Cold Love


Panting, that was all I could do. Running away from them, something sentenced by death. Why? Why was I betraying the one thing I loved? What, for a boy? A silly crush I had in my Genin days? Sure, it was just pure infatuation when I was twelve. But knowing that he's been missing for three years made me see him for who he is.

Just a troubled young boy.

He had no choice. Was it really his fault that Orochimaru wanted him for his own selfish reasons? No, I decided, it wasn't. So that's why, even though I loved my village, I was going to betray it for something I loved more.Sasuke Uchiha.

It had all started that one day on our first day of the academy. I had met him and watched him from afar. I wasn't like Sakura or Ino. I wasn't a fan girl. I was just interested in him. The way he would always look out at nothing with his cold, piercing coal-black eyes. It made me smile to see him just sitting there.

I, being the brave girl I am, went over to him and asked if he want to play with me after school. He turned his stone cold stare at me, and… glared. He replied back with a no, and looked away, blushing slightly.

I never did understand why he blushed; I had just shrugged it off.

Over the years, as his fans became more hostile, and as his families massacre came, he turned more distant. It was sad; I wanted to just go up to him, hug him, and tell him it was alright. But I couldn't because of the damned fan girls.

"Aiko," he once told me, on a day where he had out run his fangirls. "Please, hang out with me for a bit?" I had looked at him weirdly, but none the less obliged. That was the first and last time we had gotten time to talk like that. And after talking to him a bit, I learned to love him for him, not his looks and status.

I loved him with all my heart. That was why I, Aiko Mizutane, Jounin of Konoha, betrayed my village. For him, Sasuke Uchiha.

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