Because modeling is totally worth it...


If you would've walked into the snack bar of Rosetta Rose Studios in the morning, you'd probably hear a cacophony of silver trays being clanged together, jelly donuts and croissants flying in every direction, and one girl with incredibly long pigtails tripping on everything she'd dropped.

You'd probably start chuckling, followed by a loud laugh, and then a final action of tears tricking down your cheeks, since you couldn't stop laughing at this poor, ditzy secretariat.

After pulling herself up from the checkered tile floor, the girl readjusted her black-trimmed glasses, and began to talk to herself. "Let's see, Meiko wanted jelly donuts, croissants, parfaits, custards, and…"

The girl's blue eyes caught site of a large sake bottle that was perfectly placed into a cold tin bucket filled with fresh ice.

"Ah. That's right." Breathing a heavy sigh, the girl trotted over to the tin bucket, which had already been splattered with some of the donuts' deadly jelly.

The girl glanced down at the sticky, crumpled mess of her list; after all, why would anyone want rice wine in the morning…?

"How's the breakfast menu going?"

The girl whipped her whole body around, which almost made her dorky-looking glasses fall off the trim of her nose.

"O-Okay, I g-guess," she stammered, realizing who it was that had asked her.

It was world-renown model, Kaito.

"M-Miss Meiko wanted some s-sake in the morning, s-so-!"

The blue-haired model let out a melodious laugh, and she instantly blushed a deep shade of red.

His voice was insanely cute…

"I really don't know why she likes winery at every hour," he said with a roll of his dark blue eyes. "She's quite the character if you ask me."


"Well, see you around, Miku."

She immediately looked up at him with wide, bedazzled eyes. It was like she had been woken up from a daydream. (But who wouldn't be? It was Kaito after all…)

"O-Oh, o-okay then!"

He gave her a wink before he left, which had made her heart melt into a crimson mush.

Oh, why did he have to make her look all red and embarrassed after he left…?

After a few seconds of being dazed and confused, Miku had returned to reality and began wiping off the tin bucket with a few paper napkins.

Miku could only think of the consequences if anything related to Meiko's booze was to be ruined!

Once she'd put the finishing touches to the tray, Miku was ready to go to her boss's studio room, where perfect people would be swallowed up in makeup, camera flashes, and exquisite furniture…!



A blazing hot cup of coffee managed to spray all across someone's woolen coat.

"O-Oh my God!" Miku shrieked.

She automatically dropped the tray and tin bucket and grabbed a huge wad of paper napkins to clean up the mess that had been made on the floor.

"I'm so sorry!" she wept as she kept her head down out of shame. "Seriously, this is all my fault! I'm really, really, really-!"

"Don't worry about it," the stranger replied nonchalantly. "It's just a 600 dollar coat…"

"600 dollars!?"

Without thinking, Miku snapped her head up and stared into the deep, blue-green eyes of a guy whose pale skin glistened under the lamplights.

And under all that light, he looked down at her with a sly grin.

"I'm just kidding," he said with a laugh. "Here, let me help out."

He squatted down to her eye-level and opened the palm of his smooth hand, only to be handed a couple of cheap-looking napkins that could barely soak up anything.

"I know it's not great to use so many paper napkins," he reasoned, "But it is a pretty big spill…"

A dreary cloud seemed to be following Miku all day long, for accidents seemed to keep popping up every second; and this little dilemma would be only one of the many to come, too.

"Today just isn't my day," Miku sighed aloud. "First it was the jelly donuts, now it's your woolen coat-!"

"Jelly donuts?" the guy repeated. "This place has jelly donuts?"

"Well, yes…" Miku began hesitantly.

She was kind of confused as to why this uber-handsome guy would want to eat anything that contained over 500 calories.

Perhaps she had been working at Rosetta Rose a little too long, for all the models that worked at this famous modeling facility ate salads over hamburgers. And anything that was 250 calories or more was dubbed "fatty".

And a jelly donut was going way over the limit.

"Do you have any left?" he asked eagerly.

She pointed one of her chipped nail-polished fingers over at the tray she was about to serve to Meiko and those working in the studio.

"But I don't think you should-!"


And in a blink of an eye he was already indulging himself in a sugar-coated, white-flaked jelly donut.

Miku stood like an idiot as she watched a beautiful man gobble up a sweet treat.

It was quite awkward, since beautiful and (fatty?) didn't go quite well…

The staring only lasted a couple of minutes, for he was already licking his slender fingers of the excess jelly.

He felt her watching him, and his sea-colored eyes glanced over at her as the tip of his sticky thumb touched the end of his luscious lips.

Embarrassed, Miku's face flushed and she began to stumble over her words as she tried to come up with an excuse for staring.

"I-I'm sorry," she began to apologize, "I-I was l-looking at the trashcan, a-and-!"

Her waving arms slammed the end of a nearby porcelain plate, which flipped over and smashed onto the floor with a loud clatter.

She let out a scream, and the porcelain plate had shattered into a million pieces across the tiled floor.

Again, another unfortunate event that happened a second after the other…

"Ouch," the guy said, wincing at the sight of all the sharp pieces. "That was a close one."

"I'm going to be so late now!" she cried as she skipped over the mess and grabbed a broom (which she already knew where it was, since she had used it so many times).

"Late for what?" he asked.

"Late for Miss Meiko's breakfast!" she said as she whizzed past him with the broom. "She always gets mad at me when I'm late…"

Suddenly, a force had latched itself onto the broom's end, which withheld her from progressing forward. She turned around to see the guy (who had taken off his coffee-stained coat) holding the broom from behind her.

"Well let's make it the first time you're on time," he said.

Once Miku had pushed open the doors of the studio room, time seemed to have stopped so that a loud screech and a hail of insults would be able to greet her.

"Miku Hastune!" her voluptuous boss hollered, "Where the hell have you been!?"

"F-Forgive me, Miss Meiko," she cried, dropping her head to face the floor, "The jelly donuts were a bit late in arriving this morning, and-!"

"Well whose fault is that!?"

"W-Well, I…"

"It's your fault! Even if it isn't, it is yours!"

"Y-Yes, Miss Meiko…"

Anyone could think of Miss Meiko as a duchess. She was beautiful, with full lips, perfectly-shaped breasts, contemporary-styled short brown hair, and hazel eyes that reflected her passion for modeling. The only letdown to this lovely Aphrodite was that she had a short temper. And once her patient was gone…

"Now since we were so rudely interrupted," Meiko said as she pulled a string of loose hair behind her ear, "Let's get back to work."

Ashamed, Miku tip-toed over towards the empty snack table like a scolded puppy and made sure that she didn't trip over any of the camera's wires. She felt bad that even with the help of someone else she was still unable to arrive early.

After the guy had helped her clean up the snack bar, he'd left with a small smile and wave, and had left her to do her bidding.

By then she had realized that she didn't even ask for his name, nor had she even thanked him.

Come to think of it, she'd never had to use the word "thank you"; on the contrary, she'd used "sorry" many more times than "hello"…

Was her social life falling into a hole…?


"A-Ah! Y-Yes!?"

"Come over here and give me your opinion," Meiko growled.

Miku dumped the tray she had been holding for the longest time and skittered over to her boss's side.

She always hated it when she'd have to look into a model's eyes.

She felt so unworthy, as if looking at them was a sin.

They were so glamorous that…

Miku stopped dead in her tracks, and she had to push up her glasses to make sure what she was seeing wasn't a joke.

…It was the same guy that she'd stained coffee all over.

…And he was staring right back at her with that same, impish grin.

…And here he was, draped over a royal red chair, his chest flamboyantly pushed forward with legs crossed. His sleeveless unbuttoned gray shirt showed his slender interior, while an undone blue-green tie and tight black pants treated themselves as accessories on top of his elegant body. Finally, a small, gold-trimmed crown was placed on top of his teal-colored hair, making him look like all the more photogenic.

"Miku," Meiko said, "This is Mikuo Inoue. He's one of Rosetta Rose's newest models."

"Hey," Mikuo grinned as he lay atop his chair, "Haven't we met?"

Clearly, he was joking.

By the end of the day, there were only three things that Miku knew about Mikuo Inoue.

One: He loved jelly donuts, which went against the calorie rules of most models.

Two: He was a model, and didn't act like one.

And three: He was hot beyond belief.


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