Chapter II

That night was a very peaceful night.

Dark Mousy could not draw out any more of a conclusion, for his brain gave no room for another thought to cross as a pair of golden eyes looked up and bored calmly into his own. He smirked, pressing both his palms against the solid wall, completely blocking the blond's way out while slowly inching his face closer. In a low but steady tone, his voice broke the still air that had previously been wrapping around them like a thick blanket.

"Now, baby… I guess you've already known the rules…"

Their breath mingled.

Time seemed to pause in its ridiculously eternal flow when amber color swayed into violet shade, before a slender arm reached up and caught him swiftly by the collar. With a tinge of amusement glinting within his orbs, Krad pulled him forward, a curve at the corner of his lips adorning the porcelain features.

"I suppose…" The blond whispered.

The room was damn hot.

With let out a small, girly shriek as he curled himself into a tiny ball under a soft pillow, blushing to the tip of his fur. The sight in front of him was just too much for his virgin rabbit-eyes, indeed. It was not everyday that he got to see his master initiating such… intimate activities with someone, let alone with that Hikari seraph.

And the thief had told all those girls he wasn't that type of guy.

Two bodies ground against each other.

With didn't realize that he was now gasping for air.

The room was damn hot.

"So, Mousy, I believe that…" The Hikari hunter tightened his hold on his counterpart's shirt, slipping on his usually sardonic yet seductive smile. "… You are going to sleep on the floor tonight?"

A grunt.

The oh-so-romantic atmosphere shattered like it had never existed.

The poor familiar didn't know whether to run away or stay in his spot and do his freaking-out job in silence, as a murderous aura suddenly filled the air. Dark grumbled to himself for the second time, fighting back the urge to lift his hands up and massage his now violently throbbing temples.

It was all Emiko Niwa's fault. She and her insane obsessions.

He had known from the beginning that the redheaded woman was anything but a normal and sane housewife, but still!? Letting Krad borrow his pajamas (and squealed aloud that he was sooo pretty in them) was pushing it a little too much. Kicking him and the homicidal bastard into the same bedroom was pushing it a hell too much.

Really, what was the problem if his other half just spent his freaking night in the living room or something? They needed to be near each other, true, but not that near. The relationship between him and the seraph was far different from that between his gay tamer and Creepy boy, and Emiko understood that better than anyone.

"Oh my, you two look so cute together!"

And so she said. All excitedly and all in a don't-you-dare-talk-back-at-me-honey-or-else sort of way.

And now he had to share his room with a guy. A. guy.

His fan girls would so start to question his sexual preferences if they ever caught a glimpse of this.


Krad arched an eyebrow elegantly and tried to keep his face straight while Dark's began to lose all its colors. He didn't know what was happening inside the moron's head, but didn't feel the need to. Whatever it was that had just emerged, it was doing a great job in pissing off the arrogant idiot. And that, was all he ever cared about.

The shorter man tilted his head, amused.

"So it's settled, right?" He asked sarcastically. "Now please remove your hands, thief. If someone see us like this, I'm afraid they might think that you have some kind of… abnormal hobby…"

Utter silence.

Dark's jaw dropped.

The golden beauty smirked and turned his gaze away.

5… 4… 3… 2… 1…


The walls shook.

Krad regretted it immediately that he hadn't covered his ears sooner. Clutching his head, he winced slightly before throwing the darkest glare he could manage towards the taller man's direction. "You could have lowered that voice of yours, you know…"

Dark glared back.

"Seriously, Kraddie, you're the last thing I want to have in my life."

"I thought we went through that part four-hundred years ago. The problem now is that…"

"… Even if you were the last creature on this Earth surface, I would never fall for you."


"Like I would ever fall for an idiot like you…"

"Watch your mouth, blondie." The black-winged creature hissed, grabbing his archenemy's wrists and pinned them both against the solid wall. "Who do you think you're calling…"


The kaitou stopped mid-sentence. He averted his eyes toward the source of the heavy sound, only to find Towa no Shirube standing dumbfounded at the doorstep. Then, as if suddenly realized that two pair of eyes were being pinned at her, the silver-haired girl promptly snapped back to reality, smiling nervously while bending down to retrieve the books she had dropped.

"I… I brought some books for Krad-sama…" Blushed. Blushed. "I'm sorry, Dark-chan… I didn't know that…"

And she vanished like rapid fire.

With something sounded suspiciously like an excited squeal.

One minute.

Two minutes.

Three minutes.

"… What was wrong with her?"

The thief finally found his voice again. He looked back confusedly at the seraph, who was still fixing his eyes on the place where the girl had stood with an almost unreadable expression.

"I don't know… But you really should remove your hands, thief…"

Awkward silence.

Someone cleared his throat.

"So… about the bed…"

That night was a very peaceful night.

Towa put on her wildest grin, patting the taller figure standing next to her on the shoulders with a bit of cockiness it her dark grey orbs. Raising up two fingers, she happily showed him a victory sign.

"Told you, didn't I? Dark-chan totally tops."

Argentine massaged the bridge of his nose, still had yet to overcome the shock. What in the Heaven had his own eyes just observed? That perverted thief pinning Krad-sama into a freaking wall. In his damn bedroom. And it did look like they were going to…


"I always thought that Krad-sama was the manlier one…"

"A deal's a deal. Now you have to go on a date with me."


"Why do you sound so disappointed, Argie-chan?" Grinned. "You should be glad that you're the only unmarried male around this house that isn't gay."


"So, do you want to take a look at Dai-chan's place? I'm sure he and Satoshi-sama are having a lot of fun..."


That night was a very peaceful night.

Daisuke sneezed.

"Are you okay, Niwa-kun? It's a bit cold in here…"

The redhead blushed slightly when his best friend leaned down a little and pressed his hand gently against his forehead. Hiwatari-kun's hand is really warm… He dimly thought, feeling his breath stuck in his throat as he saw worry stirring inside ocean-blue eyes. And he looks so cute at this close…

The blush deepened.

"Are you sure you're not sick or something? You look all red." The commander dropped his hand to the side, before standing up straight and looked around the neatly decorated room. "I think I'll sleep on the floor tonight…"

"No, it's fine." The wing master hastily grabbed his wrist, the tint of red on his face never faded. "We… we can share the bed…"

The smaller boy's face heated up even more when a small smile grazed over the blue-haired boy's lips.

"Thank you, Niwa. I…"

"Dark Mousy, get off the bed immediately."

A horrid scream practically tore its way throughout the whole Niwa mansion, shattering the words that were about to escape the Hikari's throat into pieces. Daisuke almost tripped on his own feet. The Commander, however, managed to stay unfazed. Despite the fact that an inner part of him had frozen upon hearing Krad's uncharacteristic holler, and his brain was desperately begging him to check if his glasses still remained unharmed under such vocal intensity.

"Don't worry, Kraddie. I'm sure you'll get used to the cold floor in no time."

"I'm the guest here."


Something banged onto the floor. Hard.

"Watch where you're touching, you perverted thief!"

"Like I would ever want to touch you. You pulled me!"

The fourteen-year-old boys looked at each other. Before both of them turned away and sighed deeply into the supposed-to-be alluring night.

"I don't even want to know what they're doing up there…"

"Me, too…"

That night… erm… seemed to be a very peaceful night.

It had long ago passed the point of midnight. The Niwa mansion rested peacefully in the harmonious atmosphere under which its inhabitants were soundly asleep, stirring only once in a while as the wind started to hum among green leaves. Out the window, light from street lamps and the crescent moon mixed, bathing the slumbering rabbit-like familiar in a warm, silvery current.

Everything was so nice and serene.

And Krad wondered why he was still lying there, glaring darkly at the poor ceiling as if trying to burn a giant hole on it.

It was not like he was too uncomfortable with the idea of staying with those red-headed mortal. The place was actually better than Satoshi-sama's cold and creepy apartment, he had to admit, and he didn't have to sleep on the damn floor if anyone cared enough to question.

Yes. Surprising as it may sound, he still had a warm bed to snug in. And it was all thanks to Emiko Niwa.

- Flash back -

"Give up, baby." Smirked. "You know you don't stand a chance against me without that damn magic of yours."

"Oh, really now?" Smirked back. "Mousy-san… Just because you're a bit taller than me doesn't mean your brain can get any bigger."

And they glared.

The room temperature, this time, clearly dropped. With hid himself further into the blanket, praying mercilessly that God would somehow find and send him somewhere – anywhere but this soon-to-be battle arena. Hell should be a good option. At least there he wouldn't have to see too much blood shed.

"Looks like you give me no choice, blondie… Let's see who will have the right to spend the night on this lovely floor, shall we?"

"Spare me the honor, darling." Scoffed. "Just be a nice little host and settle your butt here. That way it'll save me from having to kick it off the bed."

"With those sissy-looking legs? Tell me about it, princess."

Twitched. "Well, why don't you just shut up and bring it o-"

"Dark-chan? I heard someone yelling…"

The door clicked. Golden eyes widened when Dark paled and promptly clammed his hand over his mouth. That little… Twitching violently, the blond began to struggle underneath his nemesis, but paused dead in his track when lilac orbs threw him a shut-up-or-we-will-both-die glare.

Emiko popped her head in. "What are you doing in there?"

"Nothing, nothing. We were just playing with each other, you know…" The thief laughed nervously. "Right, Kraddie? We were just playing."

The agree-with-me-or-we-will-both-die glare again, and he dumbly nodded. Emiko tilted her head, before a brilliant smile bloomed. "Good to know that you two are getting along. And I was thinking I would have to use that..."

The temperature suddenly dropped several more degrees.

In the far corner of the room, With fainted.

"Continue your playing then, Dark-chan. Have fun." The Niwa giggled, closing the door behind her. "Just don't go too rough on Krad-chan, will you?"

"Emiko! We were just…"

"My, my… I've always wanted a granddaughter…"

Krad stayed completely speechless as the wooden board slammed shut. Now what kind of hunter was he? Had he just unconsciously shivered, and because of a human woman? Never mind the dark vibe that had dangerously floated around her when she had mentioned that

A pillow was thrown onto his face.

"It seems that we have to freakin' share this bed." The thief scratched his head exasperatedly. "It'll be no good if she finds out when she sneaks into our room."

The fallen angel stared. "When she what?"

"Well, she might conveniently appear tonight… to take pictures, probably." Dark mumbled. "I knew that Towa has affected her too much…"

The golden beauty didn't even want to know what those pictures were about. And he sure as heck didn't want to know what Emiko's granddaughter had anything to do with him and the idiot. So he hugged the pillow to himself instead, while eyeing the bed uneasily. "This is really disgusting…"

"It's better than having her use that…"

"What's that?"

"Do you really want to know?"

A moment of silence.

"… I guess… sharing the bed is fine…"

- End flash back -

But it was apparently not fine. He wasn't at all used to sleeping next to someone else, and that was obviously why he hadn't been able to get a wink of sleep. Despite the fact that he had always longed for a body of his own, just being in Satoshi-sama's mind seemed to be far more relaxing.

Dark turned over and smiled happily in his sleep.

Krad sighed. Sometimes he envied that idiot's stupidity, and felt like being pushed into a whole new level of an actual idiot.

The glare intensified.

Somewhere, a spider tripped, fell, and died a peaceful death.

Pulling the blanket up to his waist, the hunter gave out another sigh and decided to close his eyes. Murdering spiders aimlessly with his glare of doom really wasn't going to help. Perhaps if he tried hard enough, he would be able to drift off a bit and dreamed of a plan to kill Mousy as soon as their power return. Perhaps using that long-haired girl he had intended to kill before wouldn't be so bad…

Rustle. Rustle.

The golden beauty blinked.

Rustle. Rustle.

What the hell was that noise?

Why the hell did the spot next to him suddenly feel heavy?

And why the hell did it feel like the thief was shifting closer?

Krad couldn't think anymore as a pair of arms slid smoothly around his waist. What the… The seraph hastily turned around, but before he could even lift his hand up to smack the idiot for his sick joke, the arms had tightened around his body. The blond blushed as a mop of purple hair was placed neatly against his chest, but managed to pull himself together in a split second. The idiot was still sound asleep.

"Mousy…" He reluctantly spoke up, nudging the taller man slightly.

Nuzzled, nuzzled.

Holy crap.

"Mousy…" He tried again. Patiently.

The thief purred happily, and snuggled closer.

Krad wanted to kill himself.

"Uhm… Riku-chan…" A murmur. "… You smell like vanilla…"

A vein popped up on the fallen angel's forehead. That was it. He didn't give a shit if the idiot just went ahead and drown himself in his perverted dreams, but mistaking him for a girl was something intolerable. Even if his body was a little too slender for a man, there was still no reason for…

Golden orbs widened as Dark began to run his hand skillfully along his back. Before said skillful hand started to travel down. And down. And down.

And further down.


Porcelain face heated up when the blond realized that he'd just unconsciously moaned under the kaitou's touch. What… what was he thinking? He was supposed to be strangling the horny bastard out of his whatever dream right now, not just stay there and do nothing like an idiot.

Another hand slowly lifted his shirt up. Before warm fingers ghosted over his bare skin.

Uhm… It feels good…

Holy crap. Holy crap holy crap holy crap.

He hadn't just thought that. No, he hadn't.

The shorter man finally couldn't take it anymore. His hand flung up in the air, then dropped straight onto his archenemy's head.

A stir. A groan. Before amethyst eyes blinked open sleepily. "What the f…"

And they immediately widened.

Right, keep freaking out. Then get your hands off of me.

"KYA! What were you trying to do to me, you pervert? You said there wouldn't be any sexual harassment!"


The Hikari hunter didn't know what to do except for staring at his other half with his mouth agape. Pervert!? Had that stupid pervert just called him a pervert!? While his damn hand was still resting on his…


"Don't you ever think of it, Kraddie. I'm a hundred percent straight." The purple-haired man eyed him warily, retreating himself to a far, faaar corner of the bed. "No matter what, I can't feel for you that way. Sorry."

With that, he crawled under the cover, and immediately felt asleep.

And Krad continued to stare.

He was going to kill that man. He was so going to kill that man.

… Right after he got his energy balls back. Yes. Right after he got his energy balls back. Then Dark Mousy would be one dead man.

One very dead man.

A pair of arms suddenly wrapped around his waist, pulling him out from his murderous thought and down to the soft cushion. There was a happy purr, before Dark's head rested against his chest contentedly.

"Uhm… baby… You smell like vanilla…"

Krad wondered if he should just go and commit suicide right on the spot.

What were we saying again?

Oh yes.

That night was a veeeery peaceful night.

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