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The Trouble with Valentine's Day

Leah couldn't stand Valentine's Day.

She hated the candy.

Jacob gave her a box of the tiny hearts that said things like "I luv u" on them. Leah pretended that she didn't care that much about it, that she always got candy on Valentine's Day.

When she was alone, she thought about how long it had been since anyone had given her candy for Valentine's Day.

She hated the cheesy cards.

Jacob gave her a card. It was the cheesiest thing she had ever seen. It seemed like the type that is made for the first graders who are required to give a card to everyone in their class.

But Leah could see why Jacob had chosen it. It said "puppy love" on the front, and had a cartoon drawing of two dogs. Leah teased Jacob for choosing such a cheesy card.

When she was alone, she put the card on her nightstand, where she would stare at it all the time.

She hated the flowers.

Jacob gave her flowers, red and pink and orange flowers. It was a large bouquet, and it smelled strongly of a fragrance Leah couldn't name. Jacob took one of the flowers, a red one, and put it in Leah's hair. Leah had to duck her head to hide her bright red face. It was so un-Leah-like for her to blush, but she couldn't help it.

When she was alone, she would smell the flowers and think of Jacob. She kept them until they wilted and began to smell faintly similar to how a vampire smelled.

Most of all, Leah hated the love.

Jacob would kiss her, kiss her many, many times and tell her how much he loved her. He would stay up all night with Leah, looking up at the stars with her. His love for her was so thick that Leah felt like she was drowning in it, and she liked it.

Leah couldn't stand Valentine's Day.

But Jacob had made her almost like it.

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