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Even with his back facing her as they walked along the pathway, Chie could tell that Kanji was pissed off. And it was all her fault, too, so she felt exceptionally bad about it. She glanced up at the sky for a moment; it was a wide array of colors now, as it was already the evening. Kanji remained silent, so Chie decided to try and fix the uncomfortable mood surrounding them.

"T...Thanks again for helping me out back there, Kanji-kun..." Chie muttered nervously. She placed a hand on her bruise-covered face and winced; it still hurt like hell.

The white-haired young man came to a stop. "Why...the hell...were you brawling with those punks anyway?" he demanded to know. Chie could tell that he was working hard to control his anger towards her for having possibly endangered her life like that.

Chie shrugged, and replied, "Well...they were the ones who started it...why are you so mad at me anyway? I was just defending myself..."

"You shouldn't have even tried fighting back...you should have just run away, and called the police or something!!"

Thinking that Kanji had just insulted her, Chie raised an eyebrow, and placed her hands on her hips, snapping, "What? You don't think I was good enough to win that fight? Do you think I'm weak or something...or is it because I'm a GIRL?! Is that it, Kanji-kun?!!"

"Of course not! Don't be an idiot!" Kanji snapped back, "It's just...if anything bad were to happen to you...we'd all be very upset...I'd be very upset..."

For a moment, Chie caught sight of a blush forming on Kanji's cheeks. Chie sighed. 'He was just looking out for me, after all...'



"I'm...sorry I made you worry..."

"...It's alright...I'm sorry too for yelling at you..."



Chie ran up to Kanji, and wrapped her arms around him. Burying her face into his back, she whispered, "Thank you for thinking about my safety, Kanji-kun...I'm really glad you were there..."

"No problem...I'll always be there...for you..." Kanji replied, a slight grin gracing his lips.

It was getting late now, and the darkened skies began to light up with thousands of tiny stars. A slightly chilly breeze blew past, and Chie shivered.

"...Jeez, why does it always get so cold so suddenly whenever it gets dark?" she mumbled in annoyance. She let go of Kanji and wrapped her arms around herself to try and keep warm.

"Here," Kanji said, handing her his jacket, "You can wear this..."

"But...don't you need it...?"

Kanji shook his head. "You need it more than me..."

Chie could feel her cheeks burning of embarrassment as she put on the jacket; it was a bit too big for her, but it really did make her feel warmer. 'Hmm...it kind of smells like him, too...' Chie thought, taking a quick sniff on the sleeves.

She was pretty glad she had met up with Kanji, after all...