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After scooping what little part of the sweet, sticky concoction that was not currently coating the entire kitchen into a bowl for Sophie, Faith proceeded to clean up the mess, which was no easy task as the mixture was already beginning to harden.

"Eat that up quick, Little Red, or else it'll turn to rock and make it harder for us to dispose of the evidence"

"Okay, Auntie Faith" said Sophie, plunging her spoon into the bowl.

When Faith had finished the clean up, she returned to Sophie. The little girl had finished eating, but she was a mess, with her hands and face covered in the sticky goo, as well as some residue from the explosion clinging to her clothes and hair. Faith also noticed that Sophie's pupils seemed very wide, and she could have sworn she saw the child twitch.

"Uh, you okay there Little Red?" Faith asked, worried.

"Uh-huh" said Sophie nodding her head very fast. "Unnaturally fast" Faith thought. "I better fix this quick or Red's gonna kill me."

"Damn, you've made a pretty big mess of yourself there kid" said Faith, trying to hide her growing panic. "I think I'm gonna have to give ya a bath."

"Okay" said Sophie, bouncing off her chair and speeding to the bathroom, bursting into random fits of giggles along the way.

"Great" Faith grumbled, following the little girl, "I've gone and turned one of the world's most well-behaved three-year olds into a hyperactive sugar fiend."

While Faith filled up the bathtub, Sophie began undressing herself.

"Auntie Faith, can we play hide and seek?" Sophie asked.

"Sure, after you've had your.." Faith heard the sound of running feet and turned to find Sophie missing, her clothes abandoned on the floor. "Shit" Faith muttered. The bath was nowhere near being full, so, thinking it wouldn't take too long to find Sophie, the dark slayer left the tap running while she began her search for the little girl. "Come on, Little Red" Faith called, heading into the lounge room. "If your Mommy Willow finds out about this she's gonna kill me, literally. Not to mention she's one of the few people in the world with the power to actually do it." Faith's slayer hearing picked up a small giggle. "This isn't a game Little Red" she continued. "If your moms find out what happened tonight, they might not let me play with you for a long time. You don't want that do ya?" There was a pause, before a small face peeped out from behind a curtain.

"No" said Sophie, "I likes playing with you Auntie Faith."

"I like playin' with you too, Little Red" said Faith. "Now let's go have your bath, okay?" The pair headed back to the bathroom, and opened the door to find the bath flooding.

"Shit!" Faith yelled, again forgetting to mind her language as she rushed to turn off the taps, almost slipping on the wet floor.

"Silly Auntie Faith" Sophie giggled, "You forgots to turn the tap off!"

After Faith had cleaned up the water and Sophie finally got her bath, the little girl began to feel tired, so Faith helped her with her PJs and tucked her into bed.

"Auntie Faith, will you tells me a bedtime story?" Sophie asked.

"I don't really know many stories, Little Red.."

"Please?" Sophie begged

"Okay then, just give me a second to think of one" said Faith, settling down beside the little girl. "Got it. Once upon a time, Auntie Faith's old watcher Wesley, who isn't known for makin' the greatest decisions, decided it was a good idea to take Uncle Angel's soul out so that Angelus, bad Uncle Angel, could tell him info about some demon. But then Angelus escaped and started wreakin' havoc, so Wes needed Auntie Faith to control him until he got Uncle Angel's soul back, but Auntie Faith was stuck in the big house at the time, so..."

"..Then your Mommy Willow put Uncle Angel's soul back and I went to Sunnydale with her to help fight the First evil. The end" Faith finished. "'Night, Little Red." She stood to leave the room, but Sophie grabbed her arm.

"Wait! Auntie Faith, will you stays with me 'til I falls asleep? I gets nightmares."

"What kind of nightmares?" Faith asked, sitting back down.

"Nightmares that the demons are gonna come back and takes me away again."

"You don't have to worry about that Little Red" said Faith. "Your Mommy Willow took care of them, remember? Her and your Mama Tara would destroy any demon that tried to lay a finger on you, and so would Auntie B, and Auntie Dawn, and Uncle Xander..and me. Nothin's gonna happen to ya while we're around. But if it makes ya feel better, I'll stay with you."

Before long, Sophie was fast asleep, Willow and Tara came home, and every thing was fine...until breakfast the next morning when Sophie declared "How Auntie Faith broke out of the big house" as her new favourite story.