Hi everybody!

Sheika here to bring you another new story for our Cullen series. This one is called "Fun in the Sun" and it picks up where VOL left off . . . kind of. I actually had the idea for this one a while ago but I hadn't gotten a chance to start on it before now. But since VOL is over we've suddenly got time for writing. Please forgive us if it's a bit stiff at times or if we take longer than usual to update, it takes some readjusting to get used to sheer plotlessness instead of structure (like in VOL). We do have quite a bit of fun planned, with our usual insanity and semi-perverted jokes.

So without further adu, enjoy Fun in the Sun!

(If you've gotten about eight new emails about new chapters popping up, I'm sorry, I've apparently misplaced my head today)