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Harry followed his 'family' up the shrine steps with a sigh, Vernon had been chosen by his company to go to Tokyo to try to get one of the companies therein to invest in Grunnings. They were here for a full week though so they 'Petunia' decided that they should get their fill of the culture, so here they were at the closest shrine to their hotel with the whales complaining before they even made it to the shrine.

Harry was actually interested in the shrine, he had read a lot about them over the week before they arrived. He loved the local legends, especially the ones that this particular shrine was a large part of. The tale of the Shikon no Tama was one of his personal favorites. He could not wait to visit such a spiritually powerful site.


When they reached the top of the stairs the Dursleys split away to head towards the main house while Harry made his way to a beautiful cherry tree that called to something deep inside of him. When he got close enough he reached over the small fence and ran his hand down the trunk slowly, he could feel the magic of the tree caress his, it left a pleasant tingle all over his body. He spent several minutes simply standing there touching the tree before another magical signature caught his attention, it was coming from a small out building away from anything else in the shrine, it sang to him and beckoned him closer. Before he could even register the call, his feet had already begun to carry him closer to the building, as he opened the sliding door he realized that it housed a well that was practically glowing with power. He drew closer to the edge and as he leaned over the edge to peer into its depths he was surrounded by a brilliant blue light that dimmed only to reveal an empty well house.


When Harry came to he was laying on the ground in what he assumed was the bottom of the well, he felt rather strange, almost as if all of his parts had been recently rearranged. When he look up he got a shock when he saw blue skies, for one it had been overcast at the shrine when the arrived and the well house most certainly had a roof. He found some rather sturdy set of vines along the edge of the well and used them to climb out of the well, it was surprisingly easy to do, he wasn't even tired when he reached the top.

As he looked around he realized that he was most certainly not where he was supposed to be. He was surrounded by beautiful trees with the greenest leaves that he had ever seen. The wind blew gently through the trees and carried with it the smells of thousands of animals and the smell of humans in the distance, the human smell was slightly unpleasant. It was that thought that stopped Harry's thought process completely, firstly his sense of smell had never really been that good thanks to the cleaning chemicals that his aunt had forced him to use, then there was the fact that he registered the human smell as only slightly higher than the animal in importance. It was almost as if his subconscious no longer considered him as a member of the human race.

He suddenly had the intense urge to find a reflective surface. He closed his eyes and let his senses take over without thought. In the distance to his right he could faintly pick up the sound of running water, most likely that of a small stream, perfect. Harry hardly noticed how fast he was moving through the trees as he rushed towards where the sound had originally come from. He stopped at the edges and kneeled down to lean over the edge to get a good look at a completely different him.

The first thing that registered were the fox like ears on the top of his head, they were as black as his hair that now seemed to flow all around him, it would probably reach his ankles if he was standing. Of course there were his eyes which were the same color but they now looked more like a animals eyes and he could see better then he ever had despite the fact that he was not wearing his glasses and he could see ever detail of his face. His face in general seemed to be more aristocratic and a lot more feminine. High cheekbones, thin eyebrows, long lashes, full lips and slightly tilted almond eyes that looked even bigger in his new face. It was only after noticing those changes that he noticed the most important one, the scar that had ruled his entire life was gone, in its place was a black rose in full bloom.

Harry was almost afraid to continue his inspection but found his body to be far less dramatic. He was only a little smaller and more delicate that he was used to, after all he had never been very large to begin with. His hands were more feminine and his nails were now longer and thicker, they were now more like claws. He did get a shock when he turned and saw the six fluffy tails, but really, it just added to the overall weirdness. The only other thing that seemed to stand out were his new cloths. Gone were Dudley's old cast offs as he was now clothed in a silk kimono with a beautiful floral pattern with the roses wrapped around his frame which seemed to enhance his femininity but left him still looking like a boy, just a very pretty one.

Harry shook himself out of the almost daze he was in to analyze his situation, he had apparently fallen down a well that had taken him to this place and he no longer appeared to be human. He searched his pockets only to remember that he had left his wand in his truck so that he could avoid a little of his Uncle's wrath. He wished that he at least knew what time it was, no sooner did the thought cross his mind then his magic leapt to answer him. The sudden surge of power that was a lot more powerful then he was used to surprised him only slightly less then the floating time in front of him. The Tempus spell not only shows the current time but also the year and the location of the user, needless to say, Harry was shocked when he read what it had to say. Inuyasha's forest - 12:13pm - June 15, 1500. He was in the past, in Japan, and he looked like a fox human hybrid, great just bloody great.