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Chapter 1 The Rescue

She was rescued again.

What was this, time number three, and by him again no less.

Rukia Kuchiki grumbled to herself and kicked the nearest stone. Regretting it right after as a mind numbing pain shot up her slender leg and into her hip.

"Damn hollow," she cursed silently.

She had been sent on her first solo mission. It was her chance to show everyone that she was capable of taking care of herself. It was just a small hollow but she didn't see the root, didn't have time to react as she tripped, and didn't have time to scream as the hollows claws slid into her small body. She cried out in pain, anger, and defeat. This had been her one chance to prove to everybody that she was strong, and she had failed. To make matters worse, right in the nick of time, moments before the hollow was about to cleave open her head , he had to show up, he had to cut down the hollow with one swift and elegant maneuver, he was the one that had to rescue her… again.

Rukia winced as another stab of pain shot up her body. Her gaze lifted to the one that had saved her, walking in front with his head held high, his white captains haori swishing back and forth, and his black hair shining softly in the sunlight. Yes, it wasn't our orange headed hero that had saved her again but her noble adoptive brother, Byakuya Kuchiki. She sighed and her mind wandered back to a few hours ago.


She came to riding a wave of pain. Opening her eyes slowly she became aware of warm hands on her arm. Looking up she found herself staring into her brothers slightly concerned expression.

"You have been injured," he calmly stated as if he was discussing the weather.

"Ya, no duh," she felt like retorting but kept her tongue still. "How bad?" she said instead.

"Your arm was sliced open to the bone," he calmly replied. "I can heal most of it but it will still have to be wrapped and tended by the 4th squad when we return. Do you feel pain anywhere else?"

She opened her mouth but as she watched his hands resting on her now bare injured arm, a white glow surrounding them as he healed her, she found herself blushing at the thought of his hands on her upper thigh, an area where she distinctly felt the tingling of a cut. Most of her pain seemed to be coming from her arm so she figured the other wasn't to serious, and not worth mentioning.

"No, I'm fine. Thank you." She watched as he lifted his hands and to her relief a considerable amount of the pain left with them.

He had allowed her to rest for some time, before insisting they hurry back. There were, after all, many miles out in a surrounding forest, and walking back would take at least half a day and it was already well into the afternoon.

Wincing slightly, and refusing any help, she climbed to her feet, swaying slightly as a slight throb of pain shot through her leg. Maybe the wound had been more serious then she had thought, but there was not way she was going to complain.

-end flashback-

So they had walked an hour or more through the fast darkening forest. At first Rukia walked beside her brother, refusing to show any discomfort, but that drastically changed as the farther she went the harder it became to put one foot in front of the other.

Gritting her teeth she concentrated on the big number 6 printed on her brothers haori, and forced the pain away. One step at a time she continued after him, not noticing the widening distance between them.

Only when she tripped on another root, and a cry left her mouth, did she realize she had made a mistake. She braced for impact as she fell towards the ground but it never came. Rukia found herself gazing into dark eyes of her brother moments before everything went black.

For the second time that day Rukia found herself awaking in a wave of pain. This time however, she did not awake to warm hands, instead she woke to an angry Byakuya.

"Why did you lie to me?" he asked anger obvious in his voice.

"I didn't think it was that bad," she whispered looking away from his angry features.

"Not that bad! I spent two hours trying to stop the bleeding, you were lucky I was able to stop the bleeding other wise you would have lost your leg."

Rukia gaped at him, to stunned to be embarrassed. Loose her leg? It had been that bad?

"Just as stubborn as your sister," he muttered turning away.

Rukia blinked. Her sister, Hisana? He had never one mentioned his late wife since that time he had confessed everything after Aizen's betrayal.

Her large eyes lowered, "I'm sorry," she murmured. "Thank you again for saving me."

He said nothing, instead moving towards a small fire he had obviously built. It was only then that Rukia noticed the darkened star filled sky, and the fact that he was no longer wearing his white captains haori and scarf. Glancing down she was surprised to find herself wrapped in that same white coat, and looking back she found his incredibly valuable scarf folded neatly on the ground where her head must have been laying.

"Eat," he simply said walking back to her, bending down, and offering her a… she stared… was he using a large leaf as a plate? She blinked and her eyes immediately traveled to a rather large piece of undefined meat. She didn't know what it was but it sure smelled good and her stomach quickly reminded her hat she hadn't eaten in a day.

"Where did you get it?" she asked between mouthfuls. Despite having to eat with her fingers she found the strange meat wonderfully tasty.

"You were out a long time. After I had healed you to the best of my ability I managed to do some hunting." Byakuya replied eating from his own leaf. "I found some berries and mushrooms, and there is a stream near by. Tomorrow I can try and cook some stew. Although I hope I can find a few wild vegetables and herbs tomorrow. I hate the taste of wild rabbit meat."

"Wait tomorrow night? Aren't we going to be back by then?"

"I can't chance the risk of your leg reopening. You must remain where you are for a few days at least. I don't even dare carry you yet. And I can't leave you out here alone to get help as you are vulnerable and easy hollow food."

She gulped, sighing afterwards. She was not looking forward to spending days out in the woods alone except for her brother. Sighing again she glanced back up at him and could not help but smile. Not many people, if anyone, could boast that they observed the great Kuchiki Byakuya, noble and head of one of the greatest families, sitting on a log, eating with his fingers, from a leaf of all things… and was that a twig sticking out of his long hair? Her grin got wider, and at that moment she would have almost, almost, given up her leg so she could have a camera, as no one would have believed her without a photo of proof.

Smiling to herself she reached down and lifted up her portion of the rabbit meat. It was only when she was chewing slowly, enjoying its texture of the meat when it hit her.

She was eating rabbit!

She was eating Chappy!!!!

Her life officially ended at that moment.

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