out of here" he said while going over to his closet to get the spair futon. He grabbed it and turned around to lay it next to the bed. "By the way how long are you gonna stay here?" he asked. She shrugged. "As long as I need to I guess." she answered sprawling back out onto the bed. He stared at her body before shaking his head and laying out the futon so its head was in the same direction's as his pillow on the bed.

He went to the bathroom and changed into his pj's before coming back into the room to see Yoruichi, sprawled out arms and legs splayed across the bed in her black cami and underwear sleeping like a baby. The blush that had settled down when he had gone to the bathroom to change 15 seconds before was now back. He went to his bed for the next few days, he hoped, and crawled in. He shut his eyes and focused on the sounds of his breathing. He could hear hers next to him and so he tryed to match his pace with hers. The last thoughts that went through his mind were of Yoruichi climbing on top of him in the middle of the night and doing things to him that he would have like to be awake for and things that he would be happy to be asleep for. Why do I think this is now a very bad idea? he asked himself before the last waves of sleep hit him and he was off to dreamland once again, hoping and not hoping to see his seductive black cat there.

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