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The ceremony had been amazing. They had wanted a small wedding, family and friends only, but once word got out that Draco and Hermione were getting married in the wizarding way, everybody wanted in. They had hired security to keep people like Rita Skeeter out, and so far they had done a fairly good job. Nothing more than curious, un-invited eyes were able to sneak in. But Hermione and Draco didn't mind really. As long as they kept their distance, didn't bother them, and caused no harm to any of their guest, then Hermione and Draco were content.

But they knew that nobody in the garden where the ceremony was being held at was going to be harmed. Voldemort had been dead now for a year, all his followers having died in the battle with him, gone to Azkaban to live out the rest of their life behind bars, or had switched sides just in time for them to escape death or imprisonment. This thought, only made the day that much greater.

Hermione and Draco stood side by side, hands locked together, as they watched all the guest passing through the gardens to come and give them their congratulations and tell them what a beautiful ceremony it had been.

Because the ceremony was that… it was beautiful.

Hermione was somewhat surprised when Draco told her that he was choosing Harry for his best man, but in another way she wasn't surprised at all. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Draco had become so close after the end of the war, that anybody who saw them all together would think that they had been best friends for life, and Hermione had to smile at this. She would often watch them, all intensely talking about quidditch or the newest brooms at the dinner table, and she would just smile. Never in a million years would she think that Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley would become best friends with Draco Malfoy. The sentence didn't even make sense… not until now.

Hermione had surprised everybody with her choice for her maid of honor. They had all expected her to choose Ginny, especially since Ginny and her and become even closer after the war and after Harry and Ginny's marriage. But Hermione knew that Ginny would understand her choice. Ron had always been there for Hermione. He had even loved her as more than a sister at one point, but now he knew and accepted the fact that Hermione and Draco were just happy together. And he didn't mind, because he was happy being a brother to Hermione rather than a boyfriend or a husband. He was also honored, and surprised, when Hermione asked him to be her maid of honor.

Ron stood proudly behind her in his nice black and white dress robes. He was the perfect maid of honor, Harry was the perfect best man, and Rosie made the perfect flower girl. She had caught onto walking rather quickly and had no trouble walking down the aisle with her little flower basket, her auntie Ginny walking right behind her in case she lost her balance or something caught her attention and dragged her away from what she was supposed to be doing. But of course, their little Rosie never lost track of her goal, she was perfect. Everything was perfect.

Hermione and Draco smiled and thanked each person who approached them from where they were standing. A small little corner in the garden, designed to take pictures before the wedding, was where each person found them. Draco was wearing his fathers dress robes, the same one his father wore to his own wedding, while Hermione wore a strapless long and elegant wedding dress, a bow tied around her waist and sitting on the small of her back. Her hair was curly, like always, only pulled back into a white clip that matched her dress perfectly, only allowing a few strands of hair to sit on the side of her face, colliding with her bangs perfectly. On to top it all off, she even sported a small bump on her stomach, the evidence of her and Draco's second child, this one actually planned.

Hermione and Draco smiled and thanked one of Draco's distant cousins. As she left, the couple stared down past the flower bed a few feet away to see a little girl with pin point straight brown hair wobbling towards them. Hermione laughed slightly at Ginny walking cautiously behind her, hand by her back, making sure she didn't lose her balance and end up in one of the small ponds with the fishes or in the flower beds, covering her dress in dirt.

Hermione bent down and stuck her hands out, moving her fingers and ushering Rosie towards her. Rosie smiled at seeing her mother and walked as quickly as she could into her arms. "Mummy." Rosie said simply before Hermione picked her and held her on her hip. Rosie glanced over at Hermione and then at Draco. She stuck her hand out towards Draco and smiled even bigger. "Daddy."

"Hello Rosie." Draco said with a smile, grabbing his daughters hand and shaking it lightly. Rosie quickly pulled it away and dug her head in Hermione's chest, watching Draco out of the corner of her eye with a playful smile on her face. Draco and Hermione laughed at their daughters playfulness before somebody approached them with a smile on his face. Draco recognized him immediately and his smile faded, being replaced by a frown. The man approached them and smiled at Hermione, who returned the gesture. "Might I ask who invited you Avery?" Draco snapped.

"Draco." Hermione snapped back quietly, trying not to make a scene. "Be nice to our guest."

"Our 'guest' is a former deatheater and I would like to know how he got in because I didn't invite him and I can't image that you have." Draco said through his teeth, trying not to show his frustration to the watching crowd.

"I did happen to invite him, Draco." Hermione said glancing at Draco.

"Why? He was a deatheater?"

"And you weren't?" Hermione snapped, being irritated by Draco's argumentative tone. "Mr. Avery was a deatheater, but like so many others, his name was cleared from the list. He is a much a deatheater as Harry is. Besides… he's the one who saved me from your Manor. He's the reason I'm standing where I am today and I will always be in debt to him." Hermione finished, smiling at Avery.

"I can assure you Mrs. Malfoy, it is I who will be in debt to you. Without your amazing bravery that you showed when brought to Voldemort and without your speeches that you gave that caused all of us to think about what we really were doing, I would probably be in a cell in Azkaban right now."

"I would hardly call them 'speeches' Avery." Hermione said with a smile, glancing at Rosie for a second as she messed with her curls.

"You can call them whatever you want, but they were bloody brilliant. I actually think it's amazing that this all started out with a suggestion, to be honest with you." Avery stated, looking around at the festivities going on around him.

"What are you talking about?" Hermione asked, a friendly smile still plastered on her face although she was rather confused.

"Voldemort called the deatheaters for a meeting. He wanted to know if any of us had any ideas of how we could bring down Potter. He wanted suggestions. Somebody finally came up with the idea for Draco to… well… you know." Avery explained, finding the conversation very awkward all the sudden.

"What do you mean someone?" Draco questioned. "From what I can recall, Avery, it was you who made the suggestion for me to rape Hermione."

Avery looked at Hermione with an apologetic look. She just smiled back at him slightly. "Yes, well, I was a power hungry parasite then. It was a mistake and I regret it to this day."

"It's okay, I forgive you." Hermione said kindly.

Avery smiled. "The both of you kind of owe me a thank you, however." Avery looked around again before turning back to a confused Draco and Hermione. "You know, for all the things that have happened to you."

"I don't think we understand." Hermione stated.

"Well, if Draco never raped you then you wouldn't have gotten pregnant. If you didn't get pregnant then you wouldn't have realized that the two of you are actually perfect for each other. If it wasn't for me, the two of you would probably never have fallen in love. My suggestion turned out to be good after all, didn't it? Pretty much unexpected, but still really good."

"No, it wasn't." Draco said simply, turning and smiling at Hermione. He reached out and grabbed her free hand, locking their fingers together. He looked deeply into her honey brown eyes, now looking at him with confusion. He smiled at her deeply before giving her a soft, yet loving kiss on the forehead. "It was an unexpectedly beautiful suggestion."