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AN: This two-part fic is inspired by a line in my story "Tara And The Witch", about Faith babysitting Willow and Tara's daughter, Sophie. It takes place a few weeks after my story "Willow's Child", but you should be able to follow this without having read them. Dedicated to Wolfchild87, who requested this.

"I really don't think this is a good idea, Red."

"Come on Faith, please?" Willow begged. "It's only for a few hours. This is the first time Tara and I have planned to go out since Buffy brought her back, and I don't want to cancel our reservations just because none of our usual babysitters are available." Giles had called Buffy to London a week before to help avert another apocalypse, and she had taken Dawn and Xander with her, while Faith stayed behind to keep the Cleveland Hellmouth in check. "Besides" Willow continued, "Sophie loves you. She won't be any trouble." Faith sighed in defeat.

"You're sure you'll only be a few hours?"

"Just dinner and a movie, that's it."

"Fine, I'll watch Little Red for you."

"Oh, thank you, thank you!" Willow squealed, throwing her arms around the dark slayer and making her feel slightly awkward, as she usually only let Buffy hug her. "I'll go tell Tara!" As she watched the wicca run off, Faith felt a small smile come to her face. This might not be so bad. After all, Sophie did love her, and Faith had grown more attached to the little girl than she'd ever admit. And, despite spending the first three years of her life with demons, the kid was an absolute angel ( the heavenly kind, not the brooding ensouled vampire kind ). Faith's smile grew. This babysitting thing was going to be a piece of cake. Hell, it might even be kind of fun.

That night..

"Bye-bye, Mommy Willow, bye-bye Mama Tara!" Sophie called from her space on the front porch beside Faith, waving to her mothers as they climbed into the car.

"Bye, Sophie!" Tara called back.

"Be good for Auntie Faith!" said Willow.

"I will" Sophie replied. After the two witches drove off, the little girl turned to the Dark slayer, gazing up at her expectantly.

"So..uh.." said Faith awkwardly, "What do you want to do Little Red?"

"It's almost times for dinner" said Sophie.

"Right, guess I better feed you somethin'."

"What?" asked Sophie, following Faith as she headed back into the house and towards the kitchen.

"No idea, I've never really cooked that much" said Faith, searching through the cupboards. "Come to think of it, until the last few years I never really ate that much unless I could afford it." Sophie's blue eyes widened in horror.

"You coudn't affords food?!" "Damn" Faith thought. She really needed to watch what she said about her past in front of the kid.

"Don't worry kiddo, I wasn't starvin' or anythin'" Faith lied. "But.. well, let's just say that my mom never really looked after me as well as your moms look after you. I had to start takin' care of myself way before kids are supposed to." The Dark slayer continued to search through the cupboards, hoping that Sophie wouldn't ask anymore questions, and thankfully, she didn't. A smile spread across Faith's face as she decided what they were going to eat. "You and me are gonna have some fun, Little Red" said Faith, pulling some packages out of the cupboard and placing them on the kitchen bench. Sophie eyed the bags of gummi bears, marshmallows, fun-sized chocolates, and other assorted treats.

"My mommies say you're not 'sposed to have candy before dinner." Faith's smile grew bigger, and she had a slightly crazy look in her eye which reminded Sophie of the mad scientists in cartoons.

"The candy is dinner." As Faith located a large mixing bowl and began emptying the contents of each bag into it, Sophie started to feel a little worried.

"I don't thinks Mommy Willow will be very happy abouts this" she said. Tara probably wouldn't mind, as long as it was only a one-time thing. While both witches were extremely protective of their little girl, Tara was a slightly more laid-back parent than Willow, mostly due to a desire to allow her daughter the freedom she missed out on during her own childhood.

"Well, what Red doesn't know won't hurt her" said Faith, pushing a pile of fun-size chocolate bars towards the little girl. "Now help me open these."

When the bowl was full, Faith carried it to the microwave.

"Auntie Faith, I don't thinks you should do that" said Sophie, her eyes wide with panic. "Mama Tara says..."

"We won't tell Mama Tara" said Faith, starting up the microwave.


"No buts, kid. This is gonna be..." Faith paused, staring at the microwave as the thick, sugary mass inside it began to swell and bubble ominously. "Shit" said Faith, forgetting to mind her language in front of the three-year old, "Hit the deck, Little Red!" The two dove to the ground just as the microwave burst open, covering the kitchen in a shower of sticky goop.

"I tolds you you shouldn't do that!" Sophie scolded her aunt as she extracted a half-melted gummy bear from the slayer's dark hair, "Mama Tara says marshmallows 'splode in the microwave!"