5 years later…..

Roxas was standing in front of a mirror attempting to straighten out his tie and smooth out the wrinkles in his suit. Over the years he matured quite a lot yet he still had the same blond somewhat unruly spiky hair however his azure eyes always seemed to be tinged with sadness yet a sparkle of determination radiated from them.

When he was ready he picked up his car keys and slid his wallet into his pocket and left the house to get into his sleek silver car, but before he left he looked at an old watercolour painting of a sunset. In the left corner of the painting were the initials N.S and the right R.H. He stood there for a moment and stared at the painting as if lost in another time.

He smiled and whispered, "Wish me luck."

While driving passed by his old secret beach, yet it was no longer secret, tourists from all over the world poured over it admiring its beautiful views.

Suddenly in the corner of his eyes he saw a flash of white he looked at the rear view mirror but there was nothing but beach and tourists but Roxas could've swore he saw a familiar blonde girl in white dress with a sketch book in her hand.

When he arrived at the building he walked up to the podium where his parents and managers encouraged him to go up. He saw Tifa and Cloud amongst the crowd whom he was about to address. He scanned the other side of the crowd he and saw some of his friends who looked the same but different.

Roxas took a deep breath and spoke into the microphone, 'Ladies and gentlemen I like to thank you for coming here today for this would be the grand opening of the Namine Wing of the Art museum and the first and hopefully annual charity auction of art that all funds will go to the Hikari Cancer Foundation."

The crowd exploded into applause though Roxas wasn't really paying attention but to a blonde haired, blue eyed girl by the window drawing by the window.


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