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Anisuke walked aimlessly around the Quidditch Pitch as he thought about just random things that happened to cross his mind when he caught the slightest hint of expensive cologne in the wind. "Good afternoon Draco. Is there something you needed to ask me?"

Draco shifted out from behind the closest set of goal posts with a slightly puzzled look on his face. "How did you know that I was here?"

"Both you and your father wear the same brand of cologne, but you tend to wear a bit less of it then he does." Anisuke knew that no human would be able to pick something like that up, but frankly he wasn't in the mood to think up a lie on the spot. "You also tend to stick to fruit scented shampoo."

A slight blush worked its way up from Draco's neck to his forehead. "My mother sends me shampoo; she refuses to have me using anything but the same one that she uses." He straightened up and looked Anisuke in the eye. "My father seems to think that you and your mates have been in contact with the Dark Lord."

Anisuke immediately knew what was going on. He had always hated to be the last one to know what was going on when he felt that it was important information about his life. Draco's life was centered on Hogwarts and the Dark Faction; if Anisuke changed sides it would change the whole outlook of the war as well as the entire social structure of Hogwarts. Not to mention that the whole rivalry issue would be a waste of time, not that either of them had been acting on it since the beginning of the year anyway. "I have not spoken to the man personally, for obvious reasons, but Naraku has met with Him once." Anisuke smirked as he remembered Naraku's thoughts on Voldemort. "He found that the man was surprisingly intelligent for a human playing a dark lord."

Draco seemed putout for a minute before he tilted his head to the side. "I take it that none of your mates are human. Most pureblooded families contain magical creature blood to keep the lines strong, but with all of you it seems to be more than that."

"You're not wrong, but more than that you'll just have to figure out yourself."


Anisuke floated on a cloud of amusement for the rest of the day, Draco kept a close eye on him and his mates without seeming to pay them too much attention. Anisuke could practically hear the boy's mind whirl with ideas about what they all were.

He was almost too far out of it to notice the sweet smell coming from his drink as he went to take a drink. Thankfully his heightened senses caught it right before he took a swig and he put it back on the table a little harder than he should have before pushing it away from him on instinct. His eyes swung down the table, locking with a hopeful looking Ginny before she looked down at her dinner, trying to seem like she wasn't paying him too much attention.

"Something wrong?" Neville leaned over the table slightly and picked the goblet up before giving it a sniff that had him setting it back on the table in a hurry. "I'm not great at Potions but that's a very badly brewed love potion I'd wager. I thought that the House Elves were supposed to keep potions out of the goblets."

"Oh I'm sure that they do, but there's always a way around the rules." Anisuke used all of his willpower to keep from glaring at the Head Table where he was sure that Dumbledore was probably twinkling. "Looks like I need a new drink. Dobby!"

Every head in the Great Hall turned his way as there was a pop and Dobby arrived in the Hall with all of his mismatched clothing, multicolored hat tilted to the side. "What can Dobby be doing for you?"

"It seems that someone has tried to spike my drink with a love potion and I would like you personally to get me a new one and if you have the time I would prefer it if you took care of all of my meals from now on so it won't happen again."

Dobby's eyes went even larger at the mention of a love potion and took on a steel-like quality that was amusing in a creature so small. "Dobby would be honored to make sure that nothing is put in the foods and drink. Would sir like some pineapple juice?"

Anisuke was about to refuse, he didn't really like pineapple when the strangest urge to have it flashed across his mind and he was nodding before he even realized it. "I'd also love some celery with peanut butter."


By the end of the feast Anisuke managed to go through twelve stalks of celery, a jar of peanut butter, two slices of toast with honey and three glasses of pineapple juice. He leaned back with a sigh and ignored the curious looks he was getting from most of the Hall, he had no idea why he wanted what he wanted but it wasn't anybody else's business.

Every student that was looking at him, which was the vast majority, snapped their heads to the Head Table as Dumbledore stood and looked over the Hall with his favorite grandfatherly look. "It will soon be Halloween and Hogwarts is going to celebrate a bit differently this year. Due to complaints from the parents of some of our students we will be holding an All Hallows Eve masquerade ball this year. All students are welcome to come as well as their families and up to three guests of their choosing. There will be scheduled visits to Hogsmeade for all students to purchase costumes and masks. The theme is magical creatures and there will be prizes for the best costume and spell work."

Every girl in the Hall burst it excited babble before Dumbledore even sat down, most complaining about how little time they had had to get ready for the ball. A couple of weeks was not enough time to get a great costume and decide who they were going to invite.

"How much do you want to bet that he's known about this since school started and did this on purpose?" Angelina Johnson looked exasperated, luckily she already knew who she was going with and knew that he would make very sure that she had an excellent costume.

"Oh he knew, but I bet that he spent at least the last month and a half trying to find a way to get around actually holding the ball." Anisuke hadn't known about the Ball but it made sense. Purebloods and even Half-bloods were getting a bit tired of how many traditions were getting twisted. After all, why would witches and wizards celebrate Halloween when it was created as a way to mock magical holidays?

"Why would it matter if we celebrated Halloween instead of All Hallows Eve? They're pretty much the same thing." Hermione seemed putout instead of excited, probably at the thought of having to find someone that wanted to take her to the Ball or at the thought of going alone.

"They are not the same thing. All Hallows Eve is when the veil between the world of the living and the dead is at its thinnest, it is a celebration of those that have passed before us. We dress in costumes and dance so that the dead can dance with us without becoming lost in our world. Halloween is an insulting mockery created by muggles." Neville's voice was so even and stern that several students turned to stare. "Halloween is an insult not a celebration and shouldn't have been held here to begin with but Dumbledore put it into practice the moment that he became Headmaster, Gran has spent his entire tenure trying to get it removed. She's going to be thrilled that they finally got enough votes."

"How did they get enough votes?" Katie looked down the row with a confused look on her face. "He has a lot of friends on the Board and even with the issues over the summer he still holds a lot of power."

Anisuke looked up at the Head Table and caught the smirk that crossed Kouga's face whenever Dumbledore looked his way, which was much more often than usual. "I'm guessing that my mates had something to do with it, they took over some of my seats on the Board and probably voted in my stead for the ones I hold just to keep me in the dark. It sounds like something they would do."


"That wasn't very nice." Anisuke settled into his favorite spot on the couch and looked up at his three mates, all of whom were much too smug for his liking. "Now we have to find costumes and figure out who all to invite in two weeks and I have to deal with dozens of female classmates that want to either get advice on what to wear or try to get me to go with them instead of you."

The smug looks dropped off of his mates' faces and he couldn't resist the urge to grin and the worried looks that replaced them. He shouldn't be the only one that had to deal with the extra stress.


"Dearest, there seems to be something wrong with the family tapestry."

"What could be wrong with it? There haven't been any changes since we lost our little one."

"It's glowing."

There was a moment of tense silence. "It only glows when it adds a new member."

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